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Brown County Texas
Obituaries/Death Notices

Description Date Submitter
AUSTIN, Phillip Washington Jun 2008 Debbie Walden
BLAIR, L. Jun 2008 Don Brownlee
BOWDEN, Charles William Jun 2008 Debbie Walden
BOWDEN, Elizabeth Jun 2008 John Casall
BOWDEN, Eva Ethel Jun 2008 John Casall
BOWDEN, Gladys Gertrude Jun 2008 John Casall
BOWDEN, Ida Carnes Jun 2008 John Casall
BOWDEN, Nolie W. Jun 2008 Debbie Walden
BOWDEN, Winston C. Jun 2008 John Casall
BRANNAN, Arthur Ross Dec 2007 Joy Fisher
BROWN, John Jun 2008 Don Raymond
CHAMBERS, Ollie Mrs. Jun 2008 John Casall
FLOWERS, Mary Elizabeth Jun 2008 Mary Tuley
GEORGE, Charles William Jun 2008 Frances Cox
HORTON, Laura Evans Jun 2008 Frankie Marshall
MAY, Benjamin Luther Sep 2010 Doug McBroom
SIMPSON, William M. Jun 2008 Debbie Walden
TURNER, John Wesley Jun 2008 Nancy Brown
WELLS, Winfred Jun 2008 Glenn D. Wheatley


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