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Vital Statistics of Shaker Members as extracted from
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Joseph ALLEN: (negro) born Aug 9, 1772, came to Union Village in 1808, and returned to Tyringham, Mass. In 1819. (page 330)

William ANDREWS: b. January 16, 1776 in Little Hoosett, or Stephentown, Renssellaer Co., NY. He had a wife and 4 children - Phoebe, Harriet, Louisa and Watson. Died March 22, 1850. (page 183)

Daniel N. BAIRD: b. Nov 7, 1801 inn Grandville, Jefferson Co., NY. He "never enjoyed good health, and was dyspeptic from the day he entered the society to the time of his death. He died June 2, 1867. (page 184)

Issacher BATES: born January 29, 1758. (page 352)

Eunice BEDLE: deceased December 12, 1842 (page 208)

Joseph BENNET: departed this life July 28, 1816 - age not know - the poor little fellow was close by his mother when she died - and soon followed her... (page 313)

Pelly BENNET: deceased August 29, 1817 - aged 13 months - the youngest child. (page 314)

Polly BENNET: departed this life July 14, 1816 - leaving her husband and six small children - age unknown. (page 313)

Daniel BOYD: born Oct. 16, 1783; united in Feb. 1807, and died June 25, 1845. (page 340)

Charls BOYLS: departed this life Jan 4, 1813 in the 13th year of his age. (page 306)

Charles BOYLS: departed this life January 24, 1824 - aged 64. He came from "Iarland - a soldier in the British Service at the time of the Revolutionary War. Was taken prisoner at Little York and never returned again to his own country - He had suffered extremely with the Dropsy for about two years before he died". (page 320)

Rebecca BOYLS: departed this life November 18, 1821. "Her age is not accurately known - but according to the account of some of her children she must have been 60 or upwards". (page 318)

William BRAZELTON: departed this life, August 1, 1812 in the 63rd year of his age - leaving Rebecca and eight children among the believers. (page 289)

James BROUNFIELD: departed this life April 7, 1819 after a very tedious illness of about 7 weeks - most of the time severely afflicted with very acute pains darting through different parts of his body and limbs, he had but very little fever, and not one day of real sickness. His age is not accurately known but must have been near 40. (page 316)

Mariah BRITTON: died August 30, 1811 - a little girl in the 5th year of her life. (page 286)

George BUSH: departed this life Oct 1, 1819 - aged 72 - he had been a simple good believer for a few months. (page 317)

Matthew B. CARTER: died suddenly July 24, 1890. Almost from the beginning of his career among the Shakers he filled many important places of care and responsibility. He was strictly honest, modest and unassuming. (page 108)

John DAILY: departed this life April 17, 1826 after having "suffered severly for the space of 17 days, with his old complain (Pulmonary Consumption) which he said had afflicted him for about 8 years". His age is not accurately known - but supposed to be near about 40. (page 322)

William DAVIS: (Negro) born Dec. 13, 1781; converted in 1805, and died Jan 10, 1846. (page 330)

James DAVIS: born Jan 3, 1791; admitted 1805, died Nov. 19, 1833. (page 338)

David DARROW: After failing in health for some time, he departed this life June 27, 1825, aged 75 years and 6 days. In another area of the book it is noted: David Darrow was among the first Believers in America, and also suffered with the early Shakers, for opinions sake, and even incarcerated in the Albany, NY jail without trial; was born June 21, 1750; an officer in the American Revolution; arrived at Union Village June 29, 1805, to take "the lead" in building up Shakerism in the West, and as such continued until his death, June 27, 1825. (page 338)

Ruth DARROW: was a daughter of David Darrow. She was born Nov 29, 1780; arrived at Union Village May 31, 1806, and died at West Union, Sept. 18, 1814. (page 329)

Rachel DENNIS: born Nov. 20, 1789; united 1805, and died Aug. 9, 1859. (page 340)

Saloma DENNIS: was born April 3, 1783; united with the Believers in 1805, and died Jan. 9, 1853. Her right name was Edith. (page 329)

William DOUGLAS: departed this life August 3, 1822. Aged 57 years. He was born in "Iarland June 1765 and died on the Big Prairy at Busro of the Dropsy". (page 319)

