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File Name Description

Date Submitted

Size Contributor:
Boise Statesman Newspaper
charleshelvey.txt Helvey, Charles W. March 2001 2095b Irene Hale
mmcfadden.txt McFaddan, Minnie March 2001 1480b Irene Hale
Idaho Statesman Newspaper
charlesbaird.txt Baird, Charles E. March 2001 1789b Irene Hale
fordeugene.txt Ford, Eugene Augustus March 2002    Bob Ford
fordmary.txt Ford, Mary C. March 2002 1191b  Bob Ford
mbhelvey.txt Helvey, Martha B. March 2001 2495b Irene Hale
Unknown Newspaper
egalloway.txt Alloway, Ethel G. March 2001 1664b Irene Hale
anchusteguij.txt Anchustegui, John 1919-1986 June 2002 1515b R.S. Tarvin
belnap.txt Belnap, Alice S. June 2002 2611b R.S. Tarvin
b1520001.txt Bevins, Louise Sarah Vader     Katie Debleeker
b1520002.txt Bevins, Maurice George     Katie Debleeker
buttonch.txt Button, Clifford  H. June 2002 1775b R.S. Tarvin
boise3.txt Mills, Hiram    1594b Maxine Reggio 
boise2.txt Mills, John Anderson   2412b Maxine Reggio 
boise1.txt Mills,  Minnie Davidson   1666b Maxine Reggio 
knightob.txt Knight, Odessa B. June 2002 1954b R.S. Tarvin
knightre.txt Knight, Ralph E. 1905-1981  June 2002 1612b R.S. Tarvin
theilmannth.txt Teilmann, Terkel Howard   June 2002 2059b R.S. Tarvin

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