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Burnet County Texas
Obituaries/Death Notices

Description Date Submitter
BOLT, Charley Sep 2000 Bettie Cavanaugh
BOLT, Frank Sep 2000 Bettie Cavanaugh
BOLT, M.J Nov 2005 Bettie Cavanaugh
BOLT, M.J Mrs. Nov 2005 Bettie Cavanaugh
BOLT, Ollie Mrs. Sep 2000 Bettie Cavanaugh
BOLT, S.J Sep 2000 Bettie Cavanaugh
CARR, Flora Bolt Apr 2005 Bettie Cavanaugh
FRY, Dessie Jul 2001 Nicole Wiebe
NOBLE, Sarah Patterson Jan 1998 Phyllis Hill
RICKETSON, Lilburn Jun 2001 Ronald Birkelbach
THOMAS, Lewis Aug 2005 Sadie Kennedy
WEEAKS, Floy Pearl Jun 2000 Anonymous
WEEAKS, Linnie Dell Jun 2001 Ronald Birkelbach
WEEAKS, Ocie Jun 2001 Ronald Birkelbach


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