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Photos of Tombstones
Jackson Township Cemetery, West of SR 104, Jackson Township, Near Darbyville, Ohio.
Alber, Effie M. - Image 113K
Alber, William - Image 113K
Alkire, Vergie M - Image 105K
Allen, Franklin - Image 61K
Anderson, Joseph - Image 61K
Anderson, Joseph - Image 61K
Anderson, William - Image 61K
Armentrout, Bessie - Image 81K
Armentrout, Harold L. - Image 81K
Armentrout, Harold L. - Image 81K
Armentrout, James - Image 81K
Armentrout, Jesse - Image 60K
Beekman, Ervin C. - Image 61K
Beekman, Glenna B. - Image 61K
Beekman, Jack R. - Image 95K
Blacker, Richard B. - Image 77K
Brock, Virginia - Image 61K
Brown, Edith Melvin - Image 89K
Brown, William J. - Image 60K
Brown, William J. - Image 60K
Brown, William J. - Image 60K
Brumfield, James C. - Image 103K
Brumfield, Ollie - Image 110K
Clark, Anna - Image 83K
Clark, Greg Alan - Image 61K
Clark, James L. - Image 83K
Coey, John Rolland - Image 98K
Conrad, Cleo George - Image 61K
Cramblit, Charles - Image 92K
May Sr., David H. - Image 95K
Justus Sr, Jean W. - Image 60K
Swank Sr., Richard Roy - Image 95K
Diltz, Herman - Image 93K
Diltz, Ida Belle Tilton - Image 61K
Diltz, James Finley - Image 60K
Diltz, Jesse Delano - Image 61K
Finley, John H. - Image 96K
Finley, Mary L. - Image 96K
Fisher, Sarah Purcell - Image 61K
Florence, Altia I. - Image 83K
Florence, H. Wales - Image 82K
Florence, Infant Son - Image 82K
Florence, Mary E. - Image 82K
Florence, Mary G. - Image 94K
Frettinger, Mary - Image 92K
Furness, Ella A. - Image 61K
Furness, John M. - Image 61K
Furness, Sallie - Image 90K
Furnis, Emily - Image 79K
Furnis, Harley - Image 61K
Furnis, Henry H. - Image 87K
Furniss, Donald Ray - Image 61K
Furniss, Paul Lester - Image 102K
Furniss, White - Image 99K
Garwick, Merle - Image 60K
Garwick, Ruth P. - Image 61K
George, Anna - Image 88K
George, Charles - Image 90K
George, Jesse - Image 88K
George, Retta - Image 91K
Good, Lester Garold - Image 61K
Graham, Mary Jessie - Image 95K
Grant, Alan Robert - Image 61K
Grant, Grover C. - Image 93K
Grant, Hazel L. - Image 93K
Grant, Keli Jan - Image 102K
Grant, Linda Lucretia - Image 102K
Hane, Florence - Image 60K
Hane, Fredric - Image 77K
Hane, Henry F. - Image 81K
Hane, Infants - Image 61K
Hane, James - Image 59K
Hane, Lewis F. - Image 102K
Hane, Lydia A. - Image 77K
Hane, Maggie C. - Image 59K
Hane, Nelson B. - Image 60K
Hane, Robert L. - Image 91K
Hansen, Alice Eldora - Image 61K
Hansen, Hanry - Image 61K
Harris, Patrick B. - Image 60K
Heeter, Avery W. - Image 60K
Heeter, Elizabeth S. - Image 61K
Heeter, Euantha A. - Image 93K
Heeter, Fred V. - Image 61K
Heeter, Glenn Dewitt - Image 61K
Heeter, Harold C. - Image 103K
Heeter, Hershel Scott - Image 97K
Heeter, Joe W. - Image 60K
Heeter, Juanita "pat" - Image 91K
Heeter, Rose Johnson - Image 61K
Heeter, Rose M. - Image 61K
Heeter, Russell R. - Image 103K
