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Photos of Tombstones
Northlawn Cemetery, SR 13 (Main St.) Utica, Washington Township, Ohio. [The cemetery is at the north edge of town on State Rt. 13.]
Northlawn, Cemetery Overview - Image 80K
Northlawn, Sign - Image 57K
Allbaugh, David & Jennie - Image 79K
Allbaugh, Ella - Image 74K
Allbaugh, Jennie - Image 49K
Allen, P.c. & Elizabeth - Image 68K
Alsdorf, A. Knowlton - Image 52K
Alsdorf, Alice - Image 45K
Alsdorf, Robert - Image 37K
Arven, Jesse & Agnes - Image 70K
Arven, Sarah - Image 70K
Arven, Sarah & Edward - Image 70K
Arven, Wm. A. - Image 64K
Barncord, Arthur Franklin - Image 80K
Barncord, Ora Alice Phillips - Image 80K
Bell, Carey - Image 84K
Bell, Mary E. - Image 70K
Baughman, Amos - Image 46K
Baughman, Anna - Image 45K
Baughman, John - Image 89K
Baughman, Lewis & Lucinda - Image 57K
Baughman, Mary Martha - Image 75K
Baughman, Otis - Image 43K
Baughman, Rachel - Image 85K
Baughman, Rachel - Image 85K
Beazle, Eliza - Image 76K
Bebout, Alwilda - Image 51K
Belt, M. Josephine - Image 46K
Bovard, Abram, Eleanor, Mary & Bessie - Image 85K
Bricker, David, Indiana, Hiram & Harriet - Image 95K
Bush, Henry & Marietta - Image 41K
Campbell, Easley - Image 86K
Campbell, John C. - Image 47K
Campbell, Joseph W. - Image 77K
Campbell, M.A. - Image 43K
Campbell, Overview - Image 45K
Campbell, Robert - Image 49K
Campbell, Sarah - Image 52K
Campbell, William Sloan - Image 47K
Cannon, Jacob - Image 74K
Canon, James M. & Mary M. - Image 78K
Cannon, James M. - Image 77K
Cannon, James M. - Image 73K
Cannon, Mary M. - Image 73K
Clark, Elizabeth - Image 79K
Clark, John - Image 79K
Coad, John - Image 67K
Coad, Mary Ann - Image 67K
Corlin, Catharine - Image 69K
Crosby, Amanda - Image 36K
Crosby, Clifford - Image 72K
Crosby, Jennie - Image 53K
Douglas, Margery - Image 69K
Dove, James B. - Image 90K
Dunlap, Eliza & Adella - Image 91K
Dunlap, Robert - Image 68K
Dunlap, Samuel - Image 88K
Dunlap, Susanna C., Cassie, Williamw, Williame. - Image 63K
Dunlap, William & Jane - Image 56K
Edwards, Hampton - Image 60K
Elder, Clifford - Image 68K
Emmett, Rev. John - Image 81K
Emmett, Rev. John (Closeup) - Image 75K
Emmett, Rev. John - Image 84K
Featherulf, Precilly - Image 70K
Grabiel, John - Image 60K
Graves, Sarah & Mary - Image 59K
Haas, Mary E. - Image 70K
Hains, Leonard - Image 105K
Harris, Maude & Grace - Image 53K
Helphrey, Mary & Burgess - Image 58K
Hervey, Belle - Image 45K
Hervey, James & Thomas - Image 49K
Hervey, John - Image 45K
Hervey, Katie - Image 59K
Hervey, Willie - Image 125K
Hill, James & Margaret - Image 64K
Hillyer, Adah - Image 54K
Hillyer, Perceval - Image 58K
Hobbs, Father - Image 49K
Hobbs, John, Ora, Orceanna - Image 67K
Hobbs, Mother - Image 58K
Holfmire, Martha - Image 60K
Hughes, Elias - Image 100K
Hughes, Elias - Image 67K
Hughes, Mary, Harriette, David - Image 42K
Husband, David - Image 75K
Husband, Eliza - Image 78K
Irwin, Allie - Image 87K
Irwin, James - Image 43K
Irwin, Nellie - Image 72K
Johnson, Dorothy - Image 67K
Johnson, Lee T. - Image 50K
Jones, Catharine - Image 67K
Jones, Erasmus - Image 57K
Jones, Infant Dau. - Image 51K
Jones, Nelson - Image 59K
Jones, Overview - Image 48K
Jones, Susanna - Image 58K
Kirk, Elizabeth - Image 57K
Kirkpatrick, Anna - Image 57K
Kirkpatrick, David - Image 75K
Kirkpatrick, George & Mabel - Image 49K
Kirkpatrick, Graham & Edith - Image 48K
Knowlton, Fannie - Image 68K
Knowlton, Joel - Image 80K
Knowlton, Levi & Amanda - Image 78K
Knowlton, Levi - Image 81K
Knowlton, Mary K. & Arthur - Image 93K
Lake, Helen Anna Mae Barncord - Image 65K
Lake, Willis Day - Image 65K
Lamson, Benjamin - Image 40K
Lamson, Benjamin - Image 40K
Lamson, Cora - Image 33K
Lamson, Margaret - Image 41K
