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Russell County
Obituaries/Death Notices


Description Date Submitter
ALEXANDER, Robert B. Sep 1883 Rachel Dobson
ALLEN, Homer Henry Feb 1898 Rachel Dobson
ASHLEY, Simeon Aug 1898 Rachel Dobson
BEELAND, Berry R. No Date Linda Mabry
BEELAND, Eliza Pope Nov 1891 Linda Mabry
BONNER, Mrs. W.T Jun 1909 Carla Miles
BOYD, Berta A. Beeland Aug 1908 Linda Mabry
CARY, Bessie Tant Oct 1909 Carla Miles
CHENEY, Mrs. E.B Jun 1892 Linda Blum-Barton
COOK, Edward Earl May 1999 Pat Greathouse
COOK, Henry L. Mar 1999 Pat Greathouse
DAVIS, Etta Feb 1897 Rachel Dobson
DAWSON, T.C Nov 1890 Carla Miles
DIDBY, Samuel May 1911 Carla Miles
DUDLEY, Mrs. H.T Jul 1901 Carla Miles
DUDLEY, Henry Tarpley Jan 1933 Jon Fuller
ELLIOTT, H.C May 1913 Carla Miles
FIELDS, Mary Jan 1890 Jon Fuller
FULLER, A.M Sep 1906 Jon Fuller
FULLER, Albert Frederick Mar 1938 Jon Fuller
FULLER, Andrew Jackson Jul 1929 Jon Fuller
FULLER, Effie Lee Sep 1934 Jon Fuller
FULLER, Forney Monroe Jan 1942 Jon Fuller
FULLER, John B. Sep 1922 Jon Fuller
FULLER, John Greene May 1936 Jon Fuller
FULLER, Sarah Frances Aug 1902 Jon Fuller
GORDON, Mrs. Jun 1887 Carla Miles
GRIFFETH, Amanda F. Beeland Sep 1913 Linda Mabry
GRIFFETH, Amanda Moore Sep 1913 Linda Mabry
HAYS, Mrs. Dec 1895 Carla Miles
HOOD, Francis E. Oct 1953 Brenda Barfield
HOOD, George Milton Sep 1931 Brenda Barfield
HOOD, Mary H. Carroll Aug 1932 Brenda Barfield
INGRAM, Mrs. H.P Feb 1898 Rachel Dobson
INGRAM, Thomas N. Feb 1898 Rachel Dobson
JOHNSON, Mrs. L.F Dec 1924 Carla Miles
KENT, Irwin Dec 1910 Carla Miles
LANE, Louis Jun 1902 Carla Miles
MAFFITT, Reuben Mar 1901 Carla Miles
MARTIN, Sarah Lucinda Story Jul 1908 Valerie Freeman
MCCALL, Johnnie Jun 2007 Jean Frost
MCCOLLISTER, Thomas Mar 1927 Lanny Gamble
MCSWAIN, William Jr. May 1922 Carla Miles
MOONEY, George A. Mar 1961 Robin Stafford
MOORE, J. Linton No Date Linda Mabry
NIBLETT, Dolphus I. Mar 1927 Jon Fuller
NIBLETT, Ellis Burns Jr. May 1919 Jon Fuller
NIBLETT, Goldie Jul 1918 Jon Fuller
NICHOLS, David Jun 1907 Paul Nichols
PARKER, Annie Belle Jun 1904 Carla Miles
PATTERSON, M.L Oct 1901 Carla Miles
PHILLIPS, Elisha Nov 1885 Carla Miles
PORTER, Lynch Brown Jul 1897 Rachel Dobson
REGISTER, Mattie Lou Gentry Mar 1961 Robin Stafford
RUTLEDGE, John F. Jan 1954 Carla Miles
SLATON, R.M Sep 1912 Carla Miles
SMITH, Andrew Jackson Dec 1921 Jon Fuller
SMITH, Samuel A. Sep 1928 Jon Fuller
SMITH-HOLCOMB, Nora Nov 1855 Jon Fuller
SONGER, Roy Charles Jun 1966 Kemis Massey
THOMAS, Andrew J. May 1859 Carolyn Shank
TOLLIVER, Henrietta Woods Jun 2001 Johnny Childress
TRAWICK, Henry S. Apr 1915 Carla Miles
WELLS, Mrs. Aug 1908 Carla Miles
WOODS, Toney Feb 1995 Johnny Childress



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