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Photos of Tombstones
Zanesfield Cemetery, Jefferson Township, 0.5 mile west of county route 28, 40 feet south of county route 153.
Alexander, Frank B. - Image 70K
Alexson, Homer A. - Image 68K
Alexson, Virginia M. - Image 68K
Armentrout, Reed O. - Image 69K
Arthur, Ernest L. - Image 67K
Bailey, Clifford H. - Image 65K
Bailey, Olen E. - Image 64K
Bell, Eric Dean - Image 70K
Brown, Harry C. - Image 64K
Campbell, Betty A. - Image 72K
Campbell, John M., Jr. - Image 69K
Campbell, John M., Jr. - Image 72K
Chamberlain, Clifford R. - Image 66K
Chamberlain, Milo R. - Image 72K
Chambers, Doris M. - Image 69K
Chambers, Norman L. - Image 69K
Church, Carl D. - Image 67K
Church, Evelyn M. - Image 67K
Clifton, James W. - Image 67K
Cloninger, James Virgil - Image 67K
Cloninger, Patricia - Image 71K
Comer, Ernest F. - Image 66K
Comer, Ernest F. - Image 71K
Cooksey, Martha V. - Image 67K
Cooksey, Thomas N. & Betty J. - Image 63K
Cooksey, W. Hobart - Image 67K
Cronkleton, Milton C. - Image 65K
Daines, Julia A. - Image 75K
Daines, Marlin J. - Image 68K
Derksen, Hendrik - Image 68K
Derksen, Hendrik - Image 66K
Devine, Berniece E. - Image 64K
Diehl, Robert L. - Image 63K
Diehl, Robert L. - Image 65K
Dunaway, George E. - Image 67K
Dunson, Walter T. - Image 67K
Ferner, Tina M. - Image 67K
Firmin, Richard A. - Image 65K
Fisher, Ralph Eugene, Jr. - Image 67K
Folmsbee, Edward C. - Image 68K
Foreman, George A. - Image 64K
Foreman, Pearl C. - Image 63K
Godwin, Harold W. - Image 67K
Gombash, George David - Image 67K
Hamilton, John L. - Image 62K
Harpest, Larry Eugene, Jr. - Image 71K
Hayden, Robert K. - Image 72K
Hayden, Robert K. - Image 75K
Holycross, Raymond S., Sr. - Image 69K
Holycross, Raymond S., Jr. - Image 66K
Horn, Melanie A. - Image 66K
Huber, Russell D. - Image 70K
Jackson, Charles W. - Image 66K
Jackson, Mary F. - Image 66K
Jacobs, Gladys L. - Image 68K
Jacobs, Paul A. - Image 68K
Jacobs, Paul A. - Image 67K
Jenkins, Ireene E. - Image 67K
Jenkins, Lou Ann - Image 68K
Jenkins, Ronald K. - Image 67K
Jennings, Paul T. - Image 63K
Johns-Martin, Esta P. - Image 65K
Kinney, Byron R. - Image 65K
Kuntz, Floyd R. - Image 67K
Kuntz, Floyd R. - Image 64K
LeVan, Ashley Dawn - Image 66K
Levan, Lowell - Image 64K
Levan, Lowell - Image 65K
Lockwood, Lloyd M. - Image 65K
Lovett, Robert J. - Image 69K
Lowe, Edna Elizabeth - Image 66K
Lyon, Elmer R. - Image 66K
Lyon, Elmer R. - Image 66K
Marshall, Samantha - Image 68K
Martin, Lewis W. - Image 63K
McClain, George A. - Image 66K
McFarland, Wilbur J. - Image 66K
Metz, Arthur C. - Image 66K
Miller, Richard A. - Image 63K
Miller, Robert B. - Image 67K
Moore, Benjamin M. - Image 67K
Moots, Alice A. - Image 66K
Moots, O. Conrad - Image 66K
Newland, Charles E. - Image 67K
Newland, Rebecca A. - Image 73K
Nichols, John C. - Image 65K
Peachey, Richard R. - Image 68K
Peachey, Richard R. - Image 73K
Peters, Linda L. - Image 66K
Peters, Merlyn Earl - Image 67K
Poland, Richard O. - Image 65K
Puckett, Warren C. - Image 63K
Rader, Eugene L. - Image 67K
Rader, Eugene (Back) - Image 65K
Rader, Lois O. - Image 67K
Rambo, Cynthia Lyn - Image 64K
Rambo, Frederic O. - Image 71K
Rambo, Frederic O. - Image 72K
Reames, Lloyd E. - Image 64K
Reames, Norman E. - Image 65K
Reames, Robert L. - Image 68K
Rees, Todd K. - Image 68K
Rees, Todd K. - Image 69K
Ricketts, Michael K. (Front) - Image 72K
Ricketts, Michael K. (Back) - Image 70K
Ridgeway, Leland L. - Image 70K
Robb, Ashley Ann - Image 64K
Robb, Ashley Ann - Image 65K
Robb, Millard E. - Image 68K
Robb, Millard E. - Image 68K
Rowe, William A. - Image 66K
Schindler, Misty Autumn - Image 71K
Schindler, Robert Alvin, III - Image 71K
Schroeder, Mary Colleen - Image 64K
Schultz, David L. - Image 70K
Schultz, David L. - Image 75K
Shreve, Douglas R. - Image 64K
Shreve, Douglas R. - Image 64K
Shroyer, Robert F. - Image 64K
Sidders, Glen R. - Image 63K
Sims, Clara L. - Image 65K
Sims, Frank E. - Image 65K
Sims, Kermit Clark - Image 67K
Sims, Nellie Ruth - Image 67K
Smith, Banner A. - Image 66K
Smith, Elizabeth - Image 67K
Smith, Fern A. - Image 65K
Smith, Florence E. - Image 66K
Smith, Fred M. - Image 65K
Smith, Ola E. - Image 66K
Smith, Robert M. - Image 66K
Smith, Ross Shepard - Image 67K
Stewart, Donald M. Sr. - Image 68K
Stewart, Donald M. Jr - Image 69K
Stewart, Donald M. Jr - Image 73K
Stewart, Jane E. - Image 68K
Tevis, Randall G. - Image 66K
Thompson, John Franklin - Image 64K
Unbereit, Marga - Image 68K
Unbereit, Walter H. - Image 67K
Van Horn, Mary Renee - Image 65K
Warne, Titus Andrew - Image 66K
Watkins, Charles T. - Image 64K
Wendling, Albert E. - Image 68K
Wendling, Albert E. - Image 67K
Wilcox, Harry G. - Image 72K
Wilkins, Paul J. [Front] - Image 70K
Wilkins, Paul J. [Back] - Image 72K
Wilkins, Margaret A. - Image 70K
Wilkins, Paul J. - Image 70K
Williams, Alfaretta - Image 67K
Williams, Clarence S. - Image 67K
Williams, Eugene C. - Image 67K
Williams, L. Otis - Image 66K
Williams, Mabel E. - Image 67K
Williams, Mary - Image 66K
Williams, Oma E. - Image 71K
Williams, Ralph H. - Image 67K
Williams, Thomas L. - Image 71K
Williams, Thomas L. - Image 66K
Winter, Mary Alice - Image 66K
Winter, Willard Vane - Image 66K
Woodruff, William H. - Image 67K
York, Guy A. - Image 63K
York, Paul E. - Image 64K
Young, Harold D. - Image 66K
Zajis, Shari L. - Image 66K
Zell, Doris S. - Image 68K
Zell, Glendale H. - Image 63K
Zell, Kerryn L. - Image 70K
Zell, Lillian M. - Image 66K


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