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Randolph County
Obituaries/Death Notices



Description Date Submitter
PAIGE, Sallie Mae Henderson Jul 17, 1985 Marilyn Girardi
PARKER, Cecil B. Sr. Apr 07, 1993 William Fischer Jr.
PARKER, Claud Lamar Feb 10, 1915 William Fischer Jr.
PARMER, Howard D. Feb 13, 1987 Marilyn Girardi
PATE, Ella Pearl Nov 26, 1982 Marilyn Girardi
PATE, George Alfred Sep 22, 1926 William Fischer Jr.
PATE, Gilbert Gay Jul 02, 1897 William Fischer Jr.
PATE, Robert S. Sep 12, 1917 William Fischer Jr.
PATE, Sarah Bankston Dec 08, 1926 William Fischer Jr.
PATE, Thomas F. Aug 26, 1903 William Fischer Jr.
PATILLO, Gertrude Feb 01, 1985 Marilyn Girardi
PAUL, Roberta Haynes Jun 14, 2006 Marilyn Girardi
PAYNE, John H. Feb 10, 1915 William Fischer Jr.
PEACOCK, Mary Zadie Nov 29, 1982 Marilyn Girardi
PEADON, Docia Belle Hendon Sep 07, 1936 Valerie Freeman
PEADON, Jim May 08, 1942 Valerie Freeman
PEAK, K. Mar 10, 1915 William Fischer Jr.
PEARSON, John C. Jr. Sep 1993 William Fischer Jr.
PERRY, Clyde Feb 02, 1950 William Fischer Jr.
PERRY, Judy Apr 28, 1993 William Fischer Jr.
PERRYMAN, David Augustus Jun 09, 1906 Candace Gravelle
PERRYMAN, David Dixon Apr 20, 1937 Candace Gravelle
PHELPS, John Gordon Mar 15, 1911 William Fischer Jr
PHILLIPS, William Elmer Nov 10, 1987 Marilyn Girardi
PHILLIPS, Zebedee Jan 24, 1987 Marilyn Girardi
PIKE, Betsy Jun 10, 1903 William Fischer Jr
PIKE, George Ivers Feb 11, 1986 Marilyn Girardi
PIKE, W.B Feb 05, 1919 William Fischer Jr
PINKARD, Carrie Moore Mar 24, 1915 William Fischer Jr
PINKARD, J.P Aug 25, 1993 William Fischer Jr
PITTMAN, Edgar E. Jun 1907 Bert Pittman
PITTMAN, James M. Mar 1917 Bert Pittman
PITTMAN, James Madison Jr. Dec 1911 Bert Pittman
PITTMAN, Joshua Martin Jun 26, 1918 William Fischer Jr
PITTMAN, Martin P. Apr 02, 1924 William Fischer Jr
PITTMAN, Nathan Elbert Sep 1937 Bert Pittman
PITTS, Mavis E. Oct 1993 William Fischer Jr
PONDER, Irma Swann Feb 09, 1987 Marilyn Girardi
POOL, Louisa Gay Sep 21, 1910 William Fischer Jr
POOL, Wyatt Heflin Aug 10, 1910 William Fischer Jr
POTTER, John Birdsong Aug 11, 1993 William Fischer Jr
PRESNAL, Hattie Sudduth Oct 11, 1972 Jim Sudduth
PRESTRIDGE, Larkin M. Jun 30, 1906 Candace Gravelle
PRESTRIDGE, Mavis Irene Traylor Apr 15, 1998 Marilyn Girardi
PRESTRIDGE, Ruby Pearl Nov 17, 2002 Valerie Freeman
PRESTRIDGE, Sherrell Apr 15, 1998 Marilyn Girardi
PRICE, M.P Dec 15, 1938 Candace Gravelle
PRICE, Ruth Mooty Dec 08, 1915 William Fischer Jr
PRICHARD, Belle Jul 06, 1939 Candace Gravelle
PRINCE, Alwyn Reid Mar 22, 1989 Marilyn Girardi
PRINCE, Carrie Maud Caldwell Jun 28, 1959 Marilyn Girardi
PRINCE, Gillis Elton May 22, 1985 Marilyn Girardi
PRINCE, James J. Apr 14, 1915 William Fischer Jr
PURDY, Paul Wallace Jun 23, 1993 William Fischer Jr
PURSELL, Marvin F. Jul 07, 1993 William Fischer Jr
PUTNAM, James M. 1877 Linda Blum-Barton



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