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Brunswick: Our Hometown
A history of the community
And its families

As published in the Brunswick Times
and Brunswick Sun Times

Transcribed by Gerri Gornik)


Our Hometown

Early History4
Business and Commerce7
Festive Days10
Speed Trap12
Firefighting Was Hot Issue15
Churches in Brunswick18
The Music Makers of Brunswick24
The Organizations of Brunswick26

Early Families

A community is made strong by the character of its people. And that's one of Brunswick's greatest strengths.

As a farming community there were no magnificent buildings or glittering lights. But it was a community of special people - families worked hard to make Brunswick a wonderful, friendly place to live.

The Benjamin Story30
The Chidsey Story34
And the Chidsey Story Continues39
The Gibbs Family43
The Other Gibbs Branch46
The Waite Story48
The Freese and Keller Families53
The Brant Family56
The Mortons and Clements58
Ralph Strong's Stories60
A Story From Myrtle Ruff69
The Wards70
The Fuller Story73
The Miller Story75
The Sherman Family78
They Eyssen Family80

Our Hometown
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Early Families
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Page 69 | Page 70 | Page 75 | Page 78 | Page 80


Brunswick: Our Hometown is a compilation of historical stories which first started to appear in the Brunswick Times in the fall of 1975 and continued through the summer of 1976 and beyond in the Brunswick Sun Times. Interviews with dozens of local residents helped in the compilation of these stories, as did information gleaned from such publications as An Outline History of Brunswick, 1815-1965. Some slight discrepancies from story to story may be attributed to those persons trying to rely on memory for their information.

The first edition of Brunswick: Our Hometown was published during the bicentennial of our nation's independence in July, 1976. Revisions in the text were made in 1987 for this second edition, and new information was added.

The author of these stories, "Sam" Boyer, would like to extend her appreciation to all of those who have helped in the gathering of this history; to Sun Newspapers for permission to print a new and more permanent edition of this book; and to the Brunswick Chamber of Commerce for undertaking the project.

Brunswick is 172 years old this year, looking toward a big celebration at 175 years old. We hope you find this book a fitting tribute to this historic time and a basis for pride in a wonderful community which we are proud to serve.

"Sam" Boyer
July, 1987

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