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Photos of Tombstones
Forest Rose Cemetery; address is 1238 North Columbus Street, east of intersection with S.R.158, Lancaster, Greenfield Township.
Allen, David And Elizabeth - Image 214K
Arney, John And Rose - Image 317K
Bain, Jesse F. - Image 275K
Ball, Henry D. - Image 149K
Ball, Henry D. - Image 231K
Bauman, Charles - Image 267K
Baumaster, Charles - Image 245K
Beery, A. M. - Image 232K
Benadum, Thomas And Angeline - Image 206K
Black, Osias H. - Image 279K
Bloom, Edwin And Dorotha - Image 252K
Bohere, George W. - Image 280K
Bope, Thomas And Mattie - Image 264K
Boving, George J. - Image 268K
Burgess, William - Image 251K
Burgess, William - Image 271K
Bussert, George B. - Image 208K
Butler, Nathan R. - Image 294K
Caldwell, John B. - Image 290K
Caldwell, William - Image 292K
Campbell, Henry And Lora - Image 77K
Carpenter, Gabriel And Rebecca - Image 223K
Carr, Alonzo - Image 269K
Carter, Henry And Hannah - Image 204K
Cave, Allen - Image 205K
Cave, Isaac, Eliza, And Amy - Image 239K
Clapper, Jacob And Kathrin - Image 212K
Cline, George, Elizabeth, And William - Image 253K
Coss, Samuel - Image 92K
Cowden, David - Image 272K
Cowden, John Herman - Image 82K
Cowden, Michael H. - Image 254K
Creed, John M. - Image 267K
Crook, Joseph E. - Image 193K
Crook, Joseph E. - Image 216K
Cross, Robert F. - Image 231K
Cruit, Robert - Image 235K
Cullumber, John W. - Image 51K
Cupp, Aaron - Image 276K
Cupp, Michael - Image 295K
Davidson, Andrew - Image 260K
Davis, John And Barbara - Image 262K
Degrummond, G. W. And Eliza S. - Image 237K
Demuth, Jacob W. - Image 266K
Denton, Jackson S. - Image 235K
Dickson, Isaac, Susan, And Letitia - Image 258K
Dittmar, Jacob - Image 273K
Ditto, William E. - Image 239K
Donelly, William - Image 211K
Donnelly, James - Image 297K
Eberly, Andrew And Louisa - Image 251K
Edwards, John S. - Image 241K
Ellinger, John And Sarah - Image 191K
Embich, Charles W. - Image 277K
Evans, W. H. And Elizabeth - Image 249K
Eyman, Karl H. - Image 261K
Feighley, William - Image 165K
Feighley, William - Image 185K
Feigley, David, Susan, And Henry - Image 220K
Fetters, George And Ann - Image 88K
Fetters, John And Margaret - Image 201K
Fetters, William - Image 278K
Fishbaugh, John - Image 284K
Fisher, Israel And Christiana - Image 230K
Fisher, John And Mary - Image 283K
Fisher, Samuel And Catherine - Image 226K
Fosnaugh, Lafayette - Image 229K
Fosnaugh, Lafayette And Ida - Image 259K
Francisco, Charles - Image 256K
Francisco, John C. - Image 224K
Fricker, John And Sarah - Image 225K
Friedly, John D. - Image 78K
Friedly, John S. - Image 243K
Friend, Sampson And Eveline - Image 254K
Friesner, William S. - Image 266K
Gar Circle May 26, 2007 - Image 148K
Gar Monument May 26, 2007 - Image 176K
Gardner, George And Catherine - Image 197K
Garrett, William J. - Image 253K
Geis, Jacob, Mary, And Albert - Image 215K
Geiss, Carl Ludwig - Image 224K
Geiss, Carl Ludwig - Image 89K
George, Isaac And Catherine - Image 209K
Getz, William F. - Image 285K
Giesy, Daniel - Image 228K
Gillespie, John T. - Image 274K
Gordon, Arthur And Susan - Image 272K
Gorham, J. M. - Image 177K
Goss, J. H. And Frances - Image 261K
Grand Army Of The Republic April 10, 2007 - Image 183K
Grand Army Of The Republic April 10, 2007 - Image 216K
Grand Army Of The Republic April 10, 2007 - Image 259K
Grand Army Of The Republic April 10, 2007 - Image 299K
Griffin, Albert - Image 268K
Groff, Anthony Roberts - Image 72K
Gundy, Isaac - Image 220K
Halderman, Samuel And Anna - Image 70K
Hall, Isaac And Maria - Image 288K
Hall, Lafayette And Anna - Image 191K
Hall, T. H. And Sophia - Image 301K
Hamilton, Iddo And Sarah - Image 209K
Hankison, Calvin And Mary - Image 277K
Hardesty, George - Image 291K
Harman, John And Catharine - Image 220K
Harps, Mahlon - Image 254K
Harris, George - Image 300K
Hart, Thomas - Image 202K
Hawken, James And Mary - Image 222K
Hendricks, Lewis J. - Image 275K
Hermann, Jacob - Image 201K
Hills, James And Caroline - Image 235K
Holland, Elijah F. - Image 241K
Holland, John And Jennie - Image 254K
Horn, Elijah And Mary - Image 259K
Hoskins, Joseph And Catharine - Image 232K
Jackson, Ezra And Mary Ann - Image 275K
