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Photos of Tombstones
Amanda Presbyterian Cemetery is located on the west side of East street, 2 blocks south south of Main street, village of Amanda, Amanda Township, Ohio.
Amanda Presbyterian Cemetery - Complete Survey
Amanda Presbyterian Cemetery August 8, 2008 - Image 72K
Bell, David B. - Image 75K
Benner, Maude - Image 95K
Bogle, Charlotte - Image 80K
Bogle, Isabella - Image 74K
Bogle, James - Image 87K
Bogle, John - Image 81K
Bogle, John - Image 92K
Bowman, Anna Isabell - Image 96K
Bowman, Cynthia E. Rockey - Image 98K
Bowman, Infant Dau - Image 111K
Carnes, Nancy - Image 65K
Carnes, Robert - Image 75K
Cochran, John - Image 99K
Conrad, Denver B. - Image 79K
Conrad, Gladys E. - Image 84K
Courtney, Andrew - Image 78K
Courtney, Andrew - Image 90K
Courtney, L.C. - Image 83K
Courtney, Lovina - Image 90K
Courtney, Mary P. - Image 84K
Cunningham, James Harrison - Image 91K
Cunningham, Jane H. - Image 98K
Cunningham, Nancy J. - Image 96K
Cunningham, Sam. - Image 85K
Davisson, A.L. - Image 90K
Dickson, George P. - Image 81K
Dickson, Sarah - Image 89K
Dickson, William - Image 80K
Dillon, William - Image 93K
Dunford, Hazel Marie - Image 83K
Dunford, John Maxwell - Image 83K
Floyd, Harley - Image 94K
Fox, Emily Buzzard - Image 74K
Fox, William - Image 72K
Griffith, Jane W. - Image 85K
Griffith, Lavina Shallenberger - Image 102K
Griffith, Malcolm - Image 85K
Griffith, Sarah A. - Image 85K
Hanaway, Frances E. - Image 90K
Hanaway, William P. - Image 90K
Hewetson, Kate R. - Image 104K
Hewetson, Mary P. - Image 102K
Hewetson, Dr. T.L. - Image 98K
Hewetson, Dr. Walton - Image 90K
Hoffman, Agnes - Image 80K
Hoffman, Emerson - Image 80K
Hoffman, Henry - Image 80K
Jefferies, Emily - Image 104K
Judy, Henry - Image 71K
Judy, Maria Emily - Image 71K
Keiser, Anna M. - Image 100K
Keiser, Anna M. - Image 100K
Keiser, John G. - Image 99K
Kerns, Eliza - Image 95K
Kerns, Isaac - Image 92K
Kirkwood, Mary - Image 85K
Kline, W. K. - Image 113K
Knouff, Eliza - Image 99K
Knouff, Eliza - Image 99K
Lear, John - Image 70K
Lear, John F. - Image 90K
Lear, Nancy - Image 77K
Leota, Alma - Image 70K
Leota, Alma - Image 70K
Lucas, Mary E. - Image 91K
Lytle, Ann - Image 80K
Lytle, David Archibald - Image 94K
Lytle, James Franklin - Image 91K
Marshall, Infant Son - Image 98K
Miller, Eliza A. - Image 113K
Milligan, S. Elizabeth - Image 93K
Murray, Elizabeth - Image 102K
Owens, Elizabeth - Image 93K
Owens, John - Image 92K
Owens, Sydonia - Image 80K
Reed, H. W. - Image 106K
Rhymer, Michael L. - Image 84K
Rhymer, Sarah C. - Image 84K
Rhymer, Treacy M. - Image 81K
Ritchie, Sallie Schleich - Image 97K
Rockey, George Scott - Image 94K
Rockey, Jacob K. - Image 97K
Rockey, Mary J. - Image 94K
Schleich, Mary - Image 89K
Shallenberger, Elizabeth - Image 90K
Shallenberger, Lydia - Image 87K
Shallenberger, Samuel - Image 101K
Shallenberger, Samuel - Image 91K
Shallenberger, William - Image 84K
Sherburn, David F. - Image 90K
Siler, John W. - Image 80K
Sunderman, John H. - Image 79K
Sunderman, Nancy Gephart - Image 85K
Taylor, Augustus - Image 86K
Taylor, Nina Schleich - Image 86K
Terry, Lillian M. - Image 88K
Turner, Oliver P. - Image 95K
Valentine, Ellen Porter - Image 79K
Warner, Catharine - Image 96K
Warner, John - Image 96K
Warner, Stella - Image 95K
Wylie, Edward W. - Image 85K
Wylie, James H. - Image 90K
Wylie, John - Image 88K
Wylie, Mary Ann - Image 87K
Wylie, Nancy A. - Image 88K
Wylie, Samuel H. - Image 88K
Wylie, Sophia - Image 92K
Wylie, Willard - Image 82K
Young, Joseph - Image 80K
Young, Lucinda - Image 80K
Young, Rebecca A. - Image 80K
Young, Rebecca Lisle - Image 80K


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