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Gina Brown - Alabama Obituary File Manager

Tuscaloosa County
Obituaries/Death Notices

Updated June 22, 2012

Description Date Submitter
ALLEN, Thomas H.     Jan 1930                    Kenneth Stacy
BARNES, Charity     Oct 2006                   Della Hagwood
BARR, Ann     Aug 1829                   Carolyn Shank
BATES, Nancy Rogers     Nov 1940                 Candace Gravelle
BEALLE, William Lambert     Jan 1860                     Wade Kuisel
BEALLE, John S.     Apr 1870                     Wade Kuisel
CLAYTON, D.H     Oct 1889                      Carla Miles
DUPUY, Etta S. Hendricks     Dec 1950                   Barbara Munson
EDDINS, Martha J.     Oct 1899                      Wade Kuisel
EDDINS, Simeon J.     Apr 1859                      Wade Kuisel
ENGLEBERT, Mary A. Jones     Mar 1947                       Renee Dee
ENGLEBERT, John Milton     Jun 1965                       Renee Dee
FIELDS, George     Nov 1957                    Melissa Hogan
KERR, Alice Stafford     Jan 1881                   Larry E. Carver
LALLANDE, J.G     Oct 1897                  Veneta McKinney
OWEN, Col. Richardson     Aug 1821                     Sharon Ray
SHEPHERD, Wilson     Nov 1879                  Veneta McKinney
SIMPSON, Marcella Swindle     Sep 1956                  Linda MacArthur
SLADE, Marmaduke J.     Aug 1857                  Carolyn Shank
SNYDER, Elmina Reese     Jul 1910                  Charlotte Hall
SNYDER, John R. "Wright"     Jan 1904                  Charlotte Hall

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