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Welcome to the Hawaii
USGenWeb Obituary Project!


Public Domain Obituaries (pre-1931) and Abstracts:

Island of Hawaii Island of Oahu (Honolulu) Island of Kalawao
Island of Kauai Island of Maui  

Volunteers Needed!

This is a new project for Hawaii and we hope to make it a success by getting many local newspapers & funeral homes involved!

We encourage individuals with Hawaii Obituaries dated before January 1, 1931, to come forward with them. Please submit them using HIArchives Obituaries & Death Notices Forms.

Copyright Law

The Hawaii Obituary Project will abide by today's copyright laws. Obituaries published after December 31, 1930, unless:

  1. -you were the original author of the obituary, or
  2. -the newspaper in question grants permission to reprint the obituary, or
  3. -the obituary is that of a family member (you must give the relation), or
  4. -you submit an abstract of your obituaries. A good abstract might give the paper's name, name of deceased, age, date of death, and date that the obituary appears in the paper (in parenthesis).

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