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Randolph County
Obituaries/Death Notices


Description Date Submitter
EARNEST, Irma Gene Jan 2000 Marilyn Girardi
EARL, Ermer Lee Jan 1998 Marilyn Girardi
EARL, Leonard Aug 1999 Marilyn Girardi
EARLE, Frank Nicholas Jun 1993 William Fischer Jr.
EARLE, Susie O. Jun 1999 Marilyn Girardi
EARLES, Carlton Ray Dec 1999 Marilyn Girardi
EARLSHAFFER, Dewit Feb 1995 William Fischer Jr.
EASON, George Pershing Apr 2001 Marilyn Girardi
EAST, Benamin Mrs. Nov 1911 William Fischer Jr.
EAST, James H.B Mar 1916 William Fischer Jr.
EAST, Larry May 1993 William Fischer Jr.
EAST, Linda Faye May 2000 Marilyn Girardi
EAST, Susie Apr 1912 William Fischer Jr.
EDGE, Mary Lou Apr 1997 Marilyn Girardi
EDMONDSON, Avis Perry May 2001 Marilyn Girardi
EDMONDSON, Edith Hand Jun 2000 Marilyn Girardi
EDMONDSON, James Walton Jun 1994 William Fischer Jr.
EDMONDSON, Jasper Winston Jan 1999 Marilyn Girardi
EDMONDSON, Whit Feb 1994 William Fischer Jr.
EDWARDS, Deane Elizabeth Woodson Dec 1998 Marilyn Girardi
EDWARDS, Hattie W. Nov 1993 William Fischer Jr.
EDWARDS, Harrington Chester Dec 1997 Marilyn Girardi
EDWARDS, James W. Jr. Jan 2001 Marilyn Girardi
EDWARDS, Louis Roy Oct 1999 Marilyn Girardi
EDWARDS, Mayo Sears Dec 1993 William Fischer Jr.
EDWARDS, William Irvin Mar 1939 Candace Gravelle
EICHELBERG, Charles Wirt Apr 1936 Valerie Freeman
EICHELBERGER, Betty Jo May 1998 Marilyn Girardi
EIDSON, Jeffie Marley Sep 2001 Marilyn Girardi
EILAND, Mattie Will Dec 2000 Marilyn Girardi
ELDER, Dewey Apr 1999 Marilyn Girardi
ELDER, Inez Carson Nov 2000 Marilyn Girardi
ELDER, Loys May 1998 Marilyn Girardi
ELDER, Pallis Jun 1907 William Fischer Jr.
ELDER, W.W Feb 1909 William Fischer Jr.
ELDERS, Mildred Davis May 2000 Marilyn Girardi
ELEY, Adell Green Aug 1998 Marilyn Girardi
ELLIOTT, Chad Dec 1995 William Fischer Jr.
ELLIOTT, Doris Lillian Jan 2001 Marilyn Girardi
ELLIOTT, Dorothy Quinn Sep 1998 Marilyn Girardi
ELLIOTT, Jim Apr 1994 William Fischer Jr.
ELLIOTT, Kim Dec 1994 William Fischer Jr.
ELLIOTT, Lewis Carlton Jan 1996 William Fischer Jr.
ELLIOTT, Thomas Ray Jan 1985 Marilyn Girardi
ELLISON, Willie L. Jun 1998 Marilyn Girardi
ELROD, Selma Steinbach Nov 1999 Marilyn Girardi
EMBREY, Francis Apr 1881 Candace Gravelle
EMBREY, Jack Apr 1881 Candace Gravelle
EMBREY, James Claude Jr. Oct 1994 William Fischer Jr.
EMBREY, Manson Apr 1881 Candace Gravelle
EMBREY, Willie Apr 1881 Candace Gravelle
EMERY, Richard Albert Oct 2001 Marilyn Girardi
EMORY, Charles Apr 1993 William Fischer Jr.
EMORY, Roy Sep 1999 Marilyn Girardi
ENGE, Dorothy Benefield Jun 1995 William Fischer Jr.
ENSMINGER, Ross Emanuel Jul 1997 Marilyn Girardi
ESTES, Robert L. Nov 1995 William Fischer Jr.
ESTES, William Lloyd Oct 1997 Marilyn Girardi
ETCHISON, Awbrey Mar 1999 Marilyn Girardi
EVANS, Dewey Jun 1998 Marilyn Girardi
EVANS, Diane McManus Jun 1997 Marilyn Girardi
EVANS, Rebecca Hamilton Jun 1999 Marilyn Girardi
EVANS, Thomas Lloyd Aug 1995 William Fischer Jr.
EVANS, Velma J. Apr 1997 Marilyn Girardi



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