Mary Ann DUFFY: died Nov 9, 1875

John DUNLAVY: On September 8, 1826, he was taken sick with bilious fever and died on September 16, 1836. Entry is as follows: "John Dunlavy was taken sick on Friday the 8th and after the Opperaton of the first portion of Tarter, he was closely attended with all the medical aid that he (being himself a Physition) or any of the nurses could think of - A great quantity of Billious looking matter evacuated his system almost every day - and still his external symptoms was not very alarming till near the last. He was able to set up and walk about the room every day but the very last - which was Satturday and even appeared to be more than usually sunk tho' he spoke strong and desisive - but when going from the chair to the bed he was taken with a kind of fainting fit in which he exhibited very alarming symptoms. However it was over in a few minutes and he seemed to be quite composed - The warm bath was prepared as soon as possible and after he got into the water he seemed to revive and washed his hands and arms a little - but when going from the tub to the bed, he was taken with another fit, and the green bilious looking liquid gushed out of his mouth in a stream - he came too again in a few minutes - And so it was every time he got up till towards the last he grew so weak that he could rise no more!! And about 3 o.clock in the afternoon he Departed this life on the 16th of September 1826. Much lamented by all who was acquainted with him." (page 323)

John EDGINGTON Jr: departed this life July 22, 1816 in the 13th year of his age. (page 313)

Joseph EDGINGTON: Departed this life August 10, 1815 - having been sick of a violent fever nearly three days. About 48 years of age. (page 312)

Israel EDGINGTON: departed this life Sept 1, 1814 - in the 15th year of his age. (page 310)

Magia EDGINGTON: departed this life Dec 24, 1812 in this life in the 10th year of her age - daughter of John and Polly Edgington. (page 306)

Polly EDGINGTON: departed this life Jan 30, 1813 in the 36th year of her age. Mother of Magia that died 24th December 1812. (page 306)

David EDIE: departed this life sometime in August 1812 (page 289)

James EVANS: departed this life Jan 22, 1816 having suffered very considerable for several days. Age not known but was about middle aged. (page 313)

Prudence FARRINGTON: She arrived at Union Village, May 31, 1806, and died April 11, 1807, in the 31st year of her age, "a loving sister, a blessed virgin, a holy woman. Among her last words she uttered: "Strengthen the Brethren." (page 366-367)

Ruth FARRINGTON: Died of dropsy on October 28, 1821 (page 69). She died at 3:00 in the afternoon. (page 311) In another area of the book it is noted: "Ruth Farrington born Apr. 27, 1763; arrived at Union Village May 31, 1806, to become first in the Ministry, in the Sisters' Lot, and so continued until her death, Oct. 26, 1821". (page 338)

Dr. Robert FORD: departed this life February 26, 1825 - aged near 30. He had "suffered much for a number of years with the Pulmonary Consumption. (page 321)

Chester FOWLER: departed this life Feb 8, 1823. He was a young believer and had been confined to the room and bed about one year with Pulmonary Consumption before he died - his age is not accurately know, but suppsed to be something about 22 or 24. (page 319)

Aley FRANCE: departed this life June 27, 1824. Aged 14 years. She suffered much of that "distressin complaint called Palpitation". (page 320)

Claricy FRANCE: Departed this life February 25, 1825 in the 19th year of her age. "After haveing suffered extremely of Pulmonary Consumption and Palpitation". (page 321)

Missoury FRANCE: a little girl departed this life Sept 15, 1819. Age unknown. (page 317)

Mary Green GASS: was born in England in 1848 and from infancy has been a Shaker. (page 110)

Benjamin GILL: a little boy departed this life Sept 28, 1818. (page 315)

Isabella GILL: departed this life Oct 11, 1820 - aged about 51 years. (page 318)

Molly GOODRICH: born Dec. 14, 1779; arrived at Union Village Mar. 31, 1806, arrived at South Union, Oct. 6, 1811, as first in the Ministry, in Sister's Lot, and so continued until her death, Dec. 9, 1835. She was "a strong character and firm in the rules of her faith". (page 340)

Nancy HALL: departed this life July 21, 1826. Her age is not accurately known - but probably was between 50 and 60. (page 322)

Oliver C. HAMPTON: born April 2, 1817, died March 29, 1901, becoming a Shaker through the conversion of his father in 1822. (page 60)

Amy HANDCOCK: departed this life January 2, 1827, aged about 58, "having been afflicted less or more for about five years with the Breast complaint. page 325)

