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Bell County Texas
Obituaries/Death Notices

Description Date Submitter
ANGLE, Robert Lee Dec 1989 Gigi Angle
BRICE, Lona Mayo Dugger Nov 1942 Sylvia Thomas
CAMACHO, Joe N. Feb 1973 Daniel Camacho
CAMACHO, Luccile Castro May 2001 Daniel Camacho
CARTER, Larry Wayne Apr 1965 Daniel Camacho
CASTRO, Macaria Jul 1997 Daniel Camacho
CASTRO, Toby H. Dec 2001 Daniel Camacho
COWSERT, Martha Mayo Feb 1927 Nancy Griggs
ELLIS, Cyrus Mar 1866 June Tuck
GREEN, Amanda Faust Dec 1921 Debra Crosby
GREEN, Berry Smith Sep 1913 Debra Crosby
HECTOR, A.T Jan 1904 Gary Hector
HOOKS, Minnie Mayo Sep 1959 Nancy Griggs
LOZANO, Connie Camacho Nov 2002 Daniel Camacho
MAYO, Susan Catherine Feb 1926 Nancy Griggs
MCDANIEL, Julia Ann Feb 2002 Peggy Perazzo
MCKNIGHT, Doris Feb 1989 Tina Gregg
MOSELEY, Milton M. May 2001 Jay Moseley
MIXON, Udolphus H. Nov 1903 Ken Nixon
PRINZING, Augusta C. May 1932 Cherryl Fikes
SCHOLZ, E.A Apr 1902 Don Brownlee
TREVINO, Ada Apr 1992 Daniel Camacho
TREVINO, Eugene Nov 1975 Daniel Camacho
VANCE, Purzilla Pruitt Jan 1893 Mike Pruitt
WALDEN, Amanda A. Oct 1910 Kevin Mcculloch
WHITE, Cary No Date Patti Snowball
WILLINGHAM, Archbald Mar 1957 June Tuck


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