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If you have an obituary that you have written, or one that was published
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          Gina Brown - Alabama Obituary File Manager


Mobile County
Obituaries/Death Notices


Description Date Submitter
BABER, William P. Jun 1938 Candace Gravelle
BAKER, Price Oct 1905 Taneya Koonce
BOYCE, Henry Aug 1889 Taneya Koonce
BRANSON, Bascomb Newton Jun 1918 Joy Fisher
BROWN, Billy Mar 1901 Carla Miles
BROWN, Henry Oliver Nov 1927 Candace Gravelle
BURNS, Myra E. Jun 1952 Candace Gravelle
CAMPBELL, Flory Sullivan Aug 2010 Barbara Munson
CARROLL, William H. Sep 1820 Patricia Duggan
CARSON, James Aug 1819 Patricia Duggan
CHRISTOPHER, Cynthia Ann Gulledge 1930 Susan Beck
CHRISTOPHER, James Robert Feb 1948 Susan Beck
CHRISTOPHER, John C. 1934 Susan Beck
CHRISTOPHER, Phillip P. Nov 1930 Susan Beck
CHRISTOPHER, Posey G. Apr 1932 Susan Beck
CHRISTOPHER, Walter Eugene Jr. Mar 1960 Susan Beck
CHRISTOPHER, William Henry Apr 1933 Susan Beck
COBB, Annie Pearl Christopher 1934 Susan Beck
COBB, Polina Willingham Jan 1920 Susan Beck
CREAL, Gerald Keith Dec 2007 Pat Creel
CREEL, Berry Jun 1925 David Sprinkle
CREEL, Cinderella Busby Jan 1972 Pat Creel
CREEL, Erkel Lucille Parks May 1993 Pat Creel
CREEL, Hardy Houston May 1976 David Sprinkle
CREEL, Harold James Jan 2004 Pat Creel
CREEL, Julia Walpoe Jan 1959 David Sprinkle
CREEL, Leviney Stapleton Aug 1929 David Sprinkle
CREEL, Myrtle Clark Jun 1971 Pat Creel
CREEL, Shirley Montgomery Apr 2008 Pat Creel
DAVIS, Felix Watts Jr. Sep 2002 Shirley Robertson
DAVIS, Francis Elizabeth May 1925 Joe Davis
DAVIS, Theresa Pierce Jun 2006 Shirley Robertson
DESPORTE, Frederick Lyons May 1953 William J. Carroll
DICKENS, John R. Mar 1885 Curtis Ezell
DICKENS, John R. Apr 1885 Carla Miles
ESALVA, Don Miguel DeSiderlo Jan 1881 Larry E. Caver Jr
FELPS, Esther Creel Apr 1944 Pat Creel
FINCHER, Fred Sep 1948 Jabe Fincher
FINCHER, Ollie Mar 1951 Jabe Fincher
FINCHER, Thomas Sep 1919 Jabe Fincher
FINCHER, Thomas William Apr 1930 Jabe Fincher
FORSYTH, John May 1877 Veneta McKinney
GABEL, Etta Creel Oct 1945 David Sprinkle
GATELY, James Harrid Dec 1881 Leonard Gately
GOSSON, Margaret Leipf Oct 1935 Joe Davis
HALPIN, Elizabeth Leipf Nov 1902 Joe Davis
LACOSTE, Fernando O. Sep 1862 Charlene Moore
LAMB, Albert Carlton Nov 1972 William J. Carroll
LEE, Cecil Gray Jan 1982 William J. Carroll
LEE, Johnnie Cox Feb 1967 William J. Carroll
LEE, Thomas J. Aug 2008 William J. Carroll
LEIPF, Adam Jul 1888 Joe Davis
LEIPF, Ernestine Aug 1896 Joe Davis
LEIPF, Phillip Feb 1931 Joe Davis
LEIPF, Phillip A. Mar 1909 Joe Davis
LEIPF, Theodore Jun 1907 Joe Davis
LOCKE, Arnold Albert Jr. Dec 1972 William J. Carroll
MCCOLLOGH, Leona Creel Mar 1969 David Sprinkle
MCCONNELL, Frank Aug 1944 Marta Pierce
MCKINNON, Mary Emma Jul 1929 Nancy Moody
MIMS, Elose Mildred Lee Aug 2008 William J. Carroll
MOORE, Clara Leipf Jul 1905 Joe Davis
OSBORN, Fred Sep 1935 Candace Gravelle
PENDLETON, W.C Dec 1882 Kenneth Stacy
PHILLIPS, Alice Olivia Brady Jul 1948 Angela Seiple Hall
PIERCE, Helen Lundy Apr 2004 Shirley Robertson
PRICE, Wilhemenia Apr 1937 Joe Davis
REYNOLDS, Fulton Oct 1918 Valerie J. Freeman
SAWYER, James Hollis Jun 1993 William J. Carroll
SCHROEBEL, Jacob Henry Sep 1843 Kellie Crnkovich
SEIPLE, Magdalene Swain Jul 1918 Angela Seiple Hall
SHERIDAN, Richard Apr 1885 Carla Miles
SPRINKLE, Benjamin Franklin Feb 2006 David Sprinkle
STOKES, Davis Sylvanus Apr 1960 Pat Creel
STOKES, Mary Frances Pendarvis Lewis Jan 1944 Pat Creel
WACKER, Family of Charles Sep 1891 Phyllis Thompson
WHITE, Oliphant Todd Jun 1950 Carla Miles
WILCOX, Clara Mar 1901 Carla Miles



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