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Fairfield County
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Photos of Tombstones
St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery; South Broad Street (S.R. 793) south of Hamburg Road, Lancaster, Fairfield County, Ohio
Blaire, George E. - Image 243K
Blaire, Henry F. - Image 259K
Blair, William Guy - Image 130K
Both, Jacob - Image 251K
Brocker, Louis M. - Image 237K
Bulger, James - Image 223K
Clarke, Fabian D. - Image 236K
Clarke, Pius I. - Image 212K
Clarke, Thomas W. - Image 209K
Clarke, Thomas W. - Image 235K
East, George W. - Image 180K
Eckman, Summerfield And Martha - Image 205K
Ewing, Hugh Boyle And Henrietta - Image 160K
Fagan, John - Image 260K
Fleming, Garrett - Image 198K
Flood, George W. - Image 223K
Fox, John And Sophia - Image 236K
Fricker, George M. And Barbara - Image 254K
Hamberger, Gustav And Louise - Image 247K
Hines, John And Mary - Image 230K
Kern, Louis - Image 66K
Keller, Joseph - Image 222K
Lawrence, Peter And Martha - Image 264K
Light, Isaac - Image 291K
Little, Patrick And Mary Ellen - Image 201K
McGrath, Patrick - Image 273K
McIntire, John C. And Mary E. - Image 180K
McSweeney, James - Image 206K
Miller, Peter And Mary - Image 210K
Mosier, Jeremiah And Minnie - Image 283K
Noles, Leo - Image 259K
Padden, Anthony - Image 269K
Papp, John - Image 232K
Piper, Dennis And Margaret - Image 259K
Rabe, William F. - Image 239K
Rauch, Frank X. And Nina - Image 208K
Rempe, Theodor J. And Margeretha - Image 220K
Rockey, John, Cecilia, And Clara - Image 257K
Schneider, August, Albertine, And Mary - Image 227K
Sears, James And Norah - Image 219K
Sears, John And Anna - Image 232K
Shue, Wentling And Susan - Image 235K
Smith, George, Mary, And Clara - Image 231K
Steck, Michael F. - Image 259K
Steele, Clemens Flack - Image 205K
Sullivan, Cornelius And Mary - Image 286K
Tarpey, Thomas R. - Image 201K
Wasem, Charles - Image 180K
Zink, John Henry - Image 269K


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