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South Carolina Obituaries
Chester County

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Est. 1785 * named by settlers after Chester, Pennsylvania * County Seat - Chester

Name Size Date Submitted by:
Ashley, Laura Matthews (2001)      
Autry, Jessie C. �Sonny� (2003)      
Beaty, Mary McClinton (2002)      
Bell, Mary Dixon (2001)      
Bell, Maurice (2002)      
Benson, Robert Henry (2002)      
Boone, Katie Branham (2001)      
Brown, Jack Wilson (2001)      
Brown, Robert F. (2001)      
Buckson, Carrie Bell (2001)      
Caldwell, Isaac (2001)      
Caldwell, Michael (2001)      
Caldwell, Rhonda Donette (2001)      
Campbell, Harry R. (2001)      

Campbell, Julia W. (2001)

Carr, William Robert (2001)      
Carter, Odessa M. (2001)      
Challenger, Clara E. (2001)      
Clifton, Ernest Sr. 2003      
Colvin, Mary Catherine (2001)      
Cooper, Kenneth Lee (2002)      
Cox, Dolly Belk (2001)      

Culp, Lutie Janet Sheres (2001)

Davie, Samuel, Sr. (2001)      
Dixon, Sara McDill (2001)      

Douglas, Margaret (2001)

King, Margaret (2001)      
Yongue, Stanley (2001)      
Young, Shirley (2001)      


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