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Randolph County
Obituaries/Death Notices


Description Date Submitter
ODOM, Carl Samuel May 2001 Marilyn Girardi
ODONNELL, Doris Jean Feb 1999 Marilyn Girardi
OLDS, Louie Oct 2001 Marilyn Girardi
OLINGER, Clara Nell Nov 1995 William Fischer Jr.
OLIVER, John Louis Feb 1985 Marilyn Girardi
ONEAL, Edwin H. Mrs. Aug 1919 William Fischer Jr.
ONEAL, James Huey Jun 2000 Marilyn Girardi
ONEAL, John Roger Oct 1997 Marilyn Girardi
ONEAL, John W. Mar 1994 William Fischer Jr.
ONEAL, Robbie Dean Dec 1915 William Fischer Jr.
ORLANDO, Ethol M. Dec 2000 Marilyn Girardi
ORR, Gay Sep 1895 William Fischer Jr.
ORR, Martha Jan 1915 William Fischer Jr.
OSBORNE, Tina Morgan Nov 2001 Marilyn Girardi
OSMENT, Miriam Mann Apr 1999 Marilyn Girardi
OVERTON, Boyd Bruce Jr. Aug 1999 Marilyn Girardi
OVERTON, Hazel Clardy Jul 1998 Marilyn Girardi
OVERTON, Hugh Winston Feb 1995 William Fischer Jr.
OVERTON, John W. Jul 1936 Candace Gravelle
OVERTON, William Joseph Jul 1942 Candace Gravelle
OWEN, Evelyn Aug 2001 Marilyn Girardi
OWENS, A.P Sep 2003 William Fischer Jr.
OWENS, Alice Janell Apr 1999 Marilyn Girardi
OWENS, Ben L. Jul 1998 Marilyn Girardi
OWENS, Britney Alison Nov 1994 William Fischer Jr.
OWENS, Dovie Cordelia Hall Jul 1994 William Fischer Jr.
OWENS, Eucatan Oct 1895 William Fischer Jr.
OWENS, Frank Junior Feb 2000 Marilyn Girardi
OWENS, J.B Aug 1995 William Fischer Jr.
OWENS, J.W Jan 2000 Marilyn Girardi
OWENS, James A. Oct 2001 Marilyn Girardi
OWENS, Margaret Schuessler Dec 1998 Marilyn Girardi
OWENS, William K. Nov 1940 Candace Gravelle
OWENSBY, Annie O. Sep 2000 Marilyn Girardi
OZLEY, Lessie Jan 1999 Marilyn Girardi



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