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Monroe County
Obituaries/Death Notices

Description Date Submitter
CLARKE, David C. Mar 1892 Thomas Ivey Clarke
DAVIS, Clinton Nov 1989 Kenneth Stacy
GIDEON, Thelma Walden Mar 1994 Lorraine Dendy
MITCHELL, Richard L. Jul 1883 Thomas Ivey Clarke
MOON, Acker Jan 1936 Lorraine Dendy
MOREHEAD, Mary Harrison Gates Nov 1943 Lorraine Dendy
MORGAN, Emma Laura Jul 1947 Lorraine Dendy
MORGAN, Mrs. Lou 1940 Lorraine Dendy
MORROW, Maggie Meek No Date Lorraine Dendy
REA, Virginia No Date Lorraine Dendy
REED, Mrs. W.N Dec 1958 Lorraine Dendy
REEDY, John Price Aug 1953 Lorraine Dendy
REEDY, Judy Walden Nov 1957 Lorraine Dendy
RILEY, Mrs. J.O Feb 1957 Lorraine Dendy
RITTER, Sallie No Date Lorraine Dendy
ROOT, Addie Weston Nov 1989 Kenneth Stacy
SANDERS, Christine Walden Oct 1997 Lorraine Dendy
SMITH, Lela Walden 1976 Lorraine Dendy
SPENCE, Robert Aug 1847 Candace (Teal) Gravelle
TUBB,W.L Aug 1951 Lorraine Dendy
VINSON, Leona Knighten Feb 1977 Lorraine Dendy
WALDEN, Joseph Siah Feb 1913 Lorraine Dendy
WALKER, Joseph Houston Apr 1978 Lorraine Dendy
WALL, Luther Curtis Aug 1978 Lorraine Dendy
WALLACE, Lorene Apr 1977 Lorraine Dendy
WHITFIELD, Hepzibah Jul 1851 Guy Potts
WILLIAMS, Bertha M. Walden Jun 1971 Lorraine Dendy


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