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If you have an obituary that you have written, or one that was published
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Morgan County Obituaries


Description Date Submitter
BAKER, Dorsey Mack 1918 Joy Fisher
BLACK, Anna Oct 1941 Kathryn Morrow
BLACK, George W. Nov 1934 Kathryn Morrow
BLACK, Mrs. James Carrington Jul 1940 Kathryn Morrow
BLACK, Mary Elizabeth Dec 1937 Kathryn Morrow
BLACK, Sarah Arena Helms Jun 1941 Kathryn Morrow
BLACK, William E. Jan 1941 Kathryn Morrow
BLACK, William Walter Sep 1938 Kathryn Morrow
BROOKS, Wanda Owen Feb 2004 Phyllis J.K. Owens
BUSSEY, Ewell 1918 Joy Fisher
COPELAND, James Jun 1888 Carla Miles
DAVIS, Absalom Apr 1861 Sam West
DRINKARD, Claudia Oct 2003 Margaret Murphy
DRINKARD, Oscar Roy Apr 1980 Margaret Murphy
GROOVER, W.F Aug 1935 Candace Gravelle
HARRISON, Myrtie Lee Mar 1999 Margaret Murphy
HIGDON, Letha McDonald Black May 1961 Kathryn Morrow
LYNN, Elizabeth Kyle Aug 1890 Dene Walls
MCCUTCHEON, Glenda Sue Grantland Dec 1996 Phyllis J.K. Owens
MCDADE, Nancy Elizabeth Jun 1863 Joan Mooneyham Clemons
MOORE, John Henry Clemon Apr 1964 Margaret Murphy
MOORE, Lera Apr 1987 Margaret Murphy
MOORE, Richard Spencer Dec 1958 Margaret Murphy
MOORE, Vista Alene Mar 1940 Margaret Murphy
OWENS, Dorothy Dimple Flack Jul 2005 Phyllis J.K. Owens
OWENS, Verne Nov 1972 Phyllis J.K. Owens
PARKER, Wallace H. Nov 2008 Benjamin Rush
PATTERSON, Lois Prickett Nov 2007 Donnie Stanford
PIKE, Madgie Lee Aug 1968 Margaret Murphy
SPARKMAN, Elizabeth Means Jun 1885 Laurel Baty
STANLEY, Valerie Grantland Dec 2005 Phyllis J.K. Owens
TURNER, Arie L. Jan 1974 Margaret Murphy
TURNER, Mrs. H.B Jul 1937 Margaret Murphy
TURNER, Harvey F. Apr 1939 Margaret Murphy
TURNER, Zachariah B. Oct 1943 Margaret Murphy



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