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Randolph County
Obituaries/Death Notices


Description Date Submitter
NAPPIER, Carolyn Mae Apr 1997 Marilyn Girardi
NEAL, Alice Knight Oct 1999 Marilyn Girardi
NEAL, Michael Eugene Oct 2001 Marilyn Girardi
NEEDHAM, Gippie L. Nov 1993 William Fischer Jr.
NEESE, Mildred Williams Feb 1995 William Fischer Jr.
NELMS, Ruth Wilson Jun 1993 William Fischer Jr.
NELMS, Weta Pike May 2000 Marilyn Girardi
NELSON, Carl Dec 2000 Marilyn Girardi
NELSON, Dent Samuel Aug 2000 Marilyn Girardi
NELSON, Elliott Jul 1993 William Fischer Jr.
NELSON, Eula Maude McCain Sep 2000 Marilyn Girardi
NELSON, Hazel C. Jun 2000 Marilyn Girardi
NELSON, James Lon Nathan Jul 1998 Marilyn Girardi
NELSON, Jesse C. Mar 1995 William Fischer Jr.
NELSON, Landon Bruce Oct 1999 Marilyn Girardi
NELSON, Lonnie Oct 2001 Marilyn Girardi
NEW, James Lloyd Aug 2000 Marilyn Girardi
NEW, Troy Roosevelt May 1998 Marilyn Girardi
NEWBOLD, Annie Lou Worrell Mar 1999 Marilyn Girardi
NEWBORN, John Thomas Aug 1999 Marilyn Girardi
NEWBORN, Jonathan Thomas Jul 1994 William Fischer Jr.
NEWELL, Felicia Videria Mar 1999 Marilyn Girardi
NEWELL, Sarah E. Feb 2001 Marilyn Girardi
NEWMAN, Charles William Mar 1999 Marilyn Girardi
NICHOLS, Connie Ruth Apr 1997 Marilyn Girardi
NICHOLS, Emmett Jul  2000 Marilyn Girardi
NICHOLS, Samuel Elmar Jul 1994 William Fischer Jr.
NICHOLSON, Mary Virginia Crisler May 1997 Marilyn Girardi
NIMON, Archie Lee Jan 1998 Marilyn Girardi
NIX, Edward S. Oct 1997 Marilyn Girardi
NIX, Flossie Mae Feb 1999 Marilyn Girardi
NIX, George Harrison Jun 1999 Marilyn Girardi
NIX, J.B Jun 1994 William Fischer Jr.
NIX, J. Verner Oct 1993 William Fischer Jr.
NIX, William Curtis Mar 2000 Marilyn Girardi
NIXON, Allie Mae Mar 1985 Marilyn Girardi
NOBBLEY, Carolyn Janice May 2000 Marilyn Girardi
NOBLEY, Brittany Alisa Jun 1994 William Fischer Jr.
NOBLEY, Elmer Lee Jun 2001 Marilyn Girardi
NOBLEY, Ollie Mae Oct 2001 Marilyn Girardi
NOLAN, Helen Dec 1997 Marilyn Girardi
NOLEN, Charlie Bell Nov 2000 Marilyn Girardi
NOLEN, Charlie Ford Sep 2000 Marilyn Girardi
NOLEN, Ella Katherine Aug 1984 Marilyn Girardi
NOLEN, Gladys Elizabeth Jul 1998 Marilyn Girardi
NOLEN, Hugh Oct 1993 William Fischer Jr.
NOLEN, James McCoy Nov 1998 Marilyn Girardi
NOLEN, Thomas Jordan Jan 1994 William Fischer Jr.
NOLES, Agnes Sherrer Aug 1995 William Fischer Jr.
NOLES, Amos Lincoln Oct 1993 William Fischer Jr.
NOLES, Clarence Ezra May 1915 William Fischer Jr.
NOLES, Cliff Mrs. Mar 1938 Candace Gravelle
NOLES, David Beason Oct 1994 William Fischer Jr.
NOLES, Etha Mae Bowen Jan 1996 William Fischer Jr.
NOLES, Flora Inette Nov 2000 Marilyn Girardi
NOLES, Jeffrey Alan Jul 1998 Marilyn Girardi
NOLES, Jimmie Will Jun 1999 Marilyn Girardi
NOLES, Lillie Jefferson Lanier Jun 1993 William Fischer Jr.
NOLES, Luther Newton Mar 2000 Marilyn Girardi
NOLES, Mamie Sue Davis Dec 1993 William Fischer Jr.
NOLES, Mildred Norred Apr 2000 Marilyn Girardi
NOLES, Nomie B. Jan 1986 Marilyn Girardi
NOLES, Sara Joan Apr 2001 Marilyn Girardi
NOLES, Terry Travis Jan 2001 Marilyn Girardi
NOLES, Wallace Franklin Mar 2001 Marilyn Girardi
NOLES, William Haynes Apr 1994 William Fischer Jr.
NORMAN, Era Barton Feb 1995 William Fischer Jr.
NORRED, Andrew J. May 1938 Candace Gravelle
NORRED, David Mar 1999 Marilyn Girardi
NORRED, Donna Jacquline Apr 2001 Marilyn Girardi
NORRED, Edgar Lee Apr 1997 Marilyn Girardi
NORRED, Flossie Everta May 1993 William Fischer Jr.
NORRED, Hattie Jan 1995 William Fischer Jr.
NORRED, Mary Lee Feb 1987 Marilyn Girardi
NORRED, Olin Benford Nov 2000 Marilyn Girardi
NORRED, William Thomas Nov 1995 William Fischer Jr.
NORRED, Willie Jewel Sep 1998 Marilyn Girardi
NORTHINGTON, Louis Harrison Nov 1998 Marilyn Girardi
NORTON, Effie Lois Gay Mar 1985 Phillip Davis
NORTON, James W. Mar 1942 Candace Gravelle
NORTON, Minnie Elizabeth Gay Oct 1983 Phillip Davis
NUNN, Essie Jul 1994 William Fischer Jr.
NUNN, Guy Amos Aug 1997 Marilyn Girardi
NUNN, Jerrlee Tolbert Jun 1994 William Fischer Jr.
NUNN, Lucy Prothro Nov 1993 William Fischer Jr.
NUNNALLY, Hazel M. Apr 1993 William Fischer Jr.



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