Heeter, Scott - Image 96K
Heeter, Shirley Buck - Image 61K
Heeter, Shirley L. - Image 61K
Heeter, Teddy R. - Image 103K
Heeter, William S. - Image 61K
Heskett, John Stanley - Image 92K
Heskett, Matilda J. - Image 113K
Hill, Dot - Image 60K
Hill, Jo Anne - Image 114K
Hinton, Eugene - Image 84K
Hoover, Calvin - Image 87K
Hoover, Harold Stanley - Image 87K
Hoover, Sarah J. Allen - Image 87K
Hoover, Susie M. - Image 92K
Hoover, Wayne A. - Image 92K
Huffer, Homer E. - Image 61K
Huffer, Mary L. - Image 61K
Jessee, Charles R. - Image 91K
Jessee, Edith Short - Image 106K
Johnson, Susan - Image 98K
Justus, Dorothy E. - Image 61K
Justus, Dortha - Image 64K
Justus, Fred M. - Image 60K
Justus, Jacob - Image 61K
Justus, Jesse C. - Image 60K
Justus, Minnie - Image 60K
Kegg, Blenn E. - Image 96K
Kegg, C. Otis - Image 61K
Kegg, Carl L. - Image 61K
Kegg, Grace M. - Image 61K
Kegg, Maxine V. (Moss) - Image 61K
Lape, Charles - Image 94K
Lape, John - Image 86K
Lee, Elwood C. - Image 94K
Malone, Frank - Image 98K
Melvin, Clyde - Image 92K
Melvin, Frank - Image 97K
Melvin, George "tidd" - Image 88K
Melvin, Harry L. - Image 95K
Melvin, Kate Leal Shipley - Image 88K
Melvin, Kate Leal Shipley - Image 88K
Moore, Mildred J. - Image 61K
Newlon, Mary Belle - Image 88K
Newlon, Susannah - Image 88K
Otis, George - Image 103K
Overly, Fred S. - Image 61K
Overly, Harry M. - Image 60K
Overly, Michael Russell - Image 61K
Overly, Opal E. - Image 60K
Overly, Richard Lynn - Image 104K
Overly, William T. - Image 61K
Pack, Alma - Image 61K
Pack, Ova - Image 61K
Parks, Infant Daughter - Image 61K
Pearce, Adolphus H. - Image 61K
Pearce, Catherine M. - Image 61K
Peters, Frank - Image 89K
Peters, Mabel M. - Image 89K
Petty, Allen - Image 99K
Petty, Beatrice L. - Image 108K
Petty, Ellen - Image 91K
Petty, Emery W. - Image 98K
Petty, Flora - Image 98K
Petty, Flora - Image 98K
Petty, Fremont - Image 91K
Petty, Harold E. - Image 61K
Petty, James L. - Image 80K
Petty, John - Image 91K
Petty, Leroy - Image 79K
Petty, Lydia M. Allen - Image 91K
Petty, Mary - Image 114K
Petty, Mary A, - Image 93K
Petty, N. B. - Image 70K
Petty, Percilla - Image 83K
Petty, William - Image 98K
Philips, Ida - Image 97K
Philips, Lovetta - Image 97K
Philips, Robert H. - Image 97K
Phillips, Henrietta - Image 75K
Phillips, Russell - Image 98K
Phillips, William F. - Image 75K
Pontious, Evelyn M. - Image 60K
Pontious, William L. - Image 60K
Purcell, Agnes M. - Image 61K
Purcell, Alice E. - Image 61K
Purcell, Johnie - Image 102K
Purcell, Mildred - Image 60K
Purcell, Thomas W. - Image 61K
Purcell, William F. - Image 61K
Pursell, James C. - Image 94K
Radcliff, Cash M. - Image 89K
Radcliff, Francis A. - Image 89K
Radcliff, Hazel Ida - Image 71K
Radcliff, Russell Stanley - Image 95K
Raub, Beulah M. - Image 92K
Raub, Dudley C. - Image 61K
Raub, Ida May - Image 94K
Raub, Samuel B. - Image 94K
Raub, Walter G. - Image 92K
Ridgway, Alexander P. - Image 73K
