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Jackson, Andrew, Jr. (2001)

Jackson, Charles Loyd (2001)

Jackson, Frankie Haselden (2001)

Jader, Antonio (2001)

Jaldin, Cindy Lou (2001)

James, Enid (2001)

James, Joette (2001)

James, Kathleen Smoak (2001)

Jamison, Clarence (2001)

Jamison, Louise Taylor (2003)

Jaridau, Queen Esther (2001)

Jaskiewicz, Thomas V. (2001)

Jasper, Barbara Ann Johnson (2001)

Jefferson, Annie (2001)

Jefferson, Nellie (2001)

Jenkins, Albertha Ruth (2001)

Jenkins, Amanda Brown Adams (1931)

Jenkins, Bennie (2001)

Jenkins, Elizabeth (2002)

Jenkins, James (1874)

Jenkins, James (2001)

Jenkins, Julia (2001)

Jenkins, Lucille (2001)

Johns, Julia A. (2001)

Johnson, Deionne J. (2001)

Johnson, Isaac Jr (2001)

Johnson, James (2001)

Johnson, Joseph (2001)

Johnson, Lula M. (2001)

Johnson, Marilyn Farrell (2001)

Johnson, Minnie Margie Smalls (2001)

Johnson, Robert Jefferson, Sr (2001)

Johnson, Rosa (2001)

Johnson, William (2001)

Johnston, Meryl Elizabeth (2001)

Johnston, Ruby Dill (2001)

Johnston, Sara Louise (2001)

Jolly, Arthur Brawley (2001)

Jones, David Bryan III (2001)

Jones, Elise Lucille Cain (2001)

Jones, Emily Frances Adams(1909)

Jones, Evan B. (1885)

Jones, Frances (2001)

Jones, Garland (2001)

Jones, John H. �Jack.(1899)

Jones, Leroy (2001)

Jones, Louis (2001)

Jones, Madaline Fretias (2001)

Jones, Mayo Lucian (2001)

Jones, Richard Turpin�� (1945)

Jones, Riddick (2001)

Jones, Suzie(1899)

Jones, Theodore E. (2001)

Jones, Thomas C. (1904)

Jones, Tracy (2001)

Jones, William (2001)

Jones, William D. (2001)

Jones, William Henry (1904)

Jordan, Seafus (2001)

Joseph, Annie J. (2001)

Jowers, Cecil (2001)

Joyce, James (2001)

Jumper, Ned Bishop (2001)

Justus, Donna C. (2001)


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