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If you have an obituary that you have written, or one that was published
prior to 1929 we would love to include it here! Please send it using the


Cass County Texas
Obituaries/Death Notices

Description Date Submitter
ABERNATHY, W.A Sep 2006 Lisa Thomas
ALBRIGHT, F.W. Mrs. Jun 2006 John Wardlow
BLACK, H.Y Jun 2006 John Wardlow
BOOKER, Oscar Ray Dec 2007 Joy Fisher
BRADY, Sarah Singletary Jun 2008 Wanda Purcell
BRANTLEY, Walter Jun 2008 June E. Tuck
BROWN, Nina Bernice Jun 2008 anonymous
CHAMBLEE, John Mar 2002 June E. Tuck
DANIELS, R.L Oct 2006 John Wardlow
DODSON, W.A Feb 2007 Candace Gravelle
EASLEY, Singleton Lafayette Aug 2001 Judy Purcell
GEISLER, Col. Jul 2005 Sadie Kennedy
GREENE, J.M Mar 2002 June E. Tuck
GRUBB. Mitchell Mar 2002 June E. Tuck
JETER, V.S Mar 2002 June E. Tuck
JOHNSON, Jervis Worth Oct 2000 Ora Johnson
LANIER, H.Y Jun 2008 anonymous
LEWIS, George Jun 2008 Sadie Kennedy
LILES, Charlie O. Mar 2002 June E. Tuck
LOONIE, Nance Jun 2008 Lisa Thomas
MIMMS, Bettie Sep 2006 June E. Tuck
MOORE, W.E Mar 2002 June E. Tuck
MORRIS, B.F Jul 2005 Sadie Kennedy
PYLAND, R.F Oct 2006 John Wardlow
REEDER, Winfred Jun 2006 John Wardlow
REID, M.A. Mrs. Feb 2007 Candace Gravelle
ROWELL, Dean Dec 2011 Doug McBroom
SAWYER, Peggy Ann Jan 2011 Peggy Hale
SHEFFIELD, Hardy Jun 2008 June E. Tuck
WILLIS, Willine Jan 2011 Peggy Hale

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