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Photos of Tombstones
Forest Grove Cemetery, Cemetery Pike (County Road 34) one half mile southeast of Plain City, Darby Township.
Ackley, Jacob And Mary - Image 169K
Adams, John And Mary - Image 223K
Allen, Benjamin - Image 220K
Allen, Albert William - Image 249K
Allen, Elmina Lavinia - Image 254K
Amann, Charles - Image 227K
Amlin, Z. E. And Hester - Image 285K
Andrews, Henry D. - Image 260K
Axline, Josiah And Elizabeth - Image 196K
Ball, G. W. - Image 164K
Ballinger, Oliver, Louisa, And Samuel - Image 205K
Bancroft, William And Lucretia - Image 169K
Barlow, Clark And Eva - Image 244K
Beach, Amos - Image 174K
Beyer, Cornelius And Mary - Image 246K
Bowman, Henry And Rachel - Image 268K
Bradley, Jeremiah And Martha - Image 192K
Bragg, John - Image 234K
Carey / Cary, Jacob - Image 187K
Cary, John - Image 242K
Case, Alfred - Image 246K
Chapman, James And Eltha - Image 217K
Clark, Azel J. - Image 291K
Converse, Albert N. - Image 168K
Converse, John Quincy - Image 219K
Converse, Jasper R. - Image 269K
Crego, Ralph And Lydia - Image 127K
Deleon, Charles - Image 185K
Dominy, Jeremiah - Image 263K
Douglas, James - Image 299K
Durban, John - Image 198K
Eastman, James And Sarah - Image 336K
Eastman, James K. - Image 261K
Evans, Benjamin W. - Image 155K
Fleming, A. G. - Image 206K
Fleming, William And Minerva - Image 220K
Frazell, Augustus - Image 161K
Gosnell, John And Louisa - Image 329K
Guy, Marshall And Rosina - Image 156K
Haag, John W. - Image 269K
Hager, Aurelius And Nancy - Image 222K
Heath, George W. - Image 159K
Holycross, John And Susannah - Image 218K
Howard, George, Martha, And Daniel - Image 167K
Howland, John Shepherd - Image 237K
Howland, Joseph S. - Image 239K
Howland, Lettie C. - Image 221K
Huff, Lysander - Image 327K
Irwin, Corydon Steele - Image 288K
Johnson, William G. - Image 162K
Jones, Charles And Mary - Image 192K
Kahler, Henry And Lura - Image 188K
Kahler, Henry - Image 286K
Kile, William - Image 284K
Knerr, Daniel And Sarah Jane - Image 189K
Koon, Eli And Margaret - Image 163K
Lape, Emanuel - Image 164K
Lewis, Reason F. - Image 142K
Martin, Charles, Salena, And Wilson - Image 171K
Martin, William And Elizabeth - Image 252K
McCann, John W. - Image 182K
McCloud, Rodney C. - Image 248K
McCune, Zachariah - Image 176K
McDowell, G. A. - Image 155K
McDowell, Porter And Nettie - Image 276K
McLain, Peter - Image 241K
Mills, James And Catharine - Image 191K
Morgridge, Algenon Sidney - Image 177K
O'Harra, Russell B. - Image 286K
Patch, Esley And Mary - Image 204K
Pitcher, Ezra And Kate - Image 161K
Plumb, John W. - Image 266K
Quackenbush, Nathan R. - Image 240K
Reece, Wilson H. - Image 304K
Riddle, Henry And Alice - Image 280K
Scott, John - Image 230K
Sesler, Alanson L. - Image 126K
Sherwood, Amos - Image 271K
Smith, James, Lucy, James S., And Amanda - Image 174K
Smith, James U. - Image 232K
Smith, Marion B. - Image 260K
Snodgrass, Delmore And Lacy - Image 264K
Spring, Gabriel And Margaret - Image 199K
Sullivan, Reason - Image 288K
Taylor, B. F. - Image 277K
Taylor, Levi And Margaret - Image 225K
Tipton, Hiram And Mary - Image 266K
Trowbridge, William D. - Image 274K
Warner, Isaac And Mattie - Image 156K
Williams, Abraham C. - Image 164K
Wilson, Gilbert - Image 246K
Wright, T. W. - Image 198K
Wright, Henry And Polly - Image 204K
Young, Elliott And Harriet - Image 262K
Range Township Cemetery
Range Township Cemetery Entrance January 28, 2007 - Image 211K
Adams, Thomas - Image 237K
Allen, John W. - Image 246K
Counts, Frank - Image 260K
Crispin, Aaron - Image 246K
Dorn, Peter - Image 290K
Dorn, Peter And Kathrina - Image 220K
Duff, Edward And Victoria - Image 239K
Field, Orestes G. - Image 201K
Green, James W. - Image 259K
Groves, William D. - Image 263K
Heavner, Jacob - Image 225K
Hewitt, W. T. - Image 224K
Hewitt, W. T. - Image 211K
Humphries, Samuel - Image 186K
Keigley, Mccrea - Image 238K
Looker, Levi - Image 277K
Looker, Levi - Image 283K
Ogan, Ambrose - Image 262K
Oglesbee, Aaron And Phebe - Image 263K
Reed, William B. - Image 224K
Scott, James M. - Image 271K
Shipley, Chester F. - Image 218K
Shotts, Rufus P. - Image 226K
Thompson, Leonora Yates - Image 229K
Thompson, Leonora Yates - Image 177K
Timmons, John - Image 226K
Tracey, Isaiah - Image 261K
Tracey, Joseph - Image 242K
Ulm, Edward - Image 238K
South Solon Cemetery, Stokes Township
South Solon Cemetery Entrance January 28, 2007 - Image 177K
Bailey, Edward N. - Image 199K
Bowman, Robert - Image 230K
Bowman, William M. - Image 211K
Bozarth, Lewis And Rosanah - Image 203K
Brooks, Noel H. - Image 205K
Bush, Albert, Mary, And Benjamin - Image 200K
Chaffin, James D. - Image 184K
Chaffin, James D. - Image 142K
Chapman, James And Emily - Image 244K
Clements, James C. - Image 215K
Cooper, Joseph - Image 186K
Delauder, Matison - Image 219K
Duff, William And Eliza - Image 202K
Fout, Joseph, Clyone, And Joseph - Image 165K
Fryer, Thomas - Image 179K
Harker, William H. H. - Image 206K
Harper, G. W. - Image 156K
Harper, John - Image 143K
Harper, Waylon M. - Image 191K
Hughes, Jeptha - Image 210K
Lambert, William B. - Image 179K
Lambert, William B. - Image 255K
Mahoy, George - Image 234K
Marsh, Milton - Image 191K
McCune, Samuel A. - Image 238K
McKendry, Archibald - Image 152K
Powell, James A. - Image 151K
Powell, James A. - Image 271K
Powell, Phillip - Image 189K
Powell, Robert And Susan - Image 189K
Reese, William R. - Image 201K
Selsor, Christopher - Image 184K
Shockley, William - Image 197K
Smith, Jonas B. - Image 128K
Stroup, J. R. And Martha - Image 201K
Stuckey, Joseph - Image 212K
Stuckey, Richard And Mariah - Image 195K
Thomas, Benjamin - Image 214K
Thomas, Benjamin - Image 198K
Thomas, James M. - Image 163K
Vangunday, Abraham W. - Image 294K
Wirsing, Arthur And Pern - Image 193K


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