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Emma E. TABBERT Deborah Walsh
A. I. TAGGART Ruth Ann Montgomery
George TAGGART Ruth Ann Montgomery
Nelson TAGGART Ruth Ann Montgomery
George TAGGERT Ruth Ann Montgomery
Rissa TAGGERT Ruth Ann Montgomery
Marie TALAKSON Joan Benner
Michael TANGNEY Joan Benner
Fredricka TANK Kathy Grace
Anna TANZ Kent Robarge
Helen TARBOX Joan Benner
Hattie Fasbender TARR Susan Swanson
Melvin E. TARR Susan Swanson
Anna TAYLOR Anne Taylor-Czaplewski
John W. TAYLOR Anne Taylor-Czaplewski
Mary Iles TAYLOR Joan Benner
Ralph Wilcox TAYLOR Kathy Grace
Col. William TEAL Mary Saggio
Fredericke TEGEN Pat Warner
Andrew Jackson TEN EYCK Ruth Ann Montgomery
James TETARD Ann Pape
Johanna THALACKER Kathy Grace
Albert J. THALHOFER Kathy Grace
John H. THAYER Joan Benner
Henrietta (Derousseau) THIBERT Kent Robarge
Olga THIELEN Kathy Grace
Charles THIEX Kathy Grace
Maude THILL Gail Allred
Eva THOM Kathy Grace
Alma THOMAS Joan Benner
Daniel THOMAS Dianne Richards
Daniel A. THOMAS Dianne Richards
J.A. THOMAS Kathy Grace
James THOMAS Kathy Grace
Leslie E. THOMAS Dan Hansen
Margaret (Richards) THOMAS Dianne Richards
Thomas THOMAS Kathy Grace
Thomas THOMAS David W. Taft
A.F. THOMPSON Kathy Grace
Albert Martin THOMPSON Pam Long
Andrew THOMPSON Martha Wick
Mrs. Andrew THOMPSON Kathy Grace
Clara C. THOMPSON Pam Long
David THOMPSON Ruth Ann Montgomery
Hans Edward THOMPSON Pam Long
Jean Carol (Peterson) THOMPSON Don Hansen
John Alfred THOMPSON Pam Long
Ludwig Emil THOMPSON Pam Long
Mary Jane THOMPSON Kathy Grace
Maurice Wayne THOMPSON Ruth Ann Montgomery
Paul THOMPSON Kathy Grace
Robert THOMPSON Ruth Ann Montgomery
Thomas THOMPSON Joan Benner
Thomas Oscar THOMPSON Pam Long
William Henry THOMPSON Ruth Ann Montgomery
Hilda Marie THOMSEN Dan Hansen
Peter Bernard THOMSEN Dan Hansen
Samuel THORNE Jr. Joan Benner
John THORNTON Ruth Ann Montgomery
Mary Ellen THRASHER Nancy Poquette
Vivian THURBER Joan Benner
George THURMAN Ruth Ann Montgomery
Helen (Bump) THURMAN Ruth Ann Montgomery
Rosa TICE Kathy Grace
Minnie TIEMAN Kathy Grace
Alice Frink TIFFANY Joan Benner
John TILLETT Joan Benner
Gertrude TILLEY Ruth Ann Montgomery
Emma TIMM Kathy Grace
James TINDALL Rob Bowe
Hunting TIPPLE Ruth Ann Montgomery
Fridolin TISCHLER Kathy Grace
Margaret TITTEMORE Kathy Grace
Isora L. TOBEY Kathy Grace
Lucy TOBEY Kathy Grace
Frank TOBY Kathy Grace
Alice Ione TODD Wendy Johnson
Frederick E. TOENLESSEN Mary Saggio
Toepfer, Augusta Minnie Budtke June 17, 1939 Carole Taylor
Mary TOLEN Ruth Ann Montgomery
Doretta TOLL Mary Saggio
Donald J. TOLLES Ruth Ann Montgomery
Henry M. TOLLES Ruth Ann Montgomery
Genevieve TOLVSTAD Marilyn Morgan
Fred TOMANY John Irish
Mary TOMANY John Irish
Fred E. TOMLIN Ruth Ann Montgomery
Fred Albert Ferdinand TOMNITZ Kathy Grace
Rachel TOTTEN Joan Benner
Caroline TOWERS Kent Robarge
Mrs. George TOWNSEND W. David Samuelsen
Pamela TREAT Ruth Ann Montgomery
David TREFETHEN Kathy Grace
Hubbard TREFETHEN Kathy Grace
Lita Mildred TREXELL Kathy Grace
Howard TROW Ruth Ann Montgomery
Florence L. TROXELL Kathy Grace
Mary A. TROYKE Joan Benner
Fred TRUHL Ruth Ann Montgomery
Simeon TRUMBULL Joan Benner
Christopher TSCHAPA Joan Benner
Thomas E. TUBBS Vern Dander
Thomas TUCKWOOD Charles Riend
Georgia B. TUESLEY Joan Benner
John TULLAR Ruth Ann Montgomery
Lusebe A. TULLAR Ruth Ann Montgomery
Miles Morgan TULLAR Ruth Ann Montgomery
Rissa TULLAR Ruth Ann Montgomery
Mary TUPPER Ruth Ann Montgomery
Albert Louis TURNER Kathy Krajewski
Harriet TURNER Ruth Ann Montgomery
Jennie TURNER Kathy Krajewski
Mary TURNER Kathy Grace
Lula (Pankey) TUTTLE Kent Robarge
Rose TUTTLE Kathy Grace
Nels P. TWEEDEN Rob Bowe
Henry TWIST Joan Benner
Jessie TWIST Joan Benner
Anna TYLER Kathy Grace
Elisha TYRER Nancy Poquette
Mary Ann TYRER Nancy Poquette
Robert TYRER Nancy Poquette

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