Tamer HANDCOCK: departed this life August 25, 1811, quite an aged woman. (page 286)

Elizabeth HILL (from Cincinnati) and her 4 children:
Elizabeth HILL, born January 14, 1854
Henery S. HILL, born November 22, 1856
May HILL, born March 15, 1850
Robert G. HILL, born May 24, 1847
(page 214)

James HODGE: born June 9, 1781; joined Believers Dec 6, 1807 and died Mar 24, 1865 (page 329)

Riley HONEY: b December 31 1798 in Burton, Geauga Co, Ohio. d. August 7, 1884, aged 85 years, 5 months, 6 days. (page 181)

Mary HOPKINS: born Sept. 29, 1784; admitted Mar. 1808, and died May 22, 1855. (page 340)

Andrew C. HOUSTON: On October 7, 1844, he fell from the third story and died the same day. His death was not only a shock but also a great loss to the society. (page 97)

Matthew HOUSTON: b December 25, 1764 in Virginia. Died at Union Village, Ohio, March 18, 1848 in the 84th year. (page 172) Elsewhere in the book it is noted: Matthew Houston was a prominent figure in the Kentucky revival; born Dec. 25, 1769; became a Shaker in Feb 1806, and died March 20, 1853. He lived at Union Village. He was short and became corpulent. (page 337)

William JAMES: departed this life, on Dec 26, 1822, being just 46 years and 4 days old. Father of nine children, six of whom he left with Betsy among the believers at West Union. (page 319)

James JINKINS: departed this life July 6, 1821 - aged nearly 19. (page 318)

Thadeous JENKINS: died March 3, 1812 - aged 12 or 13 years - having a few weeks previous got on eo fhis kneeds badly hurt by being struck against a tree when riding on a horse. He took cold, his thigh healed was opened - and after a long tour of sore sufferings, it cost him his life. (page 289)

Rachel JOHNSON (JOHNSTON): was born May 10, 1779; came to Union Village in 1807, and returned to the East in 1835. (page 334)

John JOHNSTON: departed this life Jan 21, 1816 in the 66th year of his age. (page 313)

Joseph JOHNSTON: born Sept. 4, 1776; admitted 1805, and died Mar. 21, 1849. (page 340)

Martha JOHNSTON: departed this life Jan 30, 1815. Her age is not accurately known but must have been near 60. (page 312)

Samuel JOHNSTON: departed this life Dec 9, 1816 in the 41st year of his age - after a severe tour of sufferings. (page 314)

Ashbel KITCHELL: b August 21, 1786 in Morris County, NJ. (page 170)

Solomon KING: was born Jan 22, 1760, arrived at Union Village June 29, 1805. Left Union Village in 1835 and died at Mount Lebanon, NY in Aug 1858. (page 329)

Esther (Luckey) KNOX: departed this life Sept 8, 1814 in the 54th year of her age. (page 311)

Benjamin KNOX: (a son of John and Esther Knox) seceded (from the Shakers) Dec. 20, 1835. (page 341)

John KNOX: departed this life Nov 10, 1815. Aged 60. He had been in revolutionary service a number of years... (page 312-313)

Nancy KNOX: Departed this life May 20, 1815 - quite a pale woman at the age of 50. (page 312)

Peggy KNOX: (a daughter of Esther and John Knox) was born Feb 18, 1789; converted in 1805 and died May 31, 1855. (page 329)

William KNOX: departed this life Oct 23, 1821, having been sick of a kind of cholic five or six days. Aged near 60 years. (page 318)

William KNOX Junr: departed this life Dec 22, 1821 in the 31st year of his age - having suffered greatly of the inflammatory sore throat accompanied with raging fever. (page 318)

Sally LAYCOCKS: child - died August 1, 1826 being just six weeks old. (page 322)

Amy LEGIER: departed this life Feb 2, 1813 in the 14th year of her age after having suffered extremely. (page 306)

George LEGIER: born Nov 1, 1767; joined Shakers in 1805, and died May 5, 1850. (page 329)

Noah LEGIER: departed this life August 26, 1813 aged something near 18 years - having a few weeks previous received the kick of a horse on his bowels, of which he suffered extremely. (page 307)

Susannah C. LIDDELL: born near Union Village, June 4, 1824, and joined the society in 1835. Picture (page 391)

