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Jacksontown Cemetery, Licking Township, outside Jacksontown, Ohio.; Section 4
Text Transcription Of The Photos Listed Below
Sign For Jacksontown Cemetery
Jacksontown Cemetery is located on the east side of OH-13, almost directly across the street from Dawes Arboretum, outside Jacksontown, Ohio (Licking Township, Licking County). The coordinates are 39 58' 6.13" N, 82 24' 45.28" W.

Jacksontown Cemetery is still active; the oldest gravestones are located on the southwest side. While the majority of the gravestones are in good shape, several have been damaged over the years. The township does an fairly good job of maintaining the cemetery, however there are several issues with wild vegetation overgrowth covering many stones.

Map to Jacksontown Cemetery

Miscellaneous Photos In Cemetery: Aerial Photo of Cemetery | Map with sections marked. | Cemetery View 1 | Cemetery View 2 | Cemetery View 3 | Cemetery View 4 | Cemetery View 5 | Fallen Firemen's Memorial | In Memory Of, Fallen Firemen, Licking Twp Fire Dept. | Cemetery View 6 | Cemetery View 7 | Cemetery View 8 | Cemetery View 9

Photographs Copyright and Submitted by Ron Cruikshank, October 2014
Please Note: Click on underlined name to view tombstone image.
Section 4 Photos are taken West to East and North to South

Row 1 L-R: Brown, George Thomas - b. May 1 1934 - d. Sep 3 2006; SP3 US ARMY KOREA VETERAN
Row 1 L-R: Swartz, Brenda K. - b. 1948 - d. 2004; Shares stone with Edward
Row 1 L-R: Swartz, Edward E. Jr. - b. 1942 - d. Unk.Uncut; Shares stone with Brenda
Row 1 L-R: Hiser, Reginald L. - b. Aug 4 1929 - d. May 16 2006
Row 1 L-R: Unknown, Unknown Missing Headstone
Row 1 L-R: McKinney, Ronald R. - b. May 22 1939 - d. Unk/Uncut; Shares stone with Sharon
Row 1 L-R: McKinney, Sharon - b. Mar 27 1947 - d. Ink/Uncut; Shares stone with Ronald
Row 1 L-R: Parsons, Connie S. - b. March 31 1950 - d. Nov 16 2002
Row 1 L-R: Houston, Ocean A. - b. Dec 26 1929 - d. Unk/Uncut; Shares stone with Stan
Row 1 L-R: Houston, Stan K. - b. Nov 9 1927 - d. Unk/Uncut; Shares stone with Ocean
Row 1 L-R: Luckeydoo, Anthony M. - b. Mar 14 1977 - d. Nov 16 2005
Row 1 L-R: Fyffe, Betty J. - b. Aug 17 1931 - d. Mar 16 2010; Shares stone with Lloyd
Row 1 L-R: Fyffe, Lloyd - b. Dec 20 1926 - d. Unk/Uncut; Shares stone with Betty
Row 1 L-R: Baker, Mary Alice - b. July 6 1939 - d. June 26 2006; Shares stone with Richard
Row 1 L-R: Baker, Richard L. - b. Jan 15 1935 - d. Unk/Uncut; Shares stone with Mary
Row 1 L-R: Brook, Ann - b. Feb 19 1943 - d. June 29 2005
Row 1 L-R: Hanby, Arthur Ira - b. July 9 1953 - d. Feb 13 2002
Row 1 L-R: Phillips, Thomas L. - b. Jan 20 1943 - d. Unk/Uncut; Shares stone with Sharon & Daughter
Row 1 L-R: Phillips, Sharon - b. Dec 23 1944 - d. June 19 2001; Shares stone with Thomas & Daughter
Row 1 L-R: Phillips, Carol Sue - b. Jan 30 1963 - d. Jan 30 1963; Shares stone with Mother & Father
Row 1 L-R: Crumm, Robert M. - b. Apr 12 1914 - d. July 21 2006; Shares stone with Elvie
Row 1 L-R: Crumm, Elvie - b. Sept 28 1917 - d. Sept 28 2001; Shares stone with Robert
Row 1 L-R: Crumm, Footstone for Robert Morris Crumm; TEC 4 US ARMY WORLD WAR II VETERAN
Row 1 L-R: Dobson, John T. - b. Apr 24 1936 - d. July 28 2003
Row 1 L-R: Swartz, Paul W. - b. Dec 15 1953 - d. Dec 19 2004
End of Section 4, Jacksontown Cemetery
End of Jackstontown Cemetery

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