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Mary PABST Mary Thiele Fobian
Frederick PACKARD Kathy Grace
William H. PACKARD Kathy Grace
Alma Blanche PADDOCK Joan Benner
Arthur PAGEL Deborah Snelling
Edward L. PAINE Kathy Grace
Hattie PALMER Ruth Ann Montgomery
Howard PAINE Kathy Grace
Lucien S. PALMER Ruth Ann Montgomery
Chauncey G. PARISH Kathy Grace
Elizabeth PARISH Kathy Grace
Janice PARKIN Ruth Ann Montgomery
John PARKINSON Kathy Grace
Reuben M. PARKINSON Kathy Grace
Hannah E. PARKS Kathy Grace
James PARKS Mary Saggio
Robert M. PARKS Nance Sampson
Elmer LeRoy PARMLEY Ruth Ann Montgomery
James PARMLEY Ruth Ann Montgomery
Eugene Carroll PARR Ruth Ann Montgomery
Andrew S. PARSONS Ruth Ann Montgomery
Arling PARSONS Kathy Grace
Joseph PASTIKA Kent Robarge
Margaret T. PATCHEN Ruth Ann Montgomery
Mary A. Ferris PATCHIN Ruth Ann Montgomery
Alice Julie PATNODE DeAnna Tess
A. L. PATTERSON Ruth Ann Montgomery
Elnora PATTERSON Ruth Ann Montgomery
Franklin PATTERSON Ruth Ann Montgomery
Leroy PATTERSON Ruth Ann Montgomery
William A. PATTERSON Ruth Ann Montgomery
Harry B. PAUL Connie Nelson
Caroline PAULSON Donna Lipert
Edward PAULSON Joan Benner
Nels PAULSON Donna Lipert
Bertha PAUTZ Anne Taylor-Czaplewski
Harley PAYLOR Ruth Ann Montgomery
Alma PAYNE Joan Benner
Grace PAYNE Joan Benner
Benjamin PEACH Ruth Ann Montgomery
Alice P. PEARSON Ruth Ann Montgomery
Sarah PEASE Ruth Ann Montgomery
Oscar D. PECK Kathy Grace
Clara PEDERSON Ruth Ann Montgomery
Mrs. Dennis PEEBLES Kathy Grace
Guilford D. PEEBLES Ruth Ann Montgomery
Mary PEEBLES Ruth Ann Montgomery
Sarah A. PEEBLES Ruth Ann Montgomery
Mrs. W. H. PEEBLES Ruth Ann Montgomery
Lucy Cater PEEP Deb Krause
Alvin PEICH Connie Nelson
Clifford Donald PEICH Connie Nelson
Irene (Godfrey) PEICH Connie Nelson
LaVerne E. PEICH Connie Nelson
Vera E. (Gleason) PEICH Connie Nelson
Catherine PENDERGAST Kathy Grace
Rev. R. PENGILLY Anne Gwaltney
Nolan A. PENNING Priscilla Arnold
Carl PENZKOVER Kent Robarge
Caroline (Enders) PENZKOVER Kent Robarge
Delores M. (Poirier) PENZKOVER Kent Robarge
Henry Michael PENZKOVER Kent Robarge
Kenneth F. & Mary (Robarge) PENZKOVER Kent Robarge
Lawrence PENZKOVER Kent Robarge
Elizabeth PEPPERS Joan Benner
Albert PERCEY R. Percey
Frank PERCEY Kathy Grace
James E. PERLICK Priscilla Arnold
Esther L. PERREN Sherry Brown
Dora PERRY Kent Robarge
George PERRY Ruth Ann Montgomery
Mrs. John E. PERRY Kathy Grace
Louis T. PERRY Kent Robarge
Edwin G. PERSSON Joan Murray
William PETERSEN Ruth Ann Montgomery
Andrew PETERSON W. David Samuelsen
Anna Maria PETERSON Ruth Ann Montgomery
Ernest G. PETERSON Joan Murray
Inez PETERSON W. Jennings
Maren Jensina PETERSON Joan Benner
Nels PETERSON Ruth Ann Montgomery
Peter PETERSON Joan Benner
Peter Nelson PETERSON Joan Benner
Ruben PETERSON W. Jennings
William PETLICK Lenora Weber Mulock
Adelheide PETRIE Ann Pape
Anton PETRIE III Michael Petrie
Martha Trautfetter PETRIE Michael Petrie
Martin PETRIE Michael Petrie
Mary PETRIE Michael Petrie
William PETRIE Kathy Grace
Anna PETSCH Doris Demet
Justin PETTIGREW Ruth Ann Montgomery
Zevela PETTIGREW Ruth Ann Montgomery
Nettie S. PETTIS Kathy Grace
John G. PEUSCHEL Mary Saggio
Hattie PFEIFER Kathy Grace
Mrs. G. PFEIFFER Mary Saggio
C. PFLEGER Mary Saggio
Barton H. PHELPS Ann Pape
Isabel M. (Watrous) PHELPS Kathy Grace
Willis PHELPS Joan Benner
John F. PHIFER Ruth Ann Montgomery
Catherine (Holl) PHILIPPI Rita Neustifter
Catherine PHILIPPI Rita Neustifter
John A. PHILIPPI Rita Neustifter
John P. PHILIPPI Rita Neustifter
Joseph J. PHILIPPI Rita Neustifter
Matthew J. PHILIPPI Rita Neustifter
Bertha L. PHILLIPS Joan Benner
Ernest E. PHILLIPS Debbie (Phillips) Jaquish
George N. PHILLIPS Debbie (Phillips) Jaquish
Henry PHILLIPS Joan Benner
Jennie PHILLIPS Debbie (Phillips) Jaquish
Leonidas PHILLIPS Debbie (Phillips) Jaquish
Laverne E. PHILLIPS Debbie (Phillips) Jaquish
Mary PHILLIPS Joan Benner
Frank PICKARD Kathy Grace
Ellen PICKERING Marilyn Morgan
Alzina A. PIERCE Ruth Ann Montgomery
Delbert B. PIERCE Debbie (Phillips) Jaquish
Edna Ford PIERCE Ruth Ann Montgomery
Edward PIERCE Joan Benner
Henry Alonzo PIERCE Joan Benner
Alzina A. PIERCE Ruth Ann Montgomery
Samuel Taylor PIERCE Ruth Ann Montgomery
Francois "Frank" PIERRE Joan Levin
Martin PIERSON Mary Saggio
Mary A. PIERSON Kathy Grace
Alice M. PIKE Joan Benner
Charles PIKE Ruth Ann Montgomery
John Edward PILSNER Lori Scheller
Charles PITTEL Kathy Grace
Eugene PITTENGER Marilyn Morgan
Nettie PLACE DeAnna Tess
Elizabeth PLAISTED Ruth Ann Montgomery
George S. PLAISTED Ruth Ann Montgomery
Elizabeth PLATE Ann
Agatha PLAUTZ DeAnna Tess
Albertina PLAUTZ DeAnna Tess
Henry Albert PLAUTZ DeAnna Tess
Henry Charles PLAUTZ DeAnna Tess
Martin PLAUTZ DeAnna Tess
Wilhelmine (nee Pautz) PLAUTZ DeAnna Tess
F. W. PLEASANTS Kathy Grace
Emma PLOETZ Kathy Grace
Mrs. Moses POCAN Kathy Grace
Dollie PODACH Kathy Grace
Katherine POELLMANN Lenora Weber Mulock
Henry POGGENBURG Mary Saggio
Henry POH John C. Engel
Roxa Connell POHLE Kathie Harrison
Charles POHLMAN DeAnna Tess
Erna POHLMAN Kathy Grace
Amelia POLENSKA Christine Herman
Julius POLENSKI Carol Eddleman
James POLIVKA Joan Benner
Mary POLIVKA Joan Benner
Louisa POLLARD Kathy Grace
Orrin POMEROY Ruth Ann Montgomery
Emma POMMERENING Kathy Grace
Mary PONKRATZ Kathy Grace
John POQUETTE Nancy Poquette
Louis POQUETTE Nancy Poquette
Loyd POQUETTE Nancy Poquette
Mary POQUETTE Nancy Poquette
Anna PORATH Kathy Grace
August J. PORATH Kathy Grace
Betsey [nee ?] PORTER Bill Porter
Carl Schurz PORTER Bill Porter
Joel PORTER Bill Porter
Mrs. [Louisa Spaulding?] PORTER Bill Porter
Nathan Bradley PORTER Bill Porter
Mrs. J. POSBIEGEL Patricia Hauenstein
Bertha POST Ruth Ann Montgomery
Mary POST Ruth Ann Montgomery
Ethen S. POSTLE Ruth Ann Montgomery
Arvin W. POTTER Ruth Ann Montgomery
Nathan H. POTTER Ruth Ann Montgomery
O.F. POTTS Kathy Grace
Samuel POUND Ruth Ann Montgomery
Martin POWELL Deb Krause
Charley POWERS Kathy Grace
Earl POWERS Kathy Grace
Elizabeth H. POWERS Joan Benner
Jane POWERS Joan Benner
Michael POWERS Sharon Dayton
Victor POWERS Joan Benner
Ludwika POZNANSKA Nance Sampson
Amelia PRAHL Kathy Grace
Christine June PRATER Sheri Kennedy
John PRATT Joan Benner
Martin V. PRATT Ruth Ann Montgomery
Mary (Buckley) PRATT Kathy Grace
Robert PRATT Joan Benner
Harvey D. PRENTICE Ruth Ann Montgomery
Christopher S. PRESTON Ruth Ann Montgomery
David PRESTON Kent Robarge
George L. PRESTON Kent Robarge
Guy PRESTON Kent Robarge
Margaret PRESTON Kathy Grace
Marguerite PREVOT Christine Herman
George PRICE Ruth Ann Montgomery
J.H. PRICE Kathy Grace
Eliza K. PRIDE Kathy Grace
E. PRIMAKOW Sandra Pozar-Keeter
August PROCHNOW Kathy Grace
Mrs. Alexander PROSSER Kathy Grace
Anna B. PRUCIA Ruth Ann Montgomery
Mary E. PRUCIA Ruth Ann Montgomery
Peter PRUNK Ruth Ann Montgomery
Mary PUARIEA Kathy Grace
Agnes (Scholl) PUCKER Kathy Grace
Frank PUFFER Kathy Grace
William PUHL Mary Ann Smith
Charles M. S. PULLEN Ruth Ann Montgomery
Margerite PULLEN Ruth Ann Montgomery
Mrs. August PUNCHOCK R. Percey
Louis PUNKROTZ Kathy Grace
Jane Reese PURINTON Ruth Ann Montgomery
Cynthia PUTNAM Kathy Grace
Infant PUTZER R. Percey
John L. PYTEL Nance Sampson

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