Jane MARTIN: departed this life August 26, 1819 after having suffered grievously of a kind of pulmonary complaint - together with an inflammation of the spleen. She was the companion of John Martin that died on the 11th of October 1815. Her age is not known but was near the middle stage of her life and a clever woman. (page 317)

John MARTIN: departed this life September 21, 1815 - his age is not properly known, but must have been something near 40. He was our first and best blacksmith and as "cleaver a man as broke bread - But he was compeled to drop his hammer, and lay down his Iron to cool". (page 312)

Samuel McCLELLAND: October 11, 1811, by the fall of a large piece of timber, he had the three forefingers of his left hand stripped of the flesh to the bones from the second joint to the ends. (page 286)

Lucy McCOMB: departed this life August 2, 1814 at Union Village - aged 7 years the youngest of John McCombs family. (page 310)

John McCOMB: departed this life Nov 16, 1817 in the 52nd year of his age after having suffered extremely from fever and weakness. (page 314)

Ruth McCOMB: departed this life Aug 10, 1817 in the 18th year of her age after having suffered extremely for a number of days, with fever and cramp. (page 314)

Betsy McKEEN: departed this life Sept 25, 1814 in the 17th year of her age. (page 312)

Jesse McKEEN: departed this life April 24, 1818 - aged near 40 - he had a few weeks previous fell on some timbers that lay at the end of the bridge and so hurt his side, that he never got over it. (page 315)

Samuel McKEEN: departed this life Feb 20, 1817 in the 22nd year of his age - after a long and severe scene of suffering. (page 314)

Richard McNEMAR: He, his wife (Jenny/Jane Luckey) and children, converted to Shakerism April 24, 1805. (page 63) Died at Union Village, September 15, 1839 (page 47), after a protracted illness of chronic bowel complaint. (page 352) On page 351 it is noted: Richard McNemar, born November 20, 1770.

Archibald MEACHAM: born Jan 12, 1774 and died in May 1844. (page 329)

John Meacham: born in 1770 and died at Mount Lebanon, NY, December 26, 1854. (page 41)

Lucinda MILLER: born June 13, 1804; taken to Believers in 1805; died Dec. 29, 1869. (page 340)

Naoma MILLER: departed this life Sept 23, 1814 - aged about 40 years. She was a sister to John DUNLAVY. (page 312)

Clymena MINER: Born in Painesville, OH, December 1, 1832, was taken to the Shakers of North Union, by her mother in 1839. (page 110)

William MOORE: born Jan. 15, 1789; admitted (to the Shakers) 1805, and died June 6, 1867. (page 340)

Calvin MORREL: born April 29, 1765; converted in 1805, and died Sept. 3, 1833. He was a physician. (page 334)

Pheby MURPHY: departed this life December 7, 1826, in the 22nd year of her age of the Pulmonary Consumption. She had been under weakness, (more or less) for about five years- and endured her sufferings with remarkable fortitude (for a youth). She was set up with only two whole nights near the last - and "she sat up on a chair and spoke senceable, not more than half an hour before Death chilled the last spark of life". (page 324)

Patience NAYLOR: (Negro) born June 18, 1794; converted 1807, and died July 16, 1861. (page 330)

James NEWLIN: departed this life September 10, 1826, leaving Polly with five children among believers. His age is not accurately known, but supposed to be something near 30. A newcomer. (page 323)

Oremsted PAGE: On August 31, 1825, "a coloured man by the name of Oremsted Page departed this life..." "he had come from South Union, KY some time in the winter". (page 321)

Peter PEASE: born June 12, 1767, arrived at Union Village from Mt. Lebanon, NY, May 31, 1806, and returned May 2, 1822. He lived at Union Village. (page 337)

Nathan PEGG: departed this life August 30, 1814 in the 44th year of his age - he had hitherto been a stout hearty man. (page 310)

Ruth PEGG: born Apr. 7, 1798; admitted 1812, and withdrew Oct. 28, 1836. (page 340)

Richard W. PELHAM: b May 8, 1797 (page 168) d. in Union Village, Ohio, January 10, 1873 (page 170)

James S PRESCOTT: b in Lancaster, Worcester Co, MA, Jan 26, 1803 (page 176) d. North Union, Ohio, April 3, 1888, age 85 years 2 mo, 8 dys (page 178)

