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Lowndes County
Obituaries/Death Notices


Description Date Submitter
ADAMS, Mary A. Hawkins Jan 1911 Lygia Cutts
BLACK, Ada Eugenia Burdeaux Nov 1923 Cheryll Sumner
BLACK, Hugh W. Nov 1941 Cheryll Sumner
BLACK, James Hampton Nov 1929 Cheryll Sumner
BLACK, James Hugh Dec 1986 Cheryll Sumner
BLACK, Lola Dec 1983 Cheryll Sumner
BLACK, Mariam Russell Sep 1994 Carolyn Golowka
BLACK, Rebecca Ann Lester Feb 1937 Cheryll Sumner
BOWIE, James S. Jun 1856 Candace Gravelle
CAFFEY, Hugh William Oct 1919 Carolyn Golowka
DAVIDSON, Margaret Simonton May 1860 Ronald Bridges
DAVIS, Robert Nov 1872 Mildred S. Brown
GARRETT, Eva Freeman Mar 1954 Carolyn Golowka
GOLSON, Alabama Goldsmith May 1929 Carolyn Golowka
HARALSON, Jonathan Jul 1912 Carolyn Golowka
HARRISON, Jane Mar 1864 Kristin C. Williams
KIRKPATRICK, William Laird Sep 1923 Carolyn Golowka
LEWIS, Susan Elizabeth Elmore May 1889 Ronald Bridges
MCCURDY, Lewis Hall Nov 1911 Carolyn Golowka
MCGEHEE, Martha C. Smith Sep 1870 Rae Venable Calvert
MIDDLETON, David H. Jun 1923 Carolyn Golowka
MOORER, Stephen Decatur Jul 1860 Ronald Bridges
NUTTING, Edward Apr 1870 Kathleen Passmore
PIERCE, William Henry Oct 1920 Betty Beard
RUSH, Catherine M. Carter May 1860 Ronald Bridges
SMITH, Benjamin J. Sep 2002 Rae Venable Calvert
SMITH, James Henry May 1867 Rae Venable Calvert
SMITH, Samuel Perry Jul 1862 Carolyn Golowka
TRAYLOR, Thomas Gaston Oct 1919 Carolyn Golowka
VENABLE, Clement Reade May 1888 Rae Venable Calvert
WILLIS, Bob Jul 1888 Carla Miles



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