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Randolph County
Obituaries/Death Notices



Description Date Submitter
JACKSON, Emma Lue Apr 22, 1998 Marilyn Girardi
JACKSON, Lewis Sep 26, 1982 Marilyn Girardi
JACKSON, Mary Denney Sep 1993 William Fischer Jr.
JAMES, Lula L. Mar 1939 Candace Gravelle
JAMES, Willie B. Jun 09, 1993 William Fischer Jr.
JANNEY, James May 05, 1993 William Fischer Jr.
JENKINS, George L. Mar 17, 1915 William Fischer Jr.
JENKINS, Hulit Higgins Jun 30, 1993 William Fischer Jr.
JENNINGS, Horace Jun 02, 1993 William Fischer Jr.
JOHNSON, Beatrice Aug 28, 1985 Marilyn Girardi
JOHNSON, Charlie Fred Aug 25, 1993 William Fischer Jr.
JOHNSON, Claudette Jun 02, 1993 William Fischer Jr.
JOHNSON, Eva Nov 21, 1895 William Fischer Jr.
JOHNSON, Fannie B. Jul 20, 1988 Marilyn Girardi
JOHNSON, John Howard Jun 16, 1982 Marilyn Girardi
JOHNSON, Joseph Henry Jul 07, 1993 William Fischer Jr.
JOHNSON, M.L Jun 14, 1911 William Fischer Jr.
JOHNSON, Miss Jan 01, 1902 William Fischer Jr.
JOHNSON, Patrick Wayne Jun 23, 1993 William Fischer Jr.
JOHNSON, Robert Craig Jun 07, 2006 Marilyn Girardi
JOHNSTON, Bobby E. May 11, 1987 Marilyn Girardi
JONES, Edith Aug 04, 1993 William Fischer Jr.
JONES, Lela Mae Whatley Feb 08, 1985 Marilyn Girardi
JONES, Margaret Mooty Dec 20, 1911 William Fischer Jr.
JONES, William David Sep 29, 1985 Marilyn Girardi
JORDAN, H.C Sep 16, 1905 Candace Gravelle



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