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Minnie LAABS Kathy Grace
George LABORDE Kathy Grace
John LABREE Denise Ervasti
Sophie (Morrisette) LABREE Kent Robarge
Adolph C. LaBRIE Kent Robarge
Alice (Demers) LaBRIE Kent Robarge
George A. LaBRIE Kent Robarge
Horace LABRIE Kent Robarge
John LaBRIE Kent Robarge
Francis LA BRUN W. David Samuelsen
Mary Ann LACEY Kathy Grace
Dr. Louis B. LaCOUNT C. Smith-Ehlers
Sarah LACY Ruth Ann Montgomery
L.K. LADD Kathy Grace
Albert F. LAEDTKE Anne Taylor-Czaplewski
August LAEDTKE Anne Taylor-Czaplewski
Mrs. August LAEDTKE Anne Taylor-Czaplewski
Carl LAEDTKE Anne Taylor-Czaplewski
Emma (Blaese) LAEDTKE Anne Taylor-Czaplewski
Fred LAEDTKE Anne Taylor-Czaplewski
Joyce E. LAEDTKE Anne Taylor-Czaplewski
William J. LAEDTKE Anne Taylor-Czaplewski
Adolph LA FORTE Kent Robarge
Nancy LAKE Kathy Grace
Donald LAMB Ruth Ann Montgomery
Edward LAMB Ruth Ann Montgomery
Evelyn (Roux) LAMBERT Kent Robarge
Peter LAMBERT Kent Robarge
Adolph Herman LAMBRECHT Don Hansen
Robert LAMPHEAR Joan Benner
George W. LANCASTER Kathy Grace
Volney H. LANDFORD Kathy Grace
Mrs A. LANDGRAF Kathy Grace
Catherine LANDGRAF John Irish
Jacobina LANDGRAF John Irish
John LANDGRAF John Irish
Elmer J. LANDRUM Lenora Weber Mulock
John LANE Anonymous
Lucy LANE Kathy Grace
Agnes Feirer LANG Stephanie Mannion Wrightston
Mrs. Ernst LANG Kathy Grace
August LANGE Rick Campen
Carl J. LANGE Rick Campen
Mrs. Carl LANGE Rick Campen
Langen, Dennis October 15, 1899 Kathy Stinson
Mrs. N. LANGERS Mary Saggio
Edmund LANGLOIS Kathy Grace
Vital LANGLOIS Kathy Grace
Andrew LANSING Kathy Grace
Adelbert E. LAPHAM Joan Benner
David Weedin LARKIN Joan Benner
C. H. LARRABEE Mary Saggio
Adina L. LARSEN Kathy Grace
Caroline LARSEN Ruth Ann Montgomery
Lars LARSEN Kathy Grace
Amelia R. LARSON Nancy Gabus-Bridges
Andrew LARSON Ruth Ann Montgomery
Carl LARSON Ruth Ann Montgomery
Mrs. Charles G. LARSON Nance Sampson
Christian LARSON George D. Foss
Condon LARSON Ruth Ann Montgomery
Dorothy Arneson LARSON George D. Foss
Genevieve LARSON Cathy Banning
George LARSON Marilyn Morgan
Grace Elizabeth (Smith) LARSON Marilyn Morgan
Lars P. LARSON Marilyn Morgan
Julius LASCHE Lenora Weber Mulock
Mrs. A.D. (Westphall) LASHER Tracy Carlson
Grace LASLEY Kathy Grace
Peter LASLEY Kathy Grace
Alexander LAUDER Angie Denotter
Gaven LAUDER Angie Denotter
Raymond LAUS Kathy Grace
Edward LAVALIER Kent Robarge
Louise (Robarge) LAVALIER Kent Robarge
Rose Della LAVEAU Kent Robarge
August LAVERENCE Joan Benner
Leo LAWE W. David Samuelsen
Mrs. Patrick LAWLER Kathy Grace
Mrs. A. A. (Agabelle) LAWRENCE Judy Ludden
Eddie A. LAWRENCE Joan Benner
Frank M. LAWRENCE Joan Benner
Josephine Amanda (Thompson) LAWRENCE Pam Long
Nancy Craig LAWRENCE Kathy Grace
(Condon) Lawson, Katherine (Kate) E. 1949 Deidre Badker
G. A. LAWTON Ruth Ann Montgomery
Henry Boatman LAY Ruth Ann Montgomery
Laycock, Carrie M. September 4, 1967 Kathy Stinson
Jane LAYTON Ruth Ann Montgomery
Price LAYTON Ruth Ann Montgomery
Mrs. Robert LAZENBY Ruth Ann Montgomery
Bessie LEA Kathy Grace
Elvira B. LEACH Ruth Ann Montgomery
Loran LEAMAN Kathy Grace
David LEARNARD Ruth Ann Montgomery
Earl LEAVITT Kathy Grace
Peter LECKNER Kathy Grace
Lederer, Carrie (Schulein) January 29, 1916 Kathy Stinson
Caleb E. LEE Ruth Ann Montgomery
Harry J. LEE Ruth Ann Montgomery
Imogene LEE Kathy Grace
Patrick LEE Kathy Grace
Susan LEE Ruth Ann Montgomery
William LEE Ruth Ann Montgomery
William LEE Kathy Grace
Joseph R. LEEDLE Ruth Ann Montgomery
Maria Carr LEEDLE Ruth Ann Montgomery
Elizabeth LeFEVRE Kathy Grace
John LEFEVRE anonymous
Mary LEFEVRE anonymous
Herman LEGLER Ruth Ann Montgomery
Jake LEHNHERR Ruth Ann Montgomery
Gottfried LEHNIGK Kathy Grace
Elizabeth LEIDENBERG Kathy Grace
Mary LEIDENBERG Kathy Grace
Carl J. LEINENKUGEL Kent Robarge
Clara A. LEINENKUGEL Kent Robarge
Genevieve LEINENKUGEL Kent Robarge
Jacob M. LEINENKUGEL Kent Robarge
Mathias J. LEINENKUGEL Kent Robarge
Sara E. LEINENKUGEL Kent Robarge
Theresa LEINENKUGEL Kent Robarge
Mary Ann LEITH Kathy Grace
Ephraim S. LELAND Ruth Ann Montgomery
Ernest LEMBERGER Kathy Grace
John LEMMEL Ruth Ann Montgomery
Isadore LENNIE Eau Claire Co. CC
Ann LEON Kathy Grace
Aggie LEONARD Mary Saggio
Arthur J. LEONARD Kathy Grace
Calvin Dewitt LEONARD Ruth Ann Montgomery
Cecelia LEONARD Mary Saggio
Lucy A. LEONARD Ruth Ann Montgomery
Sarah M. LEONARD Ruth Ann Montgomery
Lou P. LESLER Anne Gwaltney
John LESSELYONG Lori Scheller
Mary LESSELYONG Lori Scheller
Mary LESSELYONG Lori Scheller
William H. LETT Kathy Grace
Michael A. LETTNER Rita Boland Nutile
Joseph LETZ R. Percey
Christina LEUCKE Kathy Grace
Sophia LEUPOLD Kathy Grace
Christian LEVZOW Ruth Ann Montgomery
Amza Sheldon LEWIS Ruth Ann Montgomery
Celia LEWIS R. Percey
Mary Jane LEWIS Ruth Ann Montgomery
Mary L. LEWIS Joan Benner
Neva Maud LEWIS Ruth Ann Montgomery
Charles LEWISTON Nance Sampson
Caleb LIBBY Ruth Ann Montgomery
Ernest LIBBY Ruth Ann Montgomery
Nathaniel E. LIBBY Ruth Ann Montgomery
Rebecca LIBBY Kathy Grace
William LIBBY Ruth Ann Montgomery
Mrs. Peter LICHTENBERGER R. Percey
Elizabeth LIEBAU Penny Ziemer Ford
Frances LIEBAU Kent Robarge
Frances (Leinenkugel) LIEBAU Kent Robarge
Paul LIEBAU Kent Robarge
Frederick LIEDER Kathy Grace
Carl LIESKE Joan Benner
Diana LIGHTFOOT Mike Birkett
John N. LIGHTFOOT Mike Birkett
Elizabeth LIGHTFOOT Mike Birkett
Antoinette Bonnot LILLICH Eau Claire Co. CC
Mabel LILLY Cathy Banning
Mrs. James LINCOLN Ruth Ann Montgomery
Joe LINCOLN Bonnie Gilson
Jeffery LINDENFELSER Priscilla Arnold
Anna LINDNER Kathy Grace
Zelia LINDOW Ruth Ann Montgomery
Ezekiel LINDSAY Kathy Grace
Ella LINK Priscilla Arnold
Christian LIPPOLD Kathy Grace
Clarence LIPSKE W. David Samuelsen
Henry LIST R. Percey
Joseph LIST Kathy Grace
Charlie W. LITTLE Ruth Ann Montgomery
Egbert H. LITTLE Kathy Grace
Elgon LITTLETON Gwen Oliver
Goldie May LITTLETON Gwen Oliver
Mrs. David LLOYD Kathy Grace
Electra LLOYD Ruth Ann Montgomery
G.N. LLOYD Kathy Grace
James LLOYD Ruth Ann Montgomery
Mary Layton LLOYD Ruth Ann Montgomery
Thomas LLOYD Kathy Grace
Gustave LOCHMANN Kathy Grace
Charles LOCKE Kathy Grace
John LOCKRIDGE Ruth Ann Montgomery
Amelia Therese LOEHR Michael Petrie
Catherine LOEHR Michael Petrie
Louis LOEHR Michael Petrie
Peter LOEHR Michael Petrie
Chas. W. LONEY Shirley Houk
John LONG Kathleen Hogan
Henry LONGFIELD Ruth Ann Montgomery
Orilla N. LONGFIELD Ruth Ann Montgomery
LaFayette LOOMIS Ruth Ann Montgomery
Sylvia LOOMIS Joan Benner
Charles Arthur LOPER Kathy Grace
Samuel LOPER Bonnie Clark
Amanda LORD Kathy Grace
Charles LORD Sr. Linda K. Schwartz
Fannie LORD Ruth Ann Montgomery
Dr. S. L. LORD Ruth Ann Montgomery
Libbie LOSEY Joan Benner
Daniel B. LOVEJOY Ruth Ann Montgomery
George T. LOVEJOY Kathy Grace
Mable LOVEJOY Ruth Ann Montgomery
Jane B. LOVELL Joan Benner
Mrs. John (Chapin) LOVELL Bill Porter
Lovlien, Martin April 13, 1949 Ruth Bock
Lovlien, Martin April 13, 1949 Ruth Bock
Charles LOWERY Ruth Ann Montgomery
Sylvia M. LUCAS Ruth Ann Montgomery
Corlista LUCE Ruth Ann Montgomery
Thomas LUDDEN Ruth Ann Montgomery
Ida LUDDINGTON Ruth Ann Montgomery
Herman LUEBKE Kathy Grace
Roland LUEBKE Kathy Grace
Frederick LUECK Kathy Grace
Stella LUEDTKE Kathy Grace
Edward LUHM Kathy Grace
Paul LUKASZEVIG Kathy Grace
Theresa LUMBY Joan Benner
Mrs. John LUNDBERG Nance Sampson
Marcella LUNDQUIST-RIEPER Kent Robarge
Eleanor Archer LUSE Charlotte Kibbie
George LUSE Charlotte Kibbie
Andrew LUTZ Kathy Grace
Nettie M. LYKE Kathy Grace
Margaret LYNCH Mary Saggio
Patrick LYNCH Kathy Grace
Mrs. T. O. LYNG Kathy Grace
Myra LYONS Kathy Grace

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