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NOTE: Etna Township Cemeteries are: (1) Etna Cemetery, (2) Parkinson-Babcock Cemetery AKA Pike Cemetery, (3) Saint Jacobs Church Cemetery. [See the link for Cemetery Histories.]
Etna Cemetery, Etna Township, Etna, Ohio.; Section 3
Text Transcription Of The Photos Listed Below
Etna Cemetery is located on the south side of Pike Street, just south of US-40, in Etna, Ohio (Etna Township, Licking County). The GPS coordinates are 39 57' 22.6" N, 82 41' 28.16" W.

Etna Cemetery is still active. However, most of the gravestones are older. While a few have been damaged, the majority are in great condition. The township does an excellent job of maintaining the cemetery grounds

[NOTE: Click on photo above for larger version]

Etna Cemetery Plat Map: Part 1A | Part 1B | Part 2A | Part 2B

Etna Cemetery Index
Photographs Copyright and Submitted by Ron Cruikshank, August & September 2012
Please Note: Click on underlined name to view tombstone image.
Read from West to East, Front to Back and North to South or Left to Right

Row 1 L-R: Sunshine Louis L - b. July 4 1900 - d. Sep 9 1987; US MARINE CORPS WORLD WAR I & II VETERAN
Row 1 L-R: Fulton Bertha Mae - b. Unknown - d. Oct 9 2005; Aged 83 Years; Funeral Home Marker
Row 1 L-R: Jordan Alice Faye - b. Unknown - d. March 19 2007; Aged 65 Years; Funeral Home Marker
Row 1 L-R: Jordan Charles R - b. Unknown - d. February 3 2006; Aged 77 Years; Funeral Home Marker
Row 1 L-R: Jordan Footstone for Charles R - b. Jul 26 1925 - d. Feb 2006; FN US NAVY WORLD WAR II VETERAN
Row 1 L-R: Stanley Johnah - b. Unknown - Buried - Jan 5 2006

Row 2 L-R: Porter Dan E - b. Feb 16 1959 - d. May 24 1984
Row 2 L-R: Johns Michael Steven - b. Aug 27 1956 - d. Dec 15 1999 " Beloved son and Brother"
Row 2 L-R: Dealvarez Keith Allan - b. Apr 18 1989 - d. Aug 28 1989
Row 2 L-R: Laughrey Eugenie "Babe" - b. 1895 - d. 1986

Row 3 L-R: Waller Dallas M - b. Feb 15 1939 - d. Nov 19 2009; Share stone with Carolyn; Married Sept 24 1960
Row 3 L-R: Waller Carolyn - b. Oct 24 1944 - d. Unk/Uncut; Shares stone with Dallas M; Marrie Sept 24 1960
End of Section 3 Etna Cemetery

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