David PRICE: born Oct. 29, 1773; admitted 1808, died Jan. 24, 1855. (page 340)

Fanny PRICE: departed this life May 7, 1825. She had suffered much from weakness and disease and had been "afflicted with a breast complaint for some years. She was one cleaver kind hearted woman in a general sence". (page 321)

James PRICE: departed this life Aug 18, 1818 - aged about 39 years - after having suffered extremely for 8 days with a kind of hypothetical insanity. (page 315)

Rebecca PRICE: departed this life Nov 14, 1816 - aged about 67 - a very clever old woman. (page 314)

Daniel RANKIN: was born in 1798 and withdrew (from the Shakers) about 1829. (page 340)

John RANKIN: born November 27, 1757 in North Carolina, On October 28, 1807, he avowed his belief in Shakerism. He was the preacher at South Union until his death, which occurred July 12, 1850. (page 58)

Daniel REDMON: born Feb 20, 1779; admitted 1805, and died Dec. 26, 1846. (page 338)

William REDMON: died at Union Village, Feb 1, 1876, aged 76 (page 329)

William REYNOLDS: departed this life May 13, 1881, deeply regretted by all. His whole life, after joining the Shakers was given to the upbuilding of the cause he had espoused. He joined the Society in 1837 and died in his 67th year. (page 106-107)

Chester RISLEY: b. December 6, 1794 in East Hartford, Connecticut. Had a wife and daughter Lucina. d. May 6, 1855 (page 183)

William ROBERTS: withdrew (from the Shakers) Jan. 30, 1836. His son William had previously left. (page 341)

Emily ROBINSON: became a Shaker at the age of 8. Died January 17, 1897. (page 110)

Rody ROLLEY: departed this life Dec 20, 1812 in the 12th year of her age. (page 306)

John P. ROOT: b Pittsfield, Berkshire Co., MA om June 28, 1799 (page 174) d. Union Village, March 27, 1860 in his 74th years (page 172)

Elizabeth RUBART: Departed this life May 2, 1816, of pulmonary disease. Age was upwards of 30 years or thereabouts. (page 313)

Elisha RUSSELL: died October 15, 1862, aged 83. (page 148)

Elijah RUSSELL: b July 13, 1773 im Widsor, Connecticut. (page 181) d. Feb 26, 1857 (page 182)

Jacob RUSSELL: elder son of Samuel, born in West Windsor, Hartford County, Connecticut, April 26, 1746. Died August 29, 1821, aged 75 years. Married Esther Dunham. Their Children:

  • Elijah Russell, b July 18, 1773 d. age 83 years
  • Esther Russell, b Oct. 23, 1774
  • Jerusha Russell 1st, b July 7, 1776
  • Return Russell, b March 1, 1778 d. Oct 5, 1834
  • Elisha Russell, b Nov 14, 1779 d October 15, 1862
  • Samuel Russell, b Jan 15, 1783
  • Jerusha Russell 2d, b February 24, 1785
  • Content Russell, b Mary 7, 1787
  • Ralph Russell, b August 3, 1789
  • Roxana Russell, b March 10, 1792
  • Obedience Russell, b May 23, 1794
  • Rodney Russell, b May 15, 1796
    (page 165, 167, 180)

    Lydia RUSSELL: consort of Elisha Russell died June 29, 1839, aged 63 yrs. 10 ms. 28 ds. (page 148)

    Ralph RUSSELL: b August 3, 1789 d. December 28, 1866. (page 168)

    Rodney RUSSELL: b. Widnsor, Connecticut, May 15, 1796. (page 184) died Sept 3, 1880, aged 84 yrs. 3 mo. 3 ds (page 148)

    Samuel RUSSELL: b May 14, 1807 in Rodman, Jeffersom Co., NY. The son of Return Russell. He withdrew from the society August 19, 1858. (page 174)

    Martha SANFORD: died at West Union, was born May 15, 1769; arrived at Union Village May 31, 1806. (page 338)

    Eunice SERING: born July 11, 1795; admitted 1806; was in the Ministry order with Rachel JOHNSTON at Union Village, and seceded Jan. 29, 1847. (page 340)

    Nathan SHARP: born Oct. 20, 1786; admitted 1806, decamped Sept 9, 1835, with about $10,000. He was a trustee of the Society. Afterwards he kept an inn, called "The Green Tree," about a mile from the North Family of Union Village. (page 338)

