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Monroe  County
Obituaries/Death Notices


Description Date Submitter
The Monroe Journal Death Notices 1861-1910 1861-1910 Ken Johnson
ANDREWS, W.T Nov 1918 Stephen Lee
BAAS, Mrs. Zebra Apr 1968 Alice F. Kelley
BETTS, Ann B. Mar 1895 Stephen Lee
BETTS, Fred Jan 1914 Stephen Lee
BETTS, John G. Oct 1903 Stephen Lee
BETTS, John L. Sep 1905 Stephen Lee
BOOKER, Jackson G. Nov 1927 Laura Watson
BOOKER, Uncle Jack Dec 1927 Pamela C. Nolan
BRANTLEY, Boykin Jan 1914 Stephen Lee
DAVISON, George W. Jun 1909 Stephen Lee
DEES, Charles S. Apr 1934 Elizabeth Marsden
DENNIS, Pollard M. Jul 1895 David Dennis
ENGLISH, Thomas Cassander Jun 1884 Stephen Lee
FORE, Eddie T. Sep 1885 Stephen Lee
FORE, Eliza Ann Jan 1910 Stephen Lee
FORE,  J.A Jun 1885 Stephen Lee
FORE, Mary Jun 1884 Stephen Lee
FORTE, Ida Wiggins Jul 1903 Stephen Lee
FOXWORTH, Lawrence Eugene Feb 1994 Susan Collier
GALLASPIE, James M. Apr 1895 Lygia Cutts
GALLASPY, Margaret Maxwell Jun 1908 David L. Bayne
GRACE, James A. Sep 1905 Stephen Lee
HENDRIX, R.P Mar 1969 Alice F. Kelley
HIXON, Margaret Aug 1896 Stephen Lee
HIXON, Susan Jun 1892 Stephen Lee
HOLLINGER, Adam Oct 1939 Elizabeth Marsden
HOLLOWAY, Janie Dec 1900 Stephen Lee
JAYE, Martha A. Jun 1903 Stephen Lee
JONES, Lillie Matheny May 2012 Ron Spencer
KIMBERL, John Calhoun 1903 Mary A. Bell
KING, Mrs. Alex Mar 1908 Stephen Lee
KYSER, Mrs. Oliver Oct 1903 Stephen Lee
MARSHALL, Irene R. Mar 1908 Stephen Lee
MCKINLEY, Ambrose Aug 1991 Gaines McKinley
MCKINLEY, Bessie Ree Jul 2002 Gaines McKinley
MCMILLAN, Napoleon Jan 1914 Stephen Lee
RACHELS, Bryant Mar 1889 Stephen Lee
RILEY, Thomas Mercer Mar 1935 Cheryl M. Sumner
SAWYER, James Hollis Jun 1993 William J. Carroll
STACEY, Mary J. Grimes Jul 1914 Cecilia Martin
THAMES, Bethia Oneal Dec 1896 Deborah Baldock
THOMPSON, Amelia Jul 1888 Deborah Baldock
WEATHERFORD, Charles Jul 1896 Ken Johnson



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