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File Description
Date Submitted Submitter
Carver, Comer 1941 - Catherine Trumm
Cassetty, Lon 1929 - Catherine Trumm
Chambers, Martha Dedie 1993 - Catherine Trumm
Denton, Andrew 1933 - Carolyn Denson
Dixon, Bob 1928 - Catherine Trumm
Dixon, George W. 1923 - Catherine Trumm
Dixon, John H. 1904 - Catherine Trumm
Dixon, Mary Hall 1943 - Catherine Trumm
Dixon, W. L. 1923 - Catherine Trumm
Draper, John S. 1926 - Catherine Trumm
Draper, Sue 1929 - Catherine Trumm
Ellis, Mary Allison (Mrs. W.A.) 1940 - Catherine Trumm
Huff, Etta Martin 1940 - Catherine Trumm
Hunter, C. J. (Neil) 1942 - Catherine Trumm
Maberry, John 1940 - Catherine Trumm
Minchey, Layton C. 1938 - Catherine Trumm
Pate:  Hampton Thomas,  Bernettie Florence,  Florence Goodpasture,  & M.E. various - Jinks Pate Lee
Pate:  Margaret, Flavy L.,  & Sebert L. various - Jinks Pate Lee
Rawley, D. A. & Martha 1927 & 1932 - Catherine Trumm
Sadler, W. H. 1941 - Catherine Trumm
Scott, Mary 1940 - Catherine Trumm
Stout, Margaret E. 1934 - William R. Stout
West, William Dillard - - Catherine Trumm
Whitaker,  Zulema Hunter 1910 - Catherine Trumm
Miscellaneous Obituaries
Allen,  Burgess, Chaffin, Hopkins, Jones, Mathis, Pigg, Stafford, Young various - Karen Raichle
Brown, Jones, Rhoten various - Karen Raichle
Clark, Draper, Holleman, Holoman, Pate various - Jinks Pate Lee
Hardcastle, Martin, Pate various - Jinks Pate Lee
Hargis, Pate, Schick various - Jinks Pate Lee
Pate, Witcher, Woodard various - Jinks Pate Lee

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