    Sally SHARP: died April 7, 1879, at the age of 80. Spent most of her life with the Shakers. (page 106)

    Amelia SHERMON: Departed this life March 6, 1825, in the 15th year of her age. "The 7th she was buried, and the day was so wet, cold and snowey that the sisters could not go to the grave-yard". (page 321)

    Martha SHREEVES: departed this life August 27, 1826, having been sick of the "Billious fever" only nine days. Her age is not properly known but must have been upwards of 50. (page 323)

    John SLOVERS: (father and son) The elder died at South Union, KY, in 1813, aged 80. The younger John also died South Union, in 1858, aged 74. (page 346)

    Peggy STEWART: departed this life December 18, 1826 "in the 42nd year of her age after having suffered extremely of a confirmed "pleuricy for the space of 26 days. On the 7th and 9th days of her sickness, her pulse was not perceivable at the wrists her extrimityes were cold and every hour seemed as tho it would be the last - but life continued and on the 10th and 11th the violence of the symptoms abated a little, and her sufferings was not so very extreme till on the 21st after which she grew weaker very fast till on Monday eavening she died - The 18th of the month and 26th of her illness". (page 324)

    Barton Warren STONE: born near Port Tobacco, Maryland, Dec 24, 1772 and died at the residence of his daughter, in Hannibal, MO., November 9, 1844. (page 54)

    Pheby SPARKS: d July 28, 1812 - a single woman - age not known exactly but must have been something near 30 (page 289)

    David SPINNING: b Sept 17, 1779 (page 172). Died Dec 22, 1841 in his 63rd year.

    Anthony TANN: "coloured man". Departed this life leaving Peggy (his wife and a white woman) with six children, on June 17, 1811. (page 286)

    Peggy TANN: departed this life Dec 28, 1814 - age not accurately known but must have been near 50. This was the companion of Anthony Tan that died on the 17th of June 1811. (page 312)

    Sewel G. THAYER: died Feb 27, 1881, aged 78 yrs. 7 mo. (page 148)

    Olive Melvina TORREY: died May 23, 1858, aged 39 years. (page 148)

    Henry VALENTINE: born Nov. 6, 1799; admitted 1805, and died Dec. 24, 1841. (page 340)

    John WALLACE: born in 1779; admitted in 1805; long a trustee at Union Village and well trusted; he decamped with $8,000, Feb 14, 1818; went down the Ohio; built a mill, which was carried away by a flood; returned to Ohio, and made trouble for his former friends. (page 337)

    Oliver WHEELER: b August 14, 1790, in Preston, Connecticut. Three children: William, Sally and Hester Ann chose to come with him into the Shakers. His wife did not. He died September 12, 1848 from the effects of a surgical operation for a hernia. (page 184)

    Matilda WILLIAMS: passed away Jan 27, 1874 (page 218)

    John Fredric WISSMAN: On February 7, 1825, was "drownded in the ditch of the Cross-way his Age is not accurately known, but suppose to have been something near 50 or upwards". He had been among believers a number of years but had left them a few months previous to his death. We took him from his watery grave, dressed him, made a coffin and buried him with as much "deacency and honour as the nature of the case demanded". He was a very industrious man - A dutch man andhe said he was of the royal family too. (page 321)

    Joshua WORLEY: once prominent at Union Village; born Aug. 12, 1800, and seceded May 24, 1839. (page 340)

    Malcolm WORLEY: the first Shaker convert in the West, and the recognized leader of the "Great Kentucky Revival" died August 3, 1844, aged 82 years. His children, who had renounced Shakerism, consisting of Joseph, Joshua and Rebecca, commenced legal proceedings to recover the lands he had deeded to the Church in 1812. The claim was put forth that Malcolm was not sane. This suit dragged along until 1848, when the Surpreme Court decided in favor of the Shakers. (page 97)

    Joseph WORTHINGTON: died July 16, 1812 - in the 49th year of his age - leaving Betsy and six children among believers. (page 289)

    Nancy WORTHINGTON: departed this life Dec 27, 1812 in the 14th year of her age. (page 306)

    Benjamin Seth YOUNGS: was born Sept 25, 1811 and died in Watervleit, NY in 1855. (page 329) In another area of the book the following is noted: Benjamin Seth Youngs was born Sept 17, 1774. (page 350)


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