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South Carolina Obituaries
Georgetown County

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Est. 1785 * County Seat - Georgetown: named for King George II of England

Name Size Date Submitted by:
Able, E. Eugene (2001) 2908 6/12/01 The Beaufort Gazette
Achesinski, Adam (2001) 3091 6/30/03 The Post and Courier
Cannon, George E. Sr (2001) 2054 7/1/03 The Post and Courier
Carter, Mary (2001) 2778 6/7/01 The Post and Courier
Casselman, Andrew James (2001) 2560 7/1/01 The Post and Courier
Cook, Virginia I. (2001) 2713 8/4/01 The Post and Courier
Cooper, Mary Faye Clemons (2001) 2288 7/1/03 The Post and Courier

Kelly, Valda (2001)

2282 8/4/01 The Post and Courier
Kozlowski, Elizabeth Ann (2001) 2721 8/1/01 The Post and Courier


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