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Limestone County
Obituaries/Death Notices


Description Date Submitter
BAKER, James Franklin Jun 1947 Donnie Stanford
BRACKEEN, Grover C. Mar 1958 Donnie Stanford
BRACKEEN, Vea Atrice Bullington Mar 1968 Donnie Stanford
CAMP, Monti Lou Jun 1947 Donnie Stanford
CAMP, Willa Faye Patterson Jun 2001 Donnie Stanford
ECHOLS, Lily Bell Thornton Nov 1987 Donnie Stanford
ECHOLS, Manerva Ann Brackeen Oct 1974 Donnie Stanford
GARNER, Bessie Dean Aug 2002 Donnie Stanford
GRIFFIN, Minnie Aug 1947 Melanie Barksdale
GRIGGS, Lillian Mae Downs Jul 1947 Donnie Stanford
HATCHETT, Roston Doland Nov 1968 Alice F. Kelley
HOLT, Mary J. Oct 1873 Peggy J. Horton
HOUSTON, George S. Jan 1880 Veneta McKinney
JOHNSTON, Reuben W. Oct 1873 Peggy J. Horton
LOVELL, Janice Garner Putman Jul 2004 Donnie Stanford
LOVELL, Patsy Gail Apr 1874 Donnie Stanford
MCKINNEY, Wilson S. Nov 1874 Peggy J. Horton
MILLER, Maggie Elizabeth Oct 1949 Donnie Stanford
NELSON, Mary Jun 1947 Donnie Stanford
PATTERSON, James Henry Nov 1945 Donnie Stanford
PATTERSON, John Raymond Jul 1975 Donnie Stanford
PATTERSON, Lennice Aug 1971 Donnie Stanford
PATTERSON, Lois Velleree Prickett Nov 2007 Donnie Stanford
PATTERSON, Vona Mae Brackeen Nov 1974 Donnie Stanford
PATTERSON, William James Mar 1944 Donnie Stanford
PETTY, Mattie Jan 1875 Peggy J. Horton
ROGERS, Cecil Eugene Jun 2005 Donnie Stanford
ROGERS, Jessie Mae Griggs Jan 1946 Donnie Stanford
RUSSELL, Alexander Jan 1875 Peggy J. Horton
SNOW, Susie Belle Sep 2003 Alice Calvert
SPENCER, Charles W. Feb 1968 Donnie Stanford
STANFORD, Brenda Kay Mar 2005 Donnie Stanford
STANFORD, Charlie Lee Mar 2007 Donnie Stanford
STANFORD, Ethel Idabell Griggs Oct 1987 Donnie Stanford
STANFORD, Greta Ann Patterson Feb 2006 Donnie Stanford
STANFORD, James Calvin Mar 1958 Donnie Stanford
STANFORD, James Calvn Sr. May 1977 Donnie Stanford



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