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Coleman County Texas
Obituaries/Death Notices

Description Date Submitter
ARNOLD, Edward W. Jan 1944 Dorman Holub
ASHLEY, Willis No Date Brown Brooke
BAILEY, Alice Jean Jan 1944 Dorman Holub
BARMORE, Milford Nolan May 1978 Don Ross
BARTLETT, James Leon Oct 1948 Dorman Holub
BASSETT, R.C Oct 1948 Dorman Holub
BAXTER, Ruth Ashley Aug 2000 Brown Brooke
BEDELL, E.I No Date Jay Moseley
BLANTON, Nora Nov 1993 Brown Brooke
BROOKE, Coy Nov 1993 Brown Brooke
BROOKE, Eliza Campbell Nov 1909 Brown Brooke
BROOKE, Joe R. Jan 1971 Brown Brooke
BROOKS, Eddie Mace Jan 1944 Dorman Holub
BROWN, B.G. Jr. Oct 1950 Brown Brooke
BRYAN, James Lester May 2006 Ludy Bryan
BURROUGHS, Eugene K. Jan 1944 Dorman Holub
COLLINS, H. Milton Dec 1960 Dorman Holub
CUPPS, Rachel W. Jun 2000 Brown Brooke
HENSLEY, John Jan 1944 Dorman Holub
HICKS, Van Alin Sep 2007 Don Brownlee
KINGSBERY, Henry W. Jan 1929 Michele Holland Mills
KINGSBERY, Kallie Tucker Lane Jan 2004 Michele Holland Mills
MIKKLESON, Iline D. Nov 1958 Wanda Purcell
MOSELEY, Milton M. May 2001 Jay Moseley
NIEMAN, Lola Juanita Oct 1985 Daniel Brumbelow
SCOTT, Myrtle Ashley Jan 1977 Brown Brooke
SEALY, T. Richard 1931 Brown Brooke
SMITH, Garland Coleman Jan 1944 Dorman Holub
SPARKS, J. Dan May 1933 Brown Brooke
SUN, J.B. Scott Feb 1953 Brown Brooke
THOMSON, Alexander Cromwell Sep 1910 Douglas McCrum
WATSON, Jim Jan 1944 Dorman Holub
WATSON, Jim Mrs. Jan 1944 Dorman Holub
WHITE, T.J. Mrs. Oct 1948 Dorman Holub
WOODWARD, Elbert Lee Jan 1940 Michele Holland Mills
WOODWARD, James Warren Oct 1927 Michele Holland Mills


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