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Fairfield County
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Photos of Tombstones
Elmwood Cemetery; Mt. Pleasant Avenue at Lawrence Street, Lancaster, Berne Township, Fairfield County, Ohio
Banks, Harrison - Image 244K
Barclay, George C. - Image 231K
Barnes, Leroy S. - Image 267K
Blanchard, Joseph - Image 251K
Bobbitt, Thomas - Image 260K
Boyer, Lewis - Image 246K
Butterfield, Benjamin - Image 214K
Card, Andrew J. - Image 222K
Carter, John S. - Image 293K
Cly, George W. - Image 218K
Coates, Nelson, Catherine, & Theadore - Image 234K
Connell, John And Jane - Image 283K
Cooper, James Noah - Image 210K
Delong, Josiah And Clara - Image 226K
Ditcher, Samuel - Image 225K
Ebright, Aaron W. - Image 201K
Ebright, Aaron W. (Closeup) - Image 166K
Endter, George And Caroline - Image 270K
Faigley, John - Image 257K
Faulkner, George And Emily - Image 237K
Fischel, Joseph H. - Image 288K
Fitzpatrick, John - Image 281K
Flegel, Samuel B. - Image 274K
Flood, William H. - Image 246K
Franklin, Thomas E. - Image 259K
Gates, Noble And Marie - Image 277K
Giesy, Henry H. - Image 169K
Giesy, Henry H. (Closeup 1) - Image 153K
Giesy, Henry H. (Closeup 2) - Image 134K
Glenn, Thomas And Hannah - Image 274K
Grayson, Lemuel Joseph - Image 150K
Green, Henry T. - Image 253K
Griner, George G. - Image 242K
Harbaugh, Asa - Image 48K
Hayes, John - Image 288K
Henderly, William, Emma, And Edward - Image 207K
Henly, James C. - Image 306K
Hill, David C. G. - Image 238K
Holmes, George And Joanah - Image 250K
Hooker, Emanuel T. - Image 242K
Jackson, James - Image 264K
James, Scott And Anna - Image 219K
King, Abel D. - Image 231K
Lefevr, John M. - Image 289K
Lett, Daniel - Image 248K
Linn, Lamson And Sarah - Image 272K
Mallory, William And Anna - Image 218K
Mills, George W. - Image 257K
Mock, Thomas - Image 221K
Moss, William, Lucy, And Edward - Image 206K
Murphy, David - Image 200K
Paulton, Joseph L. - Image 219K
Poling, Richard - Image 274K
Rager, George W. - Image 287K
Rainey, Samuel And Elizabeth - Image 239K
Reed, Rufus W. - Image 229K
Reiff, Edward - Image 263K
Reese, Henry And Helen - Image 175K
Richards, William H. Richards Jr., - Image 160K
Richwine, Lewis - Image 159K
Schleich, George, Clara, And Charles - Image 289K
Shugert, Zechariah - Image 258K
Skillmen, Peter - Image 243K
Smetters, John - Image 288K
Smith, Amos J. - Image 261K
Smith, George L. - Image 293K
Smith, Washington - Image 235K
Springer, Henry - Image 238K
Sterling, George, Samantha And Viola - Image 272K
Strawder, William A. - Image 218K
Sutphen, John M. - Image 181K
Teetor, Henry Dudley - Image 267K
Tibbs, Qualls And Josaphine - Image 226K
Tobin, Elijah - Image 197K
Townsley, John B. - Image 212K
Truex, Ira Wilson - Image 249K
Walker, James - Image 204K
Walker, William And Amanda - Image 183K
Walters, Henry And Catharine - Image 242K
Weaks, Jesse - Image 290K
Weaver, John M. - Image 80K
Webster, James - Image 245K
White, Elijah Beecher - Image 59K


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