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Fairey, Marjorie Houston (2001)

Farabow, Mary (2001)

Farmer, Evelyn (2001)

Farmer, Minnie Pauline Tune (2001)

Farr, Lois (2001)

Farr, Tommy Livingston (2001)

Farrington, Jerard T. (2001)

Faubel, Ashley (2001)

Fawcett, Patricia Alsop Kelly (2001)

Fayall, Rudolph (2001)

Feagin, Lanier (2001)

Felder, Archie Lewis, Jr (2001)

Felder, Essie B. Davis (2001)

Felt, Lilla Florence Newman (2001)

Fender, Elizabeth (2001)

Fennell, William (2002)

Feran, Laura Lynn (2001)

Ferdon, Carl W. (2001)

Ferguson, Lula (2001)

Ferguson, Neal Haynes (2001)

Ferguson, Sam (2001)

Ferguson, Virginia (2001)

Ferrell, Carl (2001)

Fickling, Wm. J. (1867)

Field, Ann (2001)

Fields, Gladys (2001)

Fillingame, Frances Joyner (2001)

Finger, Elliott (2001)

Finklea, Leland Boyd, Jr (2001)

Finley, Julius (2001)

Finucan, Jessie Lanneau (2001)

Fisher, James Clinton (2001)

Fisher, Randolph (2001)

Fitts, Estelle (2001)

Flagg, David White (2001)

Flagler, Mary M. (2001)

Fleming, Arabel (2001)

Fleming, Steven Michael (2001)

Fleshren, Richard L. (2001)

Fletcher, Louisa T. (2001)

Flood, Kathleen May (2001)

Floyd, Anthony Rudolph Sr. (2001)

Floyd, Curtis (2001)

Floyd, Roger (2001)

Floyd, Sarah (2001)

Fludd, Joe (2001)
Flynt, Margaret L. (2001)

Flynn, Edward P, Jr. (2001)

Flynt, Hamilton (2001)

Fogle, Ralph (2001)

Folsom, Victoria Katherine Brown (2001)

Ford, Joshua Ryan (2001)

Ford, Nolan Ryan (2001)

Foster, Edmond D.

Foxworth, John H. (2001)

Francis, Mary Katherine Robinson (2001)

Franklin, Donald Preston (2001)

Franklin, Laurie Timmons 2003

Frasier, Annie Shepherd (2001)

Frasier, Lillian (2001)

Frawley, Stephen (2001)

Frazier, Annie Shephard (2001)

Frazier, Dorothy Kidd (2002)

Frazier, Rosa Maggie Jenkins (2001)

Frederick, Marvin Ray (2001)

Freeman, Georgia Ard (2001)

Freeman, Harriett (2001)

Freiberg, Frieda L. (2001)

Friend, Mary Connie (2001)

Frost, Clarence (2001)

Frownfelter, Francis (2001)

Frye, Luther Edwin (2001)

Fuhram, Rebekah Diane (2001)

Furr, David William (2001)

Furse, Virginia R. (2001)


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