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Adams County
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Vital Records
Birth Records
Guthrie, Alice Carolyn May 30, 1920
Howland, William - August 24, 1816
Jackson, Madison B. March 26 1835
McCoy, Infant January 1906
Death Records
Cokonougher, John September 27, 1906
Cokonougher, Zach September 14, 1904
Crawford, Ellen February 22 1915
Crawford, Elizabeth - January 15 1913
Crawford, George W. - June 7 1927
Crawford, Harriet - May 13 1919
Crawford, James - August 12 1914
Crawford, John - August 22 1921
Crawford, Letticia February 6 1916
Crawford, Margaret - August 4 1918
Crawford, Samuel May 18 1917
Crawford, Thomas Wylie - March 28 1916
Crawford, William - January 19 1913
Frost, Elizabeth E. February 26, 1916
Grimes, Martha Lane - May 24 1929
Hamilton, Ethel Bly September 15, 1967
Moore, Cora Belle April 3, 1962
Raike, John Marion December 17, 1924
Royal, Dorothea Belle June 20, 1989
Royal, Herbert Everett March 14, 1980
Royal, John Oscar January 21, 1982
Royal, William Nelson July 4, 1975
Shoemaker, Minerva A. (Setty) - March 24, 1926
Shumate, Rochester Lee November 14, 1973
Thompson, Evelyn August 13, 1999
Divorce Records
Blake, Alice - Blake, A. L. 1906
Marriage Records
Marriages of Adams County (1803-1908) This is not a complete list.
BAKER Marriages in Adams County, Ohio
Bowen, Nancy L. - Stultz, E. B. October 19, 1890
Bowman, Bina - Newman, Arva 1906
Chain, Lizzie - Ramsey, Albert 1906
Cohinour (Sic Cokonougher), Ruhama - Shoemaker, Michael March 7, 1848
Edwards, Sarah - Darlinton, G. D. October 1823
Gregory, Oliva - Keynon, Jonathan December 25, 1825
Hood, Rebecca A. - Smalley, Andrew November 4, 1852
Masterson, Rachel - Ewing 1st, John December 11, 1809
McCormick, Bessie - Mortt, Emmitt J. January 1906
Nesbitt, Adelade - Edgington, Henry W. 1906
Pfeifer, Fanny Bell - Troutman, John Frederick March 1, 1894
Pollard, Mary - Pendell, Pliney December 29, 1825
Rainey, Procilla - Hardin, Ezra November 20, 1823
Shoemaker, Elizabeth - Cohinour (Sic Cokonougher), Addison February 3, 1848
Thatcher, Harold to Reisinger, Barbara - 19 May 1956
Truitt, Elizabeth - Worley, Jacob October 23, 1823
Wamsley, Sarah - Newkirk, John December 4, 1823
Warren, Emaline - Eldridge, J. L. October 20, 1890
Whaley/Whalley Marriages in Adams County, Ohio
Wood, Cora - Askren, David October 1890


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