Larue, Mahalah - Image 87K
Lash, Ann - Image 83K
Lash, Mame - Image 74K
Lusk, Mame M. - Image 80K
Lusk, Roll R. - Image 80K
Mantonya, Anna - Image 44K
Mantonya, Elizabeth - Image 46K
Mantonya, Milton & Louisa - Image 85K
Mantonya, Miriam - Image 65K
Marriott, Abbie - Image 78K
Marriott, Elizabeth - Image 69K
Marriott, Rachel - Image 54K
McCaugh, Caroline - Image 68K
McClellan, Adalaide - Image 105K
McClellan, Overview - Image 78K
McClelland, George - Image 68K
McClelland, Isabell - Image 63K
McClelland, Mary Ann & David - Image 73K
McClure, Isabelle - Image 77K
McCullough, Elizabeth - Image 80K
McNaughten, James - Image 78K
Melick, Madison, Letta & Mary - Image 75K
Montonya, Louisa - Image 53K
Moore, Hattie & David - Image 48K
Moore, Jacob - Image 73K
Moore, James - Image 67K
Moore, John - Image 76K
Moore, Maria & Wylie - Image 74K
Moore, Mary - Image 91K
Moore, Monnie - Image 90K
Moore, Sarah - Image 52K
Moore, Wm. H. - Image 192K
Patterson, John W. - Image 95K
Patterson, John W. - Image 96K
Patterson, Sarah - Image 57K
Patton, Catherine - Image 77K
Patton, John - Image 93K
Penn, Joseph & Rachel - Image 79K
Penn, Miriam & Rachel - Image 63K
Penn, Overview - Image 61K
Phillips, Anna Maria Painter - Image 72K
Phillips, Francis - Image 82K
Phillips, Jacob - Image 72K
Phillips, Jacob Grant - Image 86K
Phillips, Louisa - Image 71K
Pigman, Absloem - Image 59K
Pigman, Taressa - Image 48K
Ray, Dr. R.f. - Image 75K
Redpath, Helen - Image 53K
Reed, Blanche & George - Image 60K
Reynard, Belle - Image 80K
Reynard, Charles - Image 38K
Reynard, Lulu M. - Image 49K
Reynard, Rosey - Image 50K
Reynolds, Wilber - Image 61K
Reynolds, William & Mary - Image 78K
Ritter, Lucy - Image 56K
Rizor, Nellie - Image 81K
Roberts, Vinnette - Image 58K
Robertson, James - Image 71K
Robertson, John D. - Image 87K
Robertson, William & Sarah - Image 83K
Robrahn, Catharine - Image 90K
Robrahn, Laura - Image 51K
Robrahn, Ruth - Image 45K
Rogers, Dr. Joseph - Image 52K
Rogers, Dr. Joseph - Image 59K
Rogers, Mary S. - Image 55K
Ross, Samuel - Image 79K
Seeling, Charles - Image 93K
Sellers, Infant - Image 92K
Sellers, Thomas A. - Image 70K
Shields, Nancy - Image 82K
Shields, Robert - Image 74K
Shields, Samuel & Maggie - Image 70K
Smoots, Alta - Image 55K
Smoots, George - Image 70K
Smoots, Guy - Image 60K
Smoots, Katharine, Christine, Nathaniel & K.e. - Image 56K
Smoots, Orlena M. - Image 57K
Smoots, William M. - Image 60K
Stadden, Silas, Prudence, William, William - Image 75K
Stanton, A.t. & Hulda - Image 66K
Stevens, Father - Image 38K
Stevens, Lemuel B. & Sarah - Image 78K
Stevens, Mother - Image 89K
Stevenson, M. Elizabeth - Image 89K
Stevenson, William & Flora - Image 86K
Stinson, Archabald & Nancy - Image 62K
Stinson, Joseph W. - Image 87K
Stinson, Unknown - Image 88K
Thatcher, Ellen - Image 49K
Thompson, T. Franklin - Image 75K
Torrens, James & Mary - Image 89K
Vanausdale, Clara & Mary - Image 70K
Vannausdle, Elizabeth - Image 108K
Vannausdle, Isaac - Image 112K
Vannausdle, William - Image 105K
Vanostrand, George - Image 87K
Wallace, Belle - Image 95K
Wallace, David - Image 67K
Wallace, Mary A. - Image 55K
Wallace, Nellie & Zoa - Image 57K
Wallace, Willie, Annie & Mandana - Image 59K
Warner, Ann - Image 88K
Warner, Anna Louise - Image 60K
Warner, Clarissa - Image 45K
Warner, Daniel S. - Image 50K
West, Amos - Image 63K
West, Sarah - Image 58K
White, Sarah Columbia & S__ - Image 101K
Wilson, Abel - Image 67K
Wilson, John J. - Image 85K
Wilson, John J. - Image 81K
Wilson, Maria - Image 93K
Wright, Burgess - Image 65K
Wright, Fannie Ida - Image 65K
Woodruff, Sarah & Lewis - Image 40K
Woods, John - Image 100K
Yates, Sarah - Image 68K


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