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Hancock County
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Agin, William R. December 31, 1919
Beamer, Charles September 5, 1909
BONHAM, Robert - 1903
Casper, Miriam Ruth Amanda Glick July 1, 2006
Drake, Tunneson[sic] A. - 1947
EBLEN, Mildred Maxine - 1999
EDGINGTON, Miss Fern - 1945
Glick, Alfrieda Anna Alma Bosse October 31, 2001
Glick, Andrew John June 14, 1956
Glick, Anna Susanna Price May 5, 1889
Glick, Charles January 14, 1922
Glick, Elizabeth Hannewald March 9, 1965
Glick, Esther Elizabeth Pifer July 7, 1976
Glick, George William November 4, 1971
Glick, Harmon Oscar December 13, 1955
Glick, Harold Edwin March 10, 2002
Glick, Henry May 16, 1844
Glick, Herbert Henry November 17, 1993
Glick, Howard Lowell May 24, 1966
Glick, Miriam Eloise Beckman October 4, 1980
GOHLKE, Paul R. - 1945
Hartman, Mary Kathleen Krout Glick July 21, 2004
Howard, Milow R. August 8, 1962
Hutton, Franklin Cole
Lubach, Catherine "Kate" - July 16 1936
Massie, Doris Elizabeth Glick August 9, 2005
Matthes, Henry March 29, 1894
Matthes, Johanna Rachel Glick October 25, 1898
McFall, Clarence Weldon 'Patrick' May 29, 1933 [1]
McFall, Clarence Weldon 'Patrick' May 29, 1933 [2]
McFall, George Washington November 6, 1905
McFall, Martha M. (Bolen) August 7, 1918
Pomeroy, John B. January 6, 1921
Powell, Almeda Burket April 1, 1922
Rosson, Hilary Harris October 20, 1974
SCHIELLIN, Florence H. - 1968
SWISHER, Charles E. - 1968
SWISHER, Jacob S. - 1945
SWISHER, Mrs. Mary - 1951
VENT, Mrs. Mary M. - 1968
WHEELER, Della M. - 1968


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