St Augustine’s Cemetery

This spreadsheet document was transcribed in April 2003 by Vickie Clark using a typed document provided bySt. Augustine’s Cemetery.

The orginal document is not dated—however, our family obtained a copy March 6, 2000.The information is broken down into 3 components:

  1. Grave marker transcriptions as documented by Merle Gougler who copied them exactly as he saw them.This is the first section on the Original Format sheet and contains row numbers
  2. Record of cemetery burials as recorded in Day Book belonging to Daniel Gougler (includes several Lakewood burials).This is the second section on the Original Format sheet and contains only burial dates.These dates show "Burials from St Augustine day book" in the notes column.While doing this portion of the transcription, I noticed many misspelling of names. I copied them as they were originally transcribed.
  3. Notebook housed at Lakewood Cemetery’s office donated by Clarence Bergdorf. This is the third section on the Original Format sheet and contains only burial dates. These dates show "Lakewood Cemetery Addendum" in the notes column.

The Alphabetical by Surname tab is a listing of all names in alphabetic order regardless of the component.

Cemetery transcription preface:

St Augustine’s Cemetery is located in the 1200 block of West Waterloo Rd. It was founded January 6, 1902; with thee earliest stone dated 1903.









The Church has no burial records for the cemetery, and a small crew of men tries to keep up with the vandalism and destruction of stones. The cemetery is full; which tells us there are many graves without markers.

A number of the standing markers are hand etched. It is primarily eastern european burials, with a few german namesscattered in between.St Augustine’s Catholic Church was founded in 1889, with the first church building put up in 1892. The present building was erected in 1925 and is located at 204 6th St NW, Barberton, Ohio. This was a difficult cemetery to copy, due to the foreign language inscriptions and the soft sandstone of many stones. Merle Gougler copied them exactly as he saw them, with missing stones noted where possible. He has done a great service for those searching these families, and for future genealogists.

The stones were copied row by row, beginning the first row facing the school house on the southerly side. All rows were copied from the far end (westerly) to the front (closest to Waterloo Rd).

NOTE: Missing, unreadable or over turned grave markers were not included in this document. Cemetery transcription footnote: Translation help was given by Miss Stella Jatich (Serbian) and Mrs. Adam Burghardt (Julie Sugar) (Hungarian).

Electronic transcriber contact Information: Vickie Clark1065 Shannon Ave Barberton, OH

NOTE: Missing or unreadable information is indicated by an underscore ( _ ).