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Mount Zion Cemetery, Liberty Township, outside Baltimore, Ohio.; Index of Surnames
Sign For The Plains Cemetery
Mount Zion Cemetery (395508N 0824048W)
Blacklick Eastern Road(S.R.204) south of Blacklick Road,
Liberty Township, Ohio.

Mount Zion Cemetery is located across from the Mt Zion Church of Christ on St. Rt. 204N before it intersects with Blacklick Road, 5 miles east of Lockville.

Miscellaneous Photos of Mount Zion Cemetery: Overview # 1 | Overview # 2 | Overview # 3 | Overview # 4 | Mt Zion Church of Christ # 1 | Mt Zion Church of Christ # 2 | Mt Zion Church of Christ # 3 | Mt Zion Church of Christ # 4 |

Other Photos by William Fischer, Jr., June 25, 2008.

AndrewsAmanda11 R-L
AndrewsChristena12 R-L
AndrewsEliza12 R-L
AndrewsHugh Boyles12 R-L
AndrewsThomas 12 R-L
BeighlerDora Belle11 R-L
BeighlerMary11 R-L
BeighlerNancy11 R-L
BigonyF.W.4 R-L
BigonyFrancis B4 R-L
BigonyJennie R4 R-L
BigonyPeter A4 R-L
BishopDaniel7 R-L
BishopEleanor (Buskirk)7 R-L
BishopElizabeth7 R-L
BishopInfant Son of J. W. & E.7 R-L
BishopJohn E7 R-L
BishopJohn W7 R-L
BishopNancy7 R-L
BuskirkUnknown11 R-L
ChrystyJames F6 R-L
ChrystyPerry L6 R-L
ChrystySarah6 R-L
EnglandDavid Ansil2 R-L
EnglandDavid Ansil2 R-L
FinkElizabeth12 R-L
FinkEunice T12 R-L
FinkFrederick12 R-L
FordAlbin E6 R-L
FordElizabeth A6 R-L
FordJasper N6 R-L
FordLeander C 6 R-L
FordLena Fay7 R-L
FordMilton T4 R-L
FordMurtie M 6 R-L
FordNancy J6 R-L
FordNewton W6 R-L
FordRuth Anna6 R-L
FordSarah C 6 R-L
FordVictorena C4 R-L
GossEmily D11 R-L
GossHenry11 R-L
GossSerlina11 R-L
GreenBarbara12 R-L
GreenBenjamin12 R-L
HartmenEmma R6 R-L
HawbeckerCathern1 R-L
HawbeckerJacob1 R-L
HawbeckerLaura B12 R-L
HimesEmma E10 R-L
HimesEmma Jane10 R-L
HimesJacob10 R-L
HimesMargaret E10 R-L
HiserAugusta E1 R-L
HiserJesse E1 R-L
HiserJohn T1 R-L
HiserLottie E1 R-L
HizeyJosie3 R-L
HizeyRollin C3 R-L
HouserAbsalom5 R-L
HouserAmos7 R-L
HouserElnora B7 R-L
HouserMargaret J7 R-L
HouserNancy7 R-L
HouserSarah J (Nelson)5 R-L
HullHattie M3 R-L
JonesCatharine3 R-L
JonesCharles3 R-L
JonesElizabeth3 R-L
JonesHenrietta9 R-L
JonesJohn3 R-L
KeysAnna M.4 R-L
KeysJohn E4 R-L
KeysJohn S4 R-L
LangelArthur G 3 R-L
LangelCharles E8 R-L
LangelClara J (Christy)3 R-L
LangelHannah 8 R-L
LangelHenry 8 R-L
LangelInfant8 R-L
LangelDaughter of W. & R. J.8 R-L
LangelJames T8 R-L
LangelJohn W3 R-L
LangelLulu M8 R-L
LangelM. Orlen2 R-L
LangelMinerva E8 R-L
LangelRufus H8 R-L
LangelSamantha J8 R-L
MaugerAlban5 R-L
MaugerClara A4 R-L
MaugerElizabeth4 R-L
MaugerFrank4 R-L
MaugerInfant Brother to Silas P4 R-L
MaugerJacob N4 R-L
MaugerLionel C1 R-L
MaugerLottie4 R-L
MaugerMary4 R-L
MaugerNettie E4 R-L
MaugerPeter F4 R-L
MaugerSarah5 R-L
MaugerSilas P4 R-L
McPeakDaisy B5 R-L
McPeakEliza5 R-L
McPeakFrancis D3 R-L
McPeakW. S.5 R-L
MillerAlbert2 R-L
MillerAugie2 R-L
MillerEmma2 R-L
MillerLaura2 R-L
MinehartAbsalom10 R-L
MinehartCatharine A10 R-L
MinehartJulia A10 R-L
MinehartLouisa10 R-L
MinehartMichael10 R-L
MyersAndrew2 R-L
MyersAngeline10 R-L
MyersCatherine F1 R-L
MyersCharles10 R-L
MyersChester2 R-L
MyersChildren of A. & M.10 R-L
MyersChildren of A. & M.10 R-L
MyersClara7 R-L
MyersClarence R2 R-L
MyersElizabeth10 R-L
MyersElizabeth10 R-L
MyersGeorge W1 R-L
MyersGerald E2 R-L
MyersHenry J7 R-L
MyersInfant Son10 R-L
MyersIsaac A2 R-L
MyersJames7 R-L
MyersJohn A10 R-L
MyersJohn J10 R-L
MyersLilly10 R-L
MyersMargaret7 R-L
MyersMaria2 R-L
MyersMaria E10 R-L
MyersMaria M7 R-L
MyersMary10 R-L
MyersMinnie2 R-L
MyersJ. & M. M.10 R-L
MyersSarah10 R-L
MyersWilliam H10 R-L
MyersWilliam James7 R-L
PepperEliza F9 R-L
PepperEliza P9 R-L
PepperMiles W9 R-L
PepperWilliam B9 R-L
PoffHenry Clay3 R-L
PoffSamuel3 R-L
PoffSarah3 R-L
SaltsFrancis G12 R-L
SaltsJohn12 R-L
SmokeDennis13 R-L
SmokeElizabeth13 R-L
SmokeHenry5 R-L
SmokeJennie F5 R-L
SmokeVictoria E5 R-L
SmyersRosa 1 R-L
SniderDora B11 R-L
SniderElizabeth A11 R-L
SniderElizabeth C11 R-L
SniderJohn C11 R-L
SniderLeah (Bigony)4 R-L
SniderSilas M11 R-L
StemenLydia8 R-L
StinnettNancy8 R-L
StithMary J8 R-L
StithSamuel8 R-L
StoverEvy8 R-L
SwisherMary A9 R-L
UnknownHeadstone Broken7 R-L
UnknownUnknown8 R-L
UnknownUnknown10 R-L
UnknownUnknown11 R-L
WeasnerEmma (Bishop)7 R-L
WeaverAbsalom2 R-L
WeaverCharles L7 R-L
WeaverChas. E5 R-L
WeaverDora M5 R-L
WeaverEmma O6 R-L
WeaverFerney4 R-L
WeaverGeorge W7 R-L
WeaverGuy C7 R-L
WeaverHannah C7 R-L
WeaverJacob9 R-L
WeaverJacob A2 R-L
WeaverJesse D5 R-L
WeaverMaria2 R-L
WeaverMary J2 R-L
WeaverPearl L6 R-L
WeaverPeter2 R-L
WeaverPeter10 R-L
WeaverPeter S5 R-L
WeaverSarah5 R-L
WeaverSarah C2 R-L
WeaverSteve A2 R-L
WeaverSusan9 R-L
WickizerNancy8 R-L
WilkinsDavid W9 R-L
WilkinsDelana9 R-L
WilkinsEliza V.9 R-L
WilkinsIda Belle9 R-L
WilkinsJohn9 R-L
WilkinsJohn S10 R-L
WilkinsMary E9 R-L
WilkinsRachel10 R-L
WilkinsSamantha A9 R-L
WilkinsSamuel9 R-L
WilkinsWilliam9 R-L
WilliamsLydia12 R-L
Photographs Copyright and Submitted by Ron Cruikshank, April & May 2014

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