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Photos of Tombstones
Pleasant Cemetery (394422N 0831504W) McClimansville Cemetery Road (C.R.57), one mile northeast of Mount Sterling, on the Madison-Pickaway County line.
Pleasant Cemetery Entrance June 18, 2008 - Image 230K
Pleasant Cemetery View June 18, 2008 - Image 138K
Abernathy, J. Smith - Image 276K
Adkins, Noah - Image 244K
Alkire, Abraham Clyde - Image 288K
Alkire, Arlyne N. - Image 113K
Alkire, Homer Reid [1] - Image 285K
Alkire, Homer Reid [2] - Image 146K
Alkire, Jack S. - Image 282K
Bereman, Porter - Image 245K
Binder, David F. - Image 287K
Bostwick, Otho W. - Image 236K
Bragg, Alexander E. - Image 283K
Brill, Michael - Image 233K
Brown, John - Image 213K
Chaffin, John - Image 264K
Chick, Frank - Image 200K
Clarridge, David M. - Image 236K
Coble, Christian - Image 240K
Coble, Christian And Mary - Image 230K
Cook, John And Jane - Image 144K
Cook, John Ira - Image 192K
Davis, Isaac - Image 256K
Dawson, Samuel E. - Image 280K
Demilt, George W. - Image 280K
Demilt, Peter - Image 246K
Deyo, Aaron And Caroline - Image 50K
Fitzgerald, J. Carl [1] - Image 279K
Fitzgerald, J. Carl [2] - Image 279K
Ford, Joseph - Image 221K
Francis, William C. - Image 226K
French, William - Image 236K
Gantz, H. R. Pritchard - Image 193K
Gray, James W. - Image 255K
Hefflin, Sarah Johnson - Image 283K
Helfinstine, Sarah J. - Image 260K
Hipple, George M. - Image 266K
Huffman, John - Image 263K
Johnson, Nancy - Image 283K
Keller, Benjamin O. - Image 211K
Kennedy, Infant - Image 197K
Kennedy, Infant - Image 198K
Mantle, Isaac, Anna, And Elta - Image 171K
Marshall, Edwin M. - Image 243K
Marshall, J. M. - Image 231K
Marshall, James - Image 211K
Matlock, John - Image 243K
Matlock, John, Margaret, And Josie [1] - Image 285K
Matlock, John, Margaret, And Josie [2] - Image 269K
Miller, Daniel D. - Image 265K
Miller, John W. - Image 285K
Morris, S. T. - Image 248K
Neff, J. A. - Image 207K
Nicodemus, J. M. - Image 230K
Parker, Ephriam - Image 221K
Pratt, William Eugene - Image 232K
Pritchard, Frank G. - Image 216K
Pritchard, John Asbury - Image 180K
Pritchard, John Asbury - Image 140K
Pritchard, John Asbury - Image 154K
Pritchard, Lou A. - Image 190K
Pritchard, Minnie - Image 155K
Riggin, J. W. - Image 268K
Sines, Richard R - Image 258K
Strain, Lewis [1] - Image 192K
Strain, Lewis [2] - Image 133K
Talbert, Sampson A. - Image 282K
Tatman, Amos - Image 225K
Terry, Anthony T. B. - Image 66K
Terry, Silas F. - Image 284K
Thacker, David B. - Image 241K
Turner, James L. - Image 244K
Walters, Charles F. - Image 132K
Walters, John And Mary - Image 222K
Walters, John T. - Image 177K
Walters, Pern B. - Image 287K
Ward, Joseph - Image 251K
Webb, James F. - Image 260K
West, Paul George - Image 205K


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