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Abbott, George M. (1963) Alabama

Abbott, George W. (1914) Texas

Ahern, Richard H. (2001) Connecticut

Albert, Davis Sr (2001) Georgia

Aldridge, Carl (2001) North Carolina

Allen, Margaret Hardin (2001) North Carolina

Andrews, Evelyn B. (2001) Virginia

Angell, Burnard (2001) Georgia

Avant, Timothy Todd (2001) North Carolina

Calhoun, Charles (2001) New York

Campbell, Charles Aiken (2001) Georgia

Campbell, Eulala Elizabeth Bobbitt (2001) North Carolina

Carter, Doris M. (2001) Florida

Chisolm, Cheyanne (2001) Georgia

Clark, Robert (2001) Kansas

Clyburn, Lily B. Wright (2001) Maryland

Cobb, James Sr (2001) New York

Colley, James Charles (1973) Florida

Collins, Marie Harvey (2001) Florida

Collins, Robert Sr (2001) Florida

Combs, Robert Mason Osborne (2001) Kentucky

Coney, Cleo Frances Knox (1960) Virginia

Culler, Bernice (2001) New York

Edwards, Dorothy (2001) Georgia

Elam, Robert (2001) Maryland

Elliott, Alice (2001) North Carolina

Elsey, Samuel P. (2001) Tennessee

Erwin, L. Thomas (2001) New Jersey

Quin, Tracy (2001) Rhode Island

Van Hannegeyn, Aleathia Taylor (2001) New York

Vandertill, Donald (2001) Texas

Voyles, Earl Maurice (2001) Florida

Yeadon, Elick (2001) Pennsylvania

Yongue, Mabel O. (2001) North Carolina


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