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Lawrence County

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File Description File Size Date Submitter
Abrams, Amellia Adean Ball Crager March 31, 2013 2K Jul 2017 sheila jarman Ball
Bail, Isaac March 1913 1K Jul 2007 Randy Sue McKeever
Ball, Charlotte Lavetta Unrue December 21, 2016Hall 2K Jul 2017 sheila jarman Ball
Ball, John Junior November 4, 1978 2K Jul 2017 sheila jarman Ball
Ball, Patricia Ann January 26, 2010Brow 2K Jul 2017 sheila jarman Ball
Ball, Yolanda Kay August 25, 1985 1K Jul 2017 sheila jarman Ball
Bartram, Wilbur 1918 1K Nov 2007 Joy Fisher
Burns, Dr. Alexander C. 1907 4K Oct 1998 Elizabeth Burns
Eakins, Sarah Rose March 1 1908 3K Jun 2003 Irene Rose Warner
Fetter, James October 26, 1996 1K Sep 2012 melodie mays
Goode, Hazel P. February 1, 2004 2K Jun 2007 Faye Satterthwaite
Ort, Lewis P. 1891 2K Oct 1998 Don Ort
Ort, Mrs. Lewis P. 1920 2K Oct 1998 Don Ort
Richardson, Louisa Jennings April 26, 1904 1K Dec 2006 Tammy Kroger
Richardson, William Riley Sr. February 26, 1904 2K Dec 2006 Tammy Kroger
Rogers, James June 7, 1860 1K Dec 2022 Donald Buncie The Registry
Rose, Rev. Jehu March 3 1905 3K Jun 2003 Irene Rose Warner
Rose, John January 3 1909 2K Jun 2003 Irene Rose Warner
Rose, Capt. Thomas W. January 9 1918 3K Jun 2003 Irene Rose Warner
Templeton, Creed 1922 2K Oct 1998 Elizabeth Burns
Unrue, Esta Johnson December 12, 1981 2K Jul 2017 Sheila Jarman Ball
Wilmore, Elizabeth March 25, 1929 2K Mar 2010 Mary Passmore
Wilmore, Martin Van April 1, 1904 2K Mar 2010 Mary Passmore
Wolfe, Celia A. 1891 3K Dec 1998 Lowell Pankake

The file manager for this county is: Debra Crosby The Registry - Temporary

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