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Bastrop County Texas
Obituaries/Death Notices

Description Date Submitter
BARMORE, Mabrey Oct 2000 Tammy
BRADFORD, Donald Lee Jan 1999 Tammy
CALLAHAN, Frank Varlin Dec 1917 Joy Fisher
COLTER, Ruthie Mae Jun 2001 Tammy
DAUGHTRY, Corine Aug 2000 Tammy
DICKERSON, Curtis Morgan Feb 1999 Tammy
ERNER, Lydia May 1901 Tammy
ERHARD, Martha Ellen Jun 1954 Tammy
FRERICH, Alvin May 1901 Tammy
GOERTZ, Arnold Joseph Dec 1998 Tammy
GROSSE, Walter O. Apr 1999 Tammy
HAYES, Shirley Jean May 1901 Tammy
HESS, William M. Mar 1957 Tammy
HOLLAND, David Pope Nov 1934 Tammy
IVY, Dorothy Aug 2000 Tammy
JACKSON, Willie Mar 1999 Tammy
JONES, Steward Sep 2000 Tammy
LUDWIG, Carol Anne Jan 1999 Tammy
MATOCHA, Celestine Goertz Jun 2001 Tammy
MCDUFF, Thomas Blair Feb 2002 Tammy
MCGEE, Charles Sep 1852 Don Brownlee
MCKEOWN, Charles Howard May 1901 Tammy
MCPHAUL, Mildred Jun 2001 Tammy
NIEMANN, Lillian  B. Oct 2000 Tammy
PERKINS, Aaron P. 1956 Tammy
RANDLE, James Aug 2000 Tammy
RINGER, Hattie Aug 2000 Tammy
SANDERS, James Earl Feb 1999 Tammy
SMITH, Stanley Phillip Feb 1999 Tammy
SNOW, Frank Oct 2000 Tammy
THOMPSON, Allen Seth May 2001 Tammy
THOMPSON, James W. Mar 1999 Tammy
WEBER, Ed Feb 2002 Tammy
WILLIAMS, Angelita Jan 1999 Tammy
WILLIAMS, Mary Apr 1934 Tammy
WOLFENBERGER, Pierce Jul 1946 Tammy


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