Ridgway, Alice S. - Image 60K
Ridgway, Anna Cloud - Image 73K
Ridgway, Jennie S. - Image 95K
Ridgway, Mary A. - Image 90K
Ridgway, Seymour F. - Image 61K
Rigsby, Ruth Elsie - Image 61K
Ritchie, Hurshel - Image 94K
Ritchie, McClellan - Image 59K
Ritchie, Nannie May - Image 59K
Ross, Morgan Brittany - Image 102K
Routt, Marvin E. - Image 61K
Routt, Mary May - Image 97K
Routt, Pride H. - Image 97K
Russell, Alvin B. - Image 95K
Russell, Donald L. - Image 60K
Russell, Florence E. - Image 91K
Russell, Gladys F. - Image 95K
Russell, John Carl - Image 60K
Russell, Kenneth L. - Image 95K
Schultz, Lloyd E. - Image 60K
Schwalbauch, Benjamin L. - Image 61K
Shanks, Lawrence D. - Image 61K
Shanks, Mary Betty - Image 61K
Shook, Charles B. - Image 78K
Shook, H. J. - Image 95K
Shook, Lora - Image 95K
Shook, Margaret Petty - Image 95K
Shook, Martha - Image 80K
Short, Sam - Image 60K
Short, Sarah - Image 60K
Short, Sarah - Image 84K
Shortridge, Joseph G. - Image 99K
Shortridge, Mary Isham - Image 99K
Shortridge, Mary McCoy - Image 102K
Shortridge, Susie Jones - Image 93K
Shultz, Adolph F. - Image 80K
Shultz, Grace M. - Image 80K
Speicher, Eva - Image 98K
Speicher, Kendall H. - Image 98K
Spires, Carrie M. - Image 61K
Spires, Dean O. - Image 92K
Spires, Eileen V. - Image 92K
Spires, Ernest O. - Image 61K
Spires, Madison Ashleigh - Image 103K
Spires, Sarah Short - Image 105K
Spradlin, Dora Music - Image 89K
Spradlin, Helen L. - Image 86K
Spradlin, James E. - Image 86K
Spradlin, Raleigh - Image 86K
Spradlin, Willie T. - Image 89K
Star, Mary Hane - Image 91K
Stuckey, Morice - Image 95K
Swank, Cora Isadel - Image 102K
Swank, Dwight - Image 60K
Swank, Emma J. Bowsher - Image 101K
Swank, John - Image 93K
Swank, Laura Taylor - Image 61K
Swank, Marie - Image 93K
Swank, Martin - Image 61K
Swank, Mary Dennis - Image 99K
Swank, Mildred Marvine - Image 82K
Swank, Minnie - Image 99K
Swank, Philip - Image 104K
Thompson, Bert Leroy - Image 61K
Thompson, Gerald "jerry" - Image 102K
Thompson, H. Maxine - Image 61K
Thompson, Samuel Eugene - Image 61K
Tilley, Francis F. - Image 61K
Tilley, Marlyn E. - Image 60K
Updegraff, J. N. - Image 107K
Walker, Ada M. - Image 98K
Walker, Alice - Image 83K
Walker, Anna E. - Image 98K
Walker, Benny M. - Image 90K
Walker, Effie A. - Image 93K
Walker, Mabel F. - Image 61K
Walker, Ned D. - Image 61K
Walker, Sondra S. - Image 61K
Walker, William - Image 83K
Walker, Wm Albert - Image 98K
Ward, Goebel C. - Image 89K
Ward, Marion James - Image 88K
Westenbarger, Arthur R. - Image 91K
Westenbarger, Bertha - Image 93K
Westenbarger, Raymond - Image 93K
Whaley, Jonathan A. - Image 107K
Williams, Richard T. - Image 99K
Wilson, Elizabeth M. - Image 60K
Wilson, Mary C. - Image 98K
Wilson, Susan C. - Image 61K
Wilson, William - Image 75K
Wilson, William A. - Image 98K
Wolford, William Chester - Image 94K


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