Jacobs, John And Anna Maria - Image 83K
Kauffman, John R. - Image 234K
Kauffman, John R. - Image 286K
Kindler, John - Image 83K
King, John Newton - Image 252K
King, Solomon B. - Image 279K
Kinney, Seymour P. - Image 250K
Kinney, Theodore And Eliza - Image 211K
Kistler, Theodore F. - Image 240K
Klinge, Sr., William A. - Image 235K
Knapp, Albert A. - Image 239K
Knapp, Albert A. - Image 249K
Kreitz, Christian - Image 291K
Lacey, Leroy - Image 209K
Lamb, Henry And Elizabeth - Image 221K
Lamott, James H. - Image 209K
Lee, James S. - Image 94K
Lehman, Jacob - Image 259K
Leohner, William And Elizabeth - Image 242K
Linn, Irvin, Malinda, And Franklin - Image 215K
Little, George W. - Image 110K
Little, John N. - Image 244K
Littrell, James M. - Image 230K
Litzel, John - Image 199K
Lovett, Albert And Emma - Image 152K
Lovett, Albert And Emma - Image 206K
Lutz, George - Image 288K
Macklin, William F. - Image 295K
Martin, William And Martha - Image 288K
McCloy, William And Martha - Image 168K
McCloy, William And Martha - Image 189K
McEwen, Warren - Image 97K
McLaughlin, Samuel And Sarah - Image 276K
Messerly, Frank - Image 284K
Michaels, George W. - Image 258K
Michaels, George W. - Image 284K
Miller, Augustus G. - Image 81K
Miller, Henry And Eliza - Image 228K
Moody, Bernard - Image 277K
Mumaugh, Charles F. - Image 249K
Murphy, Henry And Malinda - Image 184K
Murphey, William A. - Image 236K
Nichols, Elza - Image 298K
Nichols, Joseph - Image 247K
Nisley, Solomon And Mary - Image 232K
Noble, William - Image 236K
Noble, William - Image 70K
Ogden, Abraham - Image 285K
O'Grady, Standish F. - Image 248K
Oiler/oyler, John - Image 172K
Orman, George - Image 282K
Orman, Jacob B. - Image 270K
Oswalt, Levi - Image 48K
Outcalt, Clarkson - Image 210K
Outcalt, Henry Clay - Image 262K
Pearce, David And Sarah - Image 271K
Peddycoart, Levi And Emily - Image 256K
Poling, James - Image 248K
Proxmire, Theodore - Image 278K
Pugh, Daniel And Lucinda - Image 232K
Pusey, William And Laura - Image 248K
Rabourn, John - Image 234K
Repass, Alfred - Image 85K
Reynolds, John And Elettie - Image 269K
Richards, John A. - Image 250K
Risinger, Milton And Anna - Image 223K
Roberts, James M. - Image 230K
Roby, William - Image 301K
Rodecker, Levi M. - Image 77K
Roessly, Isaac And Mary - Image 240K
Rushia, Christian And Elizabeth - Image 290K
Sain, James F. - Image 285K
Saunders, Benjamin H. - Image 260K
Schaeffer, Jacob - Image 203K
Schleich, Newton W. - Image 286K
Schleich, Newton W. - Image 47K
Schopp, Adam - Image 293K
Schopp, Jacob - Image 278K
Seaman, John And Caroline - Image 273K
Shaeffer, James E. - Image 193K
Shaeffer, James E. - Image 236K
Shaeffer, Theodore - Image 275K
Sherman, Charles B. - Image 269K
Shimp, John - Image 197K
Shook, John And Eleanor - Image 247K
Shuman, W. H. - Image 218K
Sites, George And Almeda - Image 209K
Sites, George L. - Image 242K
Smith, Hilan B. - Image 265K
Smith, James H. - Image 275K
Stalter, David - Image 242K
Stober, Edward And Margret - Image 279K
Stouder, Jacob - Image 226K
Strode, William H. - Image 254K
Stukey, William W. - Image 261K
Sturgeon, Charles - Image 281K
Stutson, Albert - Image 225K
Talbott, David A. - Image 269K
Taylor, Andrew - Image 161K
Teal, James M. - Image 262K
Thomas, Simon And Franschina - Image 227K
Tittler, Allen W. - Image 269K
Tucker, Lorenzo Dow - Image 265K
Wagner, Silas T. - Image 240K
Waldeck, Simon And Emily - Image 276K
Walker, Frederick And Anna - Image 250K
Walker, George W. - Image 283K
Walker, William M. - Image 209K
Wallar, Henry W. - Image 145K
Wallar, Henry W. - Image 194K
Walter, George And Rebecca - Image 225K
Westenbarger, Martin V. - Image 263K
White, William W. - Image 239K
Whiteley, Joshua And Catherine - Image 281K
Widener, Jacob D. - Image 218K
Wilhelm, James - Image 245K
Wilkinson, H. N. - Image 256K
Williamson, Henry C. - Image 285K
Willis, John - Image 224K
Wilson, J. R. - Image 251K
Wilson, J. R. - Image 307K
Wilt, James And Mary - Image 295K
Wolfe, Ezra W. - Image 268K
Wolfe, John And Victoria - Image 265K
Wright, Stephen And Susan - Image 219K
Wygum, George And Margaret - Image 287K
Yencer, Samuel L. - Image 278K
Zimmerman, William Henry - Image 229K


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