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Spring Grove Cemetery, AKA Evangelical Lutheran Cemetery, AKA German Reform Cemetery, AKA Salem Cemetery (Located in Johnson Township, South of Millerstown. On the East side of Heck Hill Road.) Submitted by Karen Johnson-Heber.
SUBMITTER NOTES: The research is copyrighted by Karen Johnson-Heber. NO authorization is allowed for posting my photos to or any other website or personnel family tree ( Other sites have transcribed my research notes without citing the source of their notes.

This is the most comprehensive “reading” of the cemetery done to date. This cemetery was compared to interment and lot records on file with the cemetery. Many more interments were identified without monuments due to this research. This site is the only site on the internet which has plat maps, postings of transcriptions of the original interment records which has included the section and lot. It is not transcribed from any publication or use of any other cemetery sites. On file, but not online the submitter has copies of the original individual lot records by section. Great care was taken working with the cemetery personnel to assure accuracy. There were many discrepancies’ identified by the submitter and these were corrected by the cemetery personnel and the original records were updated to reflect my research.

The Champaign County Genealogical Society updated a new Spring Grove cemetery publication in 2010 due to the errors identified by this submitter to them from their 1984 publication.

Not all obituaries have been posted online as of 1-Nov-2012. However, submitter does have many more original copies of obituaries.
    Resources utilized:
  1. LDDS for marriages, death dates, birth dates.
  2. : for military information
  3. Original records from cemetery: interment records, plat maps, section and lot records
  4. Records/deeds on file at the Champaign County Courthouse in Urbana, Champaign County Ohio
  5. Champaign County Infant mortality schedules
  6. Spring Grove Cemetery Board of Trustees
FILE MANAGER NOTE: All of Karen Johnson-Heber's work is done with care, extended indepth research and meticulous attention to detail. This is the most complete source documented work available for the Cemeteries she's completed in Champaign County, Ohio. Please take time to thank her for her unselfish genealogical kindness in putting these records online.
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For Information on Photos please contact Karen Johnson-Heber.
Spring Grove Cemetery Plat Maps
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