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The Box Elder County News was started in April, 1894 by J.R. Hunter, publisher and editor. Edith B. Hunter, J.R.’s, wife became associate editor September 12, 1896. The Hunters sold the paper to Charles Pasco and Hyrum Standing in 1898, at which time “County” was dropped from the name. In 1900, Solomon C. Wixom purchased Pasco’s interest in the paper and later became managing editor in 1922. Wixom was posthumously installed in the Utah Newspaper Hall of Fame in 1968, and was identified then as one of Utah’s most capable journalists.
*Summary from the Digital Archives at the University of Utah.

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NameDate of Obituary


Ackerly, Charles
October 8, 1908
Allen, William
October 12, 1905
Andersen, Alexander
December 26, 1907
Anderson, Geneva
February 11, 1909
Anderson, Hansine N
March 25, 1909
Anderson, Theodore
August 16, 1906
Arrowsmith, Frouie West
December 3, 1908


Beinkamp, C.F.
May 20, 1909
Bosley, Mrs. Grace
February 7, 1907
Boswell, William
June 29, 1905
Burns, John
March 14, 1907
Burns, John
(Funeral Services)
March 28, 1907
Burt, Clifford
February 14, 1907
Burt, John D
May 10, 1906
Busenbark, Monroe
October 8, 1908


Caggie, Mrs. Isabel
May 21, 1904
Call, Mary
May 10, 1906
Chase, Edward R
February 18, 1909
Christensen, Elsie Marie
May 6, 1909
Christensen, Lars C
June 24, 1909
Christensen, Lavana
April 2, 1908
Covert, Grant B
October 5, 1905
Cramer, Mrs. Ane Kristine
June 8, 1905


Davis, W.A.
October 8, 1908
Dougall, Wilby Jr
April 12, 1906
Duke, Mrs. Hannah W
December 3, 1908


Earl, Mrs. F.W.
January 16, 1908
Eldridge, John
October 26, 1905
Ericksen, Carl
August 9, 1906
Evans, Winifred
